Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hidden Secret (Chapter 23)

"Let's wrap up!" The PD instructed. Its the end of their filming. After a long tired day.

"It's been hard for you.. Thanks for today" Leeteuk trying to stay formal in his speech in front of the staff while extending his hand towards Sora. Sora smiled while accepting the hand shake. Her face looks tired.

Somehow today's mission is a success. Leeteuk is giving a good idea for wanting to go to a Tango lesson. With the tango and skin-ships that come together with it, they can go back to their normal self after this. 

"You're driving back?" Leeteuk asked. He remembered that he saw Sora's personal car this afternoon.

"Dae.." She's short. She looks tired. He wish he can send her home now.

"Where's your manager?" He didn't see him today. Not even once. Just her and her lady stylist. A bit worried if just both of the female had to drive back at this time. Its almost 12am since their filming finished a bit late.

Sora smiled. Don't feel like answering the question. "I'm going back first. Kamsahamnida" She said while bowing to all the staff who's packing things after their filming.

Leeteuk look at Sora who's leaving the house, somehow his feeling is telling him that Sora is trying to hide something from him. Something that she doesn't want him to know.


Sora's arrived at her condo after sending her stylist home just now. Today is just too tired for her. The cooking, trying out clothes and the most tiring thing - tango. Luckily she learned a few of the basic steps so that she won't be really awkward in front of Leeteuk. She needs to keep up at least a little bit with her dance singer on-screen husband.

She throw her body on the sofa, just too tired to move further to her room. The distance between the living room and her bedroom seems far away. She opened up her polaroid camera while looking through pictures taken during the tango dress try-out and the tango dance itself. Somehow she wish to spend some private time with him more. But she knows how busy he is now with his new album which to be released soon. For her, that is his priority. Just like how acting and modelling is her priority to Leeteuk.

"Grown up Sora-ya.." She said to herself trying to rationalize the desire of having Leeteuk here by her side. She knows she can't have the best of all.

"You're not grown up enough is it?" Suddenly an arm is wrapping up her shoulder making her shocked.

"Acckkkkkk!!!!!!" She screamed. Immediately releasing her body from the arms and stand up. An act of defense.

"Sora-ya, this is me.." He's trying to calm her down.

"Oppa!!! What are you doing!!!" In high pitch. Patting her chest. She's truly shocked just now. Never expect Leeteuk to show up in her condo tonight. Never at all.

"Mianhe.. I never thought you would be surprised like this" He went closer to her.

"Of course I'm surprised. Who else supposed to be in this house..." She sits. Trying to calm down. Feels like her heart just jump out of her body just now. "Don't do this again.. I feel like I almost died" She's panting.

"Mianhe.." That's all that he can say while caressing her back to calm her down. He's at fault, he admit that.

"What are you doing here? I thought you have a dance practice for your new album?" After calm down a bit, she realized that Leeteuk shouldn't be here at the first place.

"I feel bad looking at your expression when you're leaving the house"

"What expression? I just smiled..." Trying to ignore the topic. It shouldn't be brought up at the first place. She doesn't want to talk about it.

"Seems like you wanted to get away from talking about it" Leeteuk look at her. She had something, for sure.

"Anieya.." Still trying to deny.

"Sora ya.." He's holding Sora's cold hands. "Didn't we promised to share everything? Good or bad?" He reminded her. He knows she must have something that she's trying to hide from him.

Sora looked at him. He must have suspected something when he saw her without her manager around. But she just don't want to burden her matters on Leeteuk. He had so much thing on his mind for whatever's happening in his group now.

"Nothing much dear.. Its just a little thing" She smiled.

"Your manager quit is it?" He's trying to guess.

"Anieya.. I'm in the process of changing my management company. That's all" Again she smiled. That's all that he supposed to know.. For now. At least not until everything else that she's hiding is confirmed.

"Oh.. no wonder. That's why you're on your own today.." He looked at Sora back. "Nothing else?" He sense that there's more.

"What else?" She's playing dumb. 

"Anieya.. Maybe my heart is playing with me. It says you're hiding something else" Leeteuk's fishing for more. Don't know for what reason, he thinks its not as simple as that.

"Nothing more.. Believe in me will you.." pinching Leeteuk's shoulder.

"Arasso.." He won't ask more even though his heart still not satisfied. "By the way.. can i sleep here again tonight?" Doing his aegyo while twirling his hands around Sora's waist. 

Sora looked at her cute boyfriend. "Aigoo.. We've been together for almost the whole day didn't we.." Not to chase him away, but she don't want him to ignore his schedule because of her again.

"Its different..." Not letting his hands off her waist. He's comfortable that way and seems like Sora's not objecting it too. Thanks to the Tango lessons that they've learned that evening, Sora's skinship speed seems to improved a lot.

"You have schedule tonight.. Don't tell me you're skipping it again.."

"For you.. why not?" He's pouting.

"I love the hardworking you.." She's touching his face. Reminding him of his duty towards his group. Its not that far from the release of his new album.

"While other women wanted her boyfriend to be with them all the time, you're chasing me away for my commitment" He's pouting again. He knows that Sora's always understands him and his schedule, but sometimes he just wanted to get away from it and spend his time with her instead.

"My cute boyfriend is pouting is it?" she's pinching her prince cheek. "I know how crucial your schedule now dear. I would love to spend time with you, but I know you can't miss this one" She's yawning. Suddenly her body remembered that she's actually tired. 

"You're tired?" 

"A bit.. The dance is tough.." She giggles. Glad that she's not a dancer.

"But you've done well though.."

"I need to keep up with you somehow.." She smiled. She wanted to compliment him in every ways.

"Should i give you another foot massage so that you can sleep?" He looked at her. He has given her a foot massage in Dimple House during the filming.

"No! not again.." She against it. She feels awkward when he does that to her. "I should do it for you instead"

"Anieya.. Not today.." He smiled. He knows she's tired and he is too. "Alright, i better get going now. My manager is waiting downstairs" He gets up from the sofa. He knows she won't get to sleep as long as he's still there.

"You're here with your manager?? He must have waited for long!" 

"I came here right after the filming and waited for you.." He giggles. Still remembered how Sora's shocked face earlier.

"Don't do that again!" She hits Leeteuk's buffed up shoulder. "I shouldn't have given you my house key" regretting her decision last time.

"Arasso.. I won't do it again." He's heading to the door accompanied by Sora. His manager must have waited for him for almost an hour now.

"Take care okay? I'll call you tomorrow" He hugged his baby princess. Hard to say goodbye but his members is waiting for him for the dance practice.

"Dae.. You too.." While waving at him. She looked at him with guilty feelings inside her.  She's not being truthful just now, she knows it. "One fine day oppa.. When things been confirmed, I'll tell you everything.." She whispered. The hidden secret that she's been keeping with her still. It will be opened when she's ready to tell it and when he's ready to accept it. Until then.....


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Thank you so much for another beautiful chapter, really made my day! m(__)m
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