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Love, Fate, Destiny (Chapter 33 - Final)

Leeteuk is making a call, still trying to reach for Yeunggi, Sora's manager, while waiting in his Audi. It’s even harder for him to contact Sora's personal number, of course. 

He looked at his wrist watch, it’s almost 10pm. An hour pass the time that her manager has set for him to meet her. He sighed. Now he even needs to set an appointment to see his baby princess. "Could it get any harder than this?" He thought to himself.

"Hyung! Open the window.." somebody is knocking his car window. He looked at the person outside.

"Kangin-ah.. Eunhyuk-ah.. What are you doing here?" He's lowering down the window. Surprised seeing both of them. 

"I know you won't dare to the enter the hotel" Said Kangin looking at Leeteuk who's still in his car. Probably still waiting for the 'right' timing.

"I'm trying to call her first..." He's getting out of the car. His member would laugh at him if they know he's been waiting there for almost 2 hours now.

"Why don't you just go in?" Asked Eunhyuk..

"I'm afraid that I might be disturbing her schedule.." He knows she had another schedule before the time that they are supposed to meet. Maybe her schedule hasn't finished still.

“Since we’re here, why don’t we just enter the hotel hyung?” Eunhyuk anxious. Wondering how Leeteuk can be this calm waiting without doing anything.

“I wanted too.. But..”

“Let's just go in first. There's no use waiting here either..." Said Kangin. Aggressive. Leeteuk's waiting behaviour won't solve anything especially at time like this.

“If you guys insist” Said Leeteuk while putting his cap on. With the simple cardigan and jeans that he's wearing, its making his appearance less attractive to others. "Take this.." He throws a snow cap for both of them. For them to hide their appearance too. He don't want another chaos because of suju unexpected appearance at the event which they wasn't supposed to appear.

As they entered the hotel, they saw at a big banner hanging outside the conference room. It is Sora's film preview conference banner. Her other schedule which probably the reason why she’s late for their date. Well, probably not date, more towards an appointment to be precise.

“Maybe she’s there?” Eunhyuk pointed at that banner. Kangin nodded agreeing. He also thinks the same. Leeteuk looks around the hotel that big exclusive hotel. Still assessing the situation.

“Let’s go hyung. You wouldn’t want to miss her..” He dragged Leeteuk to enter the conference room. Silently. Controlling their steps for not to bother the event that's going on.

"It's Sora.. She's extraordinary beautiful tonight" Whispered Kangin while pointing towards a beautiful lady actress in a black dress sitting elegantly answering each of the media's questions to her. 

Leeteuk nodded. Smiled. Proud of how well she's been doing during this 2 years. She had proven her promise. She came back with not just pride, but also the popularity and fame of the name Kang Sora in Hollywood silver screen industry.

His eyes are glued to the beautiful woman on stage. He stunned. His feet is slowly walks towards the crowd in front of him. Wanted to see her closer.

“Kang Sora-shhi.. Previously there’s a rumors that you and Super Junior Leeteuk is dating. Is this true?”  Suddenly a question about Leeteuk is being asked by the media crowd as if they know that he's appearing tonight.

Leeteuk’s frozen. Shocked with the sudden question. He's taking a few steps back while looking at both Kangin and Eunhyuk who's still with him. Half panic.

“We’re a good friend” Sora smiled. Calmly respond to that question. She's been expecting to hear that question. This is her first time returning to Korea after the good 2 years abroad.

Leeteuk looked at her back.. not blinking his eyes. Is he only remained as friend to her? He asked to himself. Somehow her answer to the media is making him insecure.

"Hyung.." Whispered Eunhyuk. Bringing Leeteuk back to the real world after seeing him a bit dreamy a while ago.

"Maybe we should just go.. I don't think it’s right for me to be here.." Said Leeteuk to both Eunhyuk and Kangin. His self confidence slowly disappearing after listening to Sora's answer just now.

“Leeteuk is being released from his Army service today. Do you plan to meet him?” At the same time, another media asked. Leeteuk stopped from making further steps. He wanted to hear her answer. Somehow his heart started to beat faster. Hoping to hear something that he wanted to hear. Something that will make him stays.

“I planned to meet him today, but due to my busy schedule I can’t. Maybe I won’t have time to meet him since I’m going back to America tomorrow” Sora's trying to handle the questions professionally. Not showing any attached feelings to that question.

“What if he’s here now?” A voice came from among the crowd. Sora looks at where the voice came from. It’s a familiar voice. 

"Hyung!" Kangin and Eunhyuk trying to stop Leeteuk who slowly move forward showing his appearance at the conference. Ignoring the crowd. Ignoring his team members. All he sees in his eyes now is Kang Sora. The woman that drives him crazy.. in love.

“Leeteuk-shhii!!!!” The media shouted his name and started clicking their shutters when they realized that the question came from him.

Sora shocked. She got up from her sit trying to look for Leeteuk who's being surrounded by the media. That is the man that she's been missing this 2 years. The man that always there in her dream. The man that give her the courage to become who she is today.

