Friday, August 10, 2012

Haru (Chapter 27)

"Your enlistment date is out.. we have received the confirmation.." Said Hyun Joong to Leeteuk to his surprise. 

"When?" He's been preparing for it, but he's not ready. Everything is just attached to his heart now. Its so hard to let go. So hard...

"October.." Said his manager while giving out letter of confirmation to him.

Leeteuk take the letter from him and read it through. Somehow his worst nightmare is becoming reality. By hook or by crook he need to go through this. His team members, his fans, his popularity and Sora came to his mind. What will happen within this 2 years break. He said to himself. Insecurity feelings is all over him.

Without realizing, he is driving his Audi heading somewhere. Somewhere he can spend his miserable day with.


"Oppa, gwenchana?" Sora softly touch Leeteuk's face. He seems to be a bit dreamy today, not like always.

She look at him, intense. Leeteuk never came to her house in the broad day light. But today out of nowhere he appeared in front of her house. Not saying anything since he first came into the house, but just seated on the couch while looking at the television blankly.

"What did you say?" He asked.

"Is something bothering you? You're so silent today.." Sora asked him. His mind seems like its on something else. Its not her normal talkative and full of energy boyfriend who always make her laugh.

Leeteuk look at Sora, contemplating whether to tell her about the news or not. He's not sure what kind of reaction that will come from her.

"Nothing.. just something came to my mind.." He smiled. Still keeping the news from her. 

He laid his head on Sora's lap and buried his face on Sora's tummy. Hiding his feelings. She stiffen. Surprised and uncomfortable with his action.

"Just relax.. Lets stay like this for a while" He said while closing his eyes. Trying to forget a bit of his worry.

She look at him while stroking his hair. There's something that he's hiding.

"Today is my day off, should we go out?" Asked Leeteuk. 

"Oppa, waegurae?" Sora's weird. Its been ages since she last heard that Leeteuk is having a day off. He's a hardworking man to start with. His daily schedule is normally filled with concerts, performances and even variety shows.

"Just feel like it..." He's short. Still laying on her lap. Don't feel like waking up. He want to keep this moment forever. He want to keep his little girlfriend in his pocket so that he can just bring her anywhere, everyday. Without worry.

"I know there's something you're hiding from me. I'm fine if you want to hide it.. but you know we can't go out now.." She said to him. Going out in a broad day light is never an option for them, unless its for filming.

Leeteuk is keeping his eyes close. The answer that Sora gave is not the answer that he wanted to hear. He just hope Sora will forget about hiding their relationship once and for all. He needs some assurance over his concern.

"Are you hungry? Do you want me to cook you something?" Asked Sora. Leeteuk remain silence. Its not his stomach that need food, but his heart.

After a few while he gets up from Sora's lap and look at her. Getting the courage to voice out things in his mind.

"Would you wait for me for two years?" He asked her. He had voice this out at Strong Heart episode a few weeks back, but this time he wanted to hear Sora's answer.

"You're enlistment is confirmed?" Her eyes widen. She's right for suspecting that there is something wrong with him today.

Slowly he nodded. 

"When???" Her eyes becomes wider. Surprised to hear it today. 

"October..." He said while facing the floor. Couldn't look at Sora's face.

"Its so soon..." Her tears are falling. Just like Leeteuk, eventhough she's preparing for the moment, but she's not able to let him go yet. Just not yet...

"Will you?" Leeteuk asking her again while wiping off her tears. He still waiting for assurance from her.

"I will!! Even forever.. I will..." Immediately hugging him. She's not expecting this. Not today. Not tomorrow. If possible, not forever.

[Sorry for this short chapter. I'll be updating a few chapter this weekend, so wait for it. Thanks for reading ;) ]


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