Saturday, August 4, 2012

Our first trip (Chapter 24)

"I'm still wondering about the meeting though..." Says Leeteuk while unnecessarily touching things in the rented car for today's filming. They're on the way back to Seoul after spending the whole day in Nami Island.

"Meeting? What meeting?" She said while her eyes is still on the road. Novice driving. But she insisted to drive as she wants to take charge for their trip. This is part of her plan for today. The camera is off and they are having their own personal time in the car.

"You and Sungmin.. I don't think its coincident" Leeteuk suspicious with how comfortable Sora is talking to Sungmin this afternoon through the phone call. They have met a few times, of course, but he never heard them this comfortable. The topic that he's brought up just for the show suddenly became his real concern.

"You and your jealousy again.." She giggles. She knows Leeteuk easily get jealous with anyone that's near her. Overprotective someone.

"Anie.. You never told me about the meeting before. Why hide?" He looked at her. It happened before he went to Paris trip. The previous week WGM episode reminded him back of the feeling that he had that time. But its not as serious as when he felt it again this morning. 

"I'm not hiding anything. It happened when we're not in contact with each other. What more to tell?" 

Leeteuk looked at Sora still. He still find it weird. Not the meeting, but the interaction of Sungmin and her. His group is being created with a large group of go-mi-nam (beautiful man) and of course even his own group members will makes him feels insecure. Plus, Sungmin is her fan to start with. 

"Aigoo-ya, stop being jealous will you. Its really nothing. Its just a brief meeting. Nothing more. Its not that we're planning to meet there" She giggles. Funny seeing how curious he looked at her. 

"Who knows.." sarcastic. Jealousy is all over him.

He's biting his lips. Trying to hold his jealousy from going further before it will hurt any of them. This lovely day shouldn't be ended with jealousy argument. Should not.

"You know where are we heading to right now?" Sora's changing the topic. 

"Home?" Referring to Dimple House

"Anieya.. dinner.. a special dinner" She smiled. She had planned another surprise for him today.

"Special dinner? For what?" He wonders. Didn't think that they are celebrating anything.

"Just special dinner.. celebrating our first trip ever" She smiles. There's more to that...

"You are hiding lots of things from me lately.." He's taking a glance at her trying to look at her reaction. Yes, he's been feeling it.

"No.. I'm not.." While holding his hand. Assuring him while heading to their next filming destination. Her surprise birthday party plan is on the way.


"You shouldn't insist on sending me home today" Sora said to Leeteuk who's still can't get rid of the smile on his face remembering the  sweetness from Sora's event today. The piano play, the cheek kiss, the birthday gifts.. Its a sweet surprise prepared by his baby princess.. A surprise which prepared with lots of thoughts and consideration of his preferences. No wonder she asked him to wear white today. He remembered.

"Why?" Their filming has finished and noticing the tired Sora, he volunteered to send her home. 

"What if the staff suspect anything?" Again, she's concerned about their relationship being exposed to the public.

"Don't worry about it.." He don't want to worry much about it anymore. If its leaked out, he'll just take that opportunity to really announce their relationship to the public. What had happened today is more important than worrying about something that might not happened.

"You've done so much today" He glance at her who's taking a look at the scenery of Han River on their way back. The piano play, almost give him teary eyes. Nobody had ever done that for him.

"You've done much more before.." She smiled. Her event wouldn't overrule Leeteuk's event at the concert, of course.

"Kamsahamnida.." He softly stroked her cheek. Thanking for the event that she prepared. Its not big in terms of scale, but its big enough for his heart. With the re-arranged song, he can feel her sincerity in preparing all that. "When did you prepare all of that?"

"A few weeks ago.. I wish we can celebrate your birthday together but I know well that it would be really hard for us.." She's playing with her handbag strip. Hesitate whether to tell out loud about what her heart felt. Sadness detected. She's been trying to understands  her on-screen husband's commitment all this while, but as a woman, sometimes she just want a private time together on an important day like his birthday.

"That's why I said lets make our relationship public" he hold her hands. He knows that feeling. He's been feeling that too sometimes.

"Andwae..." Immediately she intercept listening to his suggestion. Leeteuk is been trying to get her agreement to make their relationship known by the public for a while now. "I'm not ready yet..." She's throwing her sight outside the window. 

"I know.. but until then, we can only date like this. In private" He knows his popularity is making a burden to their relationship.

"The harder it is, the more we will appreciate it" She smiled. Trying to stay positive for both of them even though she felt a bit of the sadness at first. One of them have to stay strong in this, no matter what.

Suddenly Leeteuk stopping his car on the side of the highway.

"What's wrong?" Sora weird.

He looked at her intensely. This is the moment. The cheek kiss in front of the camera is telling him that she's ready for the next step.

"Oppa waegurae?" Sora tapping her fingers. Still wonders what makes Leeteuk to stop suddenly in the middle of the high way. 

Slowly Leeteuk moved towards her face. This time he consciously looking at her reaction. "The kiss.. Does it implying what i'm thinking?" He knows its not for the show. She had kissed his cheek before. But doing it in front of the camera when she's careful of the relationship from being appeared to the public. It must have mean something else.

Sora smiled. He can read her mind well. A warm kiss landed on her lips. Passionate. He's been wanting to kiss that luscious lips of her. Sealing their wonderful day together.


Elvie said...

woohooo!! wish we can see that on WGM! but it's okay - do it yourselves and feel it! Thanks for adding more damage to our injury!! Nice!!

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

Ahahaha... another week to go dear! Don't damage yourself too far!! :P

Anonymous said...

OMO! Wish they get caught by a fan's camera! ThankQ! One more week!

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

Unfortunately they're good in secret dating *LOL*


chastitypUnKK said...

finally they kissed

luvallkorea said...

You just put a smile on our faces! Honestly I hope Sora will send LT off to army and there is NO MISSION CARD to end their virtual marriage. Delusional...LT will ask ELFs to take care of their First Lady. Well, that to me is a direct announcement! [No harm dreaming!]

Keep these coming! Love them!

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

@chastitypUnKK ^^

@luvallkorea, my off delusional mode knows LT will not sacrifice his popularity for that. But who knows right? Hehe.. Wait for the ending. I myself find it good (yes I already have the ending for this fanfic ;))

Brownn said...

u really made my day..! been missing dimple couple for 2 weeks now..:'(
but thank god, ure fanfic made up to it. keep writing!

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Thanks @Brownn! Will try to update a new chap either tomorrow or the day after. ;)

gaeul16 said...

Finally... PJS scored! And for that sweet kiss, this isy fave chapter so far ♥♥♥