“Why are you here today Leeteuk-shhi?” One of the media representatives asked him. 

“I came to claim the promise that Kang Sora-shhi made last two years” He looked at her who still standing on the stage. Still not taking away his eyes off her.

“What did the both of you promised?” Another reporter asked. “Is this confirming that both of you are dating?” they are trying to find further facts from both of their reaction now. The rumors that went around last two years started to make sense now.

"Are you forgetting your promise?" He looked at her. Ignoring the questions from the media. It’s his turn to ask questions to Sora. A question that he's dying to hear the answer from her. He needs an assurance from her now. He needs to make sure she's still much belongs to him even after this 2 years of separation. .

"No I'm not.." She smiled. “I came back to Korea for one solid reason... Oppa” The media is becoming chaos hearing Sora’s statement. The situation becomes uncontrollable. Sora’s Manager trying to control the situation by deploying more security guards to the stage giving space for both of them. He has prepared for the worst when Leeteuk called him this afternoon. He's right for expecting the worst thing to happen tonight.

Leeteuk moves nearer to her. Every camera that available in that room is capturing every second of their movements. Tomorrow is going to be a big mess that they’re going to handle, but for now, it’s their feeling that’s matters.

“What is it?” He looked straight to Sora’s eyes waiting for her honest answer.

“You” She smiles, sweetly. "I miss you.." She told him confidently. It’s been 2 years she didn't see that love of her life.

Leeteuk went up to the stage and started to hug her, in front of everybody. He just missed the woman in front of him. The 2 years separation is just too much for them. Its too much for their new blossomed love.

“I miss you so much..” he whispered while tightening his hug. Her eyes went teary. Thankful for being able to see him tonight.

"Let's get out from here.." Leeteuk grabbed Sora’s hand and taking her away from the hall. Away from the media. They need their time alone.

Both Kangin and Eunhyuk are following them. 
Couldn't believe what had happened just now in front of their own eyes. Still surprised seeing their leader bold moves. 

"Oppa.. Let's go to my room.." Sora's pulling Leeteuk's hand before he drags her further. "We can't get away from the medias at our current rate.." She's trying to be rationale. With her dress and heels, it’s impossible for them to run away from that situation. "Come" She's leading them to her room. Away from the media coverage. They need to hide for a while.


"That was a close one.." Trying to catch up their breadth. It’s been a while since the last time they are running away from the media. The chasing game is quite scary tonight.

Sora looked at Leeteuk who still hold on to her hands tightly. Doesn't seems to let go.

"Are you okay?" Leeteuk looked at her. Worried.

"Never been better.." She smiled. That man is still the man that she knows before. Protective as always.

"Seems like I just ruined your function and probably your future career.." Trying to speak up what he’s feeling currently. He feels guilty after thinking back of what he had done just now which might impact Sora’s career. He should have think before making his move. He should be wiser than that. He sighed.

“Oppa, you’ve put yours at stake too.. We will face it together okay?" She's tightening her grasp. It’s his first day coming back from the army. This kind of scandal won't look good on him either if it’s not managed carefully. Her mind started to imagine her manager scolding her over this unnecessary scandal while she's on top of her name now.

"Ahemm.." Eunhyuk clearing his throats. Trying to make their existence noticeable to the couple. "Are you forgetting about us here?" tease Eunhyuk.

"Ahh.. mianhe.. I haven't greeted both of you properly yet. Anneyaseyo.." Sora partly bowed to both of them.

"Anneyaseyo.. It’s been a while hyung-su-nim.." Both of them bowing back to Sora. "You look so beautiful tonight" Praised Kangin. Still much amazed by how stunning his sister-in-law today.

"She is.." Proud Leeteuk over his girlfriend.

"Oppa..." She hits Leeteuk's arms. Her face is beet red with all the compliments that they gave. Added with Leeteuk's continuous glance, its making her more embarrassed with the situation.

"It's the truth.." Smiled Leeteuk.

"Haish.. Stop it.." Sora is not comfortable with the continuous praise from them. "I need to change first.." Sora's trying to pull her hands from Leeteuk's grasp. 

"I'm not letting you go anymore.." Said Leeteuk. He's not letting go. He continued looking at her baby princess. He doesn’t care if his team members are there. He just missed her so much.

"But I need to change to a comfortable cloth first.." She touched his face.  "I won't be long" She smiled. Slowly Leeteuk is letting go of her hands.


"Ya! You brat! You have some guts!" Kangin headed to his hyung 
as soon as Sora is entering her room leaving them at the living hall.. Hugging him. Impressed and proud of what he had done tonight.

"Mianhe.. I surely will cause problem to our team.." His action back there will surely be a big item in the news tomorrow.

"Don't worry.. We will handle this together" Said Eunhyuk. 
He knows Leeteuk need their support over the messed that he had done today.

"Are you going to marry her soon? Those action is not a joke you know.." Kangin look at him. Those actions that Leeteuk has done are as good as announcing their relationship to the public.

