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First Lady (Chapter 26)

All Super Junior members are gathering today because of their sister-in-law. Sora had promised to treat them for a dinner before and since she's a bit free after finishing her busy movie filming schedule, she's fulfilling the promises she's made by inviting all SUJU members for dinner.

"Where's hyung?" Shindong looked around. Somehow the group leader still didn't arrived while his girlfriend already waited for him for a while.

"Maybe he's busy.. its okay.. You can order first" She smiled while looking at the meat menu. Leeteuk loves meat, any kind of meat dish. The boys started to order their favorite meals.


"Hyung, come to the restaurant near the office now. We're having a gathering with all the members" Donghae called. Not giving a hint that Sora will be there as well. She asked him to silent on it.

"What's the occasion?" He's weird. 

"Just because... Since all of us are a bit free today, why not? Its been a while since the last time we ate dinner together... Siwon is here too" Donghae sad. With every member’s personal schedules, the only time they can get together is when they have performance on stage. Thanks to Sora for being able to pull all the members to come today. She must have work hard to check everybody's schedule just for this.


Leeteuk still didn't know that Sora is the mastermind behind today's occasion. He didn't know that Sora is treating a feast to his group. He won't allow her if he knows. That's why Sora is telling Donghae to keep it from him that she's there with the others.

After a few while, Leeteuk arrived, but with a girl besides him. A beautiful girl which Sora had never met before. Who is she? That question played in her mind.

"Hyung, why are you so late?" Kangin approaching him as soon as he saw Leeteuk is entering the room while giving a hint that Sora is in the room as well. Leeteuk looked at Sora, surprised.

"Sora-ya, you're here too?" Immediately he is approaching her. Sora smiled, but her eyes fixed to the girl who's tagging along behind him. Why would she follow him whenever he goes? Her heart doesn't feel right.

"Sora, this is Hana.. Hana this is Sora" He tried to introduce both woman to each other. Sora smiled and extended her hands towards Hana and she extended hers. Stiff looking.

Eunhyuk looked at Leeteuk while giving a signal. Trying to find out what's happening and what makes Leeteuk suddenly turn up with his ex-girlfriend. Out of all days, it happens today. Awkward situation is covering them. Not knowing how to handle.

"Hyung-su-nim is treating us for dinner today" Ryeowook trying to release a bit of the tense. He knows all of them didn't expect this from happening. Thanks to his hyung's ‘smart’ moves. Why is he bringing Hana here at the first place? He thought to himself.

"Ahh.. Why are you doing this? You don't have to do this really" Leeteuk looked at her. She smiled but didn't say anything. His heart started to beat faster by looking at the smile that Sora gave. He had seen that smile before. It’s her reserved smile. Smile that she shows when she's hurt. He knows he has done something wrong today, but he couldn't avoid it either. He's stuck in between these two women.

"Hyung-su-nim?" Asked Hana. She's been wondering who is Sora when she first entering the room and why is she’s doing together with the SUJU members. To add to her curiosity, Leeteuk is immediately went to her went he came in. Hearing to Ryeowook’s words, it answered most of her curiosity. Hyung-su-nim, it’s the title that used to be hers before.

"Sora-sshi.. She's Leeteuk's girlfriend now" Sungmin speak up. Defending his hyung-su-nim. 

"I see..." She looked at Sora. "They used to call me that before.." She smirks. Trying to deliver some hidden message.

Sora looked down to the table. Feels like her heart being stabbed by 1000 sword. She just wish she could get off from the situation right that instance but thinking of the Leeteuk's group members that she called out, she's holding herself from doing so.

"That was before.. Now I have you..." Leeteuk whispered while looking at her, grabbing her hands, trying to console her feeling. He knows she must be feeling down. He's a dumb to let that girl follow him just now. If only he didn't meet her downstairs.

"It’s okay.." She whispered back to him. "Let’s eat.. I've ordered for you.. " Sora smiled while pointing out the meals that she had ordered. Pretend like nothing happened.

"Hana-sshi, sorry we didn't know you're coming so we didn't order yours. Oppa, maybe you should call the waiter for Hana-shhi" She said to Leeteuk while putting her fake smile on her face again.

Eunhyuk looked at Sora. Obviously she's trying hard to hold her feelings from being shown in front of them. And Leeteuk, he just feels like punching that face of him. How insensitive of him to bring Hana here. Whatever explanation he will be giving later on, this is a team dinner to start with. Hana's face should never appear at all cost.

