Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Only U (Chapter 25)

"Mianhe.. Its been a tough day for you" Both of them are resting on the swing after the meeting with Sora's parent. She couldn't even take a look at Leeteuk who sat beside her. Feeling a bit burdened after barely gone through today's filming in one piece.

"You don't need to.. I'm happy to see your parents" He smiled. Its an honor to meet his future in laws even though its for filming. He can feel that they're a good parents to Sora.

"Did my dad said anything weird to you? Apart from all those dating coach" She said while playing with the ring in her finger. Fidgeting. Her parents is giving out a lot of her secret today.

"Its a secret between me and your dad.." He smiled again. He knows how overwhelm Sora must have felt right now. 

"I wish I don't have to go through this.. It feels like my soul couldn't find its way back to my body" She sighed. Leeteuk look at his lovely baby princess, understanding the feeling.

"It's all good.. don't worry" He grabs Sora's hand. Trying to calm her down.

"I've learn lot of new things about you today" He smiled looking at the tired Sora. How he wished to embrace her in his arms right now.

"Ahh... Don't mentioned about it. I'm embarrassed..." Remembering her picture when she was a kid, her first love stories and all the other things which being shown to Leeteuk just now is making her feelings more burdened than before.

"Don't be.. I'm happy to know it.." He giggles. Happy to share his baby princes memoirs.

"I hope it won't change your feelings towards me.." She's honest with her concern. Sometimes she's taking a glance at Leeteuk during the meeting with her parents just to see how he's reacted. "My dad even teach you his dating secret.. You must be delighted by it.." Jealousy strike.

"It makes my feelings towards you even stronger. I promise it will only be you in here.." He said while pointing to his chest. Today's meeting with her parents and seeing how beautiful she is in those wedding dresses affirming his feelings that she is his ultimate bride.

"You and your sweet words" Sora smiled. He's getting better with words.. Must be from her father's coaching. Even knowing so, somehow she's feeling a bit relieved hearing it.

"I'm honest... Saranghae.." She looked at him and then the staff who's packing up things. Panic glare.

"What if they hear you?" While pulling her hands from Leeteuk's.

"They won't.." He giggles. Funny looking at how Sora is always careful with their interaction.

Sora's laying her head on the swing. Trying to relax a bit while enjoying the nightfall breeze.

"We're going off. Are you staying still?" A filming crew came near them. They are ready to get back. It must be a tired day for the crew too.

"Dae.. We're off soon.." Reply Leeteuk but he still not moving from the swing. Thinking of spending a bit more time with Sora. He had nothing in his schedule today. Purposely clearing the whole day for WGM filming and their personal time together. The only time they can meet in public.

"Let me send you home today.." He looked at Sora who seems to enjoy the swing. Its been a while since she get into one.

"But you drink just  now, can you drive?"

"Oh.. you're right.." He forgot that he had drink almost half a bottle of bok-bun-ja with Sora's father. Trying to show how capable and reliable he is in front of her father even though he can't take alcohol that well.

"You shouldn't insist on drinking it.." Sora started to nag. Sometimes Leeteuk's attitude in giving his best in everything he is doing making her worried.

"I cannot show my weak part in front of my future in laws" He smiled. For him, the effort that he showed worth his lifetime happiness. He need to work hard to achieve it.

"Let's ride my company car together then" He insist on sending her home. Sora nodded, weakly. 

"I wish to see your parents again in the future. Not for filming, but for real.." He said to her. Having a photograph session today making him feels that he wanted to get married to the girl beside him soonest.

"Not in the near future..." She shake her head not agreeing. 


"I'm going to die with my nervous feelings if I do so.. seriously" She can imagine if there will be a real meeting. She knows how picky her dad can be since she's the only daughter and the only child to the family. But Leeteuk has done a good job today in getting the approval. At least for them to date. 

"Whenever you feels right then.." Understanding the feeling. He forgot that his baby princess likes phases in relationship.

"Dae.." Sora continue to sigh hardly while getting up from the swing heading to his car. Her nervous feeling still couldn't leave her.

"Everythings will be okay now. Trust me..." Again he grabs her hands. Assuring her. Going through good and bad times together, just like what they've promised when they first met.


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