"I know.. That's why I've been getting clearance from sajang-nim"

"You mean Sajang-nim is okay with it??" Eunhyuk surprised while looking at Kangin who's picking up his phone. Must be from their manager.

"Dae..." He nodded.

"Are you for real?" Still couldn't believe what he heard just now.

"I'm not kidding.." He's serious. Even though he got the permission already, today's chaos will require some time to clean up still. That thought alone with the impact for his group and Sora, is making him a bit worried.

"I envy you..." Said Eunhyuk while punching the armrest of the sofa that he seats on.

"Hyung, we're going off.." Said Kangin to Leeteuk after hanging up his phone.

"Yes, both of you surely need some time alone.." Said Eunhyuk. Understanding the situation. They've been apart for 2 years. There must be a lot of things they wanted to talk to each other.

"But the media?" Leeteuk looked at them. Guilty. It’s all because of his doing.

"Hyun Joong hyung is downstairs waiting for us." Kangin smiled. "Don't worry.. Just take care of her first." He's patting his hyung shoulder. Leeteuk grabbing their hands thanking their effort for coming here. If not because of them, he might not meet her tonight.


"Eh? Where is Kangin and Eunhyuk?" Sora went out from her room after changing into a simple shirt and denim shorts. 

"They already went back.." 
His heart feels a bit relieved looking at her. This is Sora that he knows. The simple Sora.

"The media?" Same impression like how Leeteuk is a while ago. She's also worried. 

"Our manager is handling it.." He says while extending his hands reaching for hers. Those soft fingers that he loves to hold.

She went near him, accepting his hand while sitting beside him. Leeteuk looked at Sora, carefully, inch by inch. Only now he's able to look at every detail of her face. Like Kangin said earlier, she's extraordinary beautiful today even with minimal make up on her.

"Why are you looking at me like that again?" That glance is making her embarrassed.

"I'm enjoying your beauty. I'm glad that I've grab your heart 2 years ago.." He smiled at her. He's making the right move to hold onto her heart. The one that complement him the most.

"You sure learned lots of sweet talks in the army don't you? Is my dad still teaching you those?" She giggles. She knows her family is in contact with him from time to time especially her mom who always worried about her son-in-law. More than how she's been worried about her.

"I miss you, truly.. These 2 years is killing me. Seeing you today, I feels like I’m being reborn as a new person" Speaking his heart.

"I'm so sorry for not being able to visit you even once. I’m not even being able to contact you through phone…" Sora feels sorry with her treatment towards her boyfriend for the past 2 years. Her schedule is just too pack for her to pay attention on her personal life. Furthermore, she knows it will be hard for her heart if they frequently in contact with each other.

"It’s okay.. Whenever I saw your news on the television, I'm thankful. I know you're doing well now." He touches Sora’s baby cheek softly. His 25 yrs old baby princess. That title which he gave to her on their first meeting will forever be in his heart.

Sora is laying her head on his shoulder. She misses those moments when they spent their lovey dovey moment with each other. She missed her less busy schedule like before.

"You’re going back to America tomorrow?” He continued. Sora nodded to that question heavily. Sad with the fact that she’s going to leave him again this time around.

“I need to finish the project that I’m working on currently. I hope you can wait for me just a little bit more. Another one more year.. Then I’ll come back for good..” She looked at Leeteuk asking for his agreement. 

“Don’t worry Sora-ya. You have your priority and I have mine. After one year, you really need to come back to my arms” He smiled.. Sora nodded. Thankful for having him in her life. The one that always brought her forward

"Come back and marry me.." Suddenly Leeteuk is getting on his knees while presenting the ring that he prepared. This time it's his real proposal ring.

"Oppa?!" Sora surprised.

"You still owe me the answer for this.." Leeteuk looked at her.

"Can you wait for another year for the answer?" Tease Sora.

"No.. I wanna know it right now.." Still looking at her. Waiting for the answer.

"But I still need to think though.." She giggles.

"If that's the case then... I should go" He got up from his knees and turned around. Pouting. 

"Arasso.. arasso.. I do.." She hugged him. Being sorry for disrupting the serious and romantic mood that he's trying to create earlier.

"Don't say it out of sympathy.. I'm okay if you're not willing to" Still pouting. Somewhat he's hurt with her words just now.

"Oppa.. Mianhe.. I'm just kidding just now. I do.. I always do.." She's doing her aegyo trying to make the situations better.

"I can forgive you with only one terms.." He smiles.

"What?" She looks at him. Suspicious.

"Tonight... Hehe…" He giggles. Naughty thoughts came to his mind while he started to lift her up on his arms.

"Oppa!!" She's surprised with Leeteuk's action.

"No.. You will not escape from me anymore.." He kissed her. Sealing their reunion night together. A fate might be the reason why they met for the first time, but it’s the love that brought them together. With love, they are heading towards their beautiful future. The destiny of their relationship.

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