"Oh, you started to drink Eunhyuk-ah?" She said while looking at Eunhyuk who's taking a sip of wine in front of him. Seem like she knows a lot about the team members. The way she talks, it seems like she's in a comfortable relationship with all of them.

Eunhyuk nodded. Doesn't feels like answering. His eyes are looking at Sora. Somehow or rather, he feels obliged to protect his sister-in-law.

"Kangin-ah, welcome back.." she continued. "Must be hard for you this 3 years.."

"Dae.." he's short. Taking a glance at Sora who still looking at the rice bowl in front of her. It must be awkward for her to be here.

"I miss all of you..." She said while taking a glance at how Sora’s reacted. She’s trying to show off.

"Sora-sshi, please eat before it gets cold" Donghae is putting a meat on her rice. Invite her to eat and ignoring the other side of the conversation.

"Yes Sora-shhi, you seem to lost lots of weight lately. You're getting skinnier. The filming must be tough for you" Yesung is supporting Donghae. Diverting the conversation.

"Ah.. dae.." She smiled. Feeling a bit relieved when the members are actually supporting her. It’s different from how Leeteuk's reacted. He seems stiffed with the situation. 

"Oppa, you like this right?" Hana is extending her chopstick to feed Leeteuk.

"Dae.." Leeteuk is accepting it. Sora looked at him surprised. Hana might be his ex, but Sora is besides him now, isn't it too much to accept that? She's holding her fist. I need to stay composed, I need to.. She said to herself.

"Isn't Sora your partner in that show?" Hana asked, referring to WGM. Trying to find out more about Sora.

"Yes.. She is.."

"You still fall in love easily like before" She said to Leeteuk with insulting tone. Sora looked at Leeteuk. Trying hard to control her feelings, but things has gone overboard. She needs to get away from that place before things get uglier.

"Where are you going?" Leeteuk looked at Sora's who's getting up from her sit.

"I need to go to the washroom" She said while going away from the table. Serious. She must be furious with what’s happening. Kangin and Eunhyuk getting up from their seat following Sora while giving Leeteuk a serious glare. Something bad will happen if he didn't manage this.

"Where are they going?" asked Hana. Acting dumb.

"They must hate somebody's appearance in this table" The evil Kyuhyun who just watching at the side started to speak up. There's a reason why Leeteuk break up with her before and there's a reason why the members don't like her too.

"Kyuhyun-ah, don't be disrespectful" Leeteuk looked at him.

"The one who's being disrespectful is her.." Ryeowook not satisfied with how Leeteuk has been defending her. One of Leeteuk weaknesses is that he always being nice and polite to people.

"Maybe I shouldn't be here at the first place" Said Hana.

"Yes, you shouldn't..." Kyuhyun blunt.

Leeteuk look at Kyuhyun. Give him a signal to cut it off. Kyuhyun replied his glare. Not understanding why Leeteuk is still trying to be polite towards Hana even though the situations are getting messier now.


Sora looked at her reflection in the mirror. Trying to calm herself down. She must be bluffing if she said she's not jealous with what happened. 
She wishes Leeteuk could have said something about what's happening. She just hopes he will give her a good explanation for her to forgive him later on.

"You're strong Kang Sora!" Holding her fist. Giving herself an encouragement to get through this coolly.

"Are you okay Sora-shhi?" Asked Eunhyuk when she came out from the washroom. They’ve been waiting for her outside the washroom. They can see how Sora is trying to hold her real feelings in front of the others.

"I'm okay.." She smiles, as if nothing had happened just now. "What both of you doing here? Are you done eating?" She asked. 

"We're concerned about you.. Sorry for what happened. You know hyung always polite with others.." Kangin trying to defend his hyung even though he knows Leeteuk shouldn't have done that.

"Don't worry.. I've known him well.." She's genuine. Eunhyuk look at her, amazed. This is one strong girl in front of him. How lucky for Leeteuk to have her.

All three of them going back to their table, but they found a very awkward environment surrounding them.

"What happened?" Asked Sora while looking at the gloomy faces of everyone on the table.

"It's nothing.. Come here, seat.." Said Leeteuk while pulling the chair for her.

"It might be nothing to you, but it’s everything to us. Why are you inviting her here at the first place?? Do you know how hard Sora-shhi is trying to get us together? She didn't even have enough sleep but yet she's done this" Kyuhyun suddenly stand up from his seating. His heart is boiling looking at how Leeteuk is handling the situation.

"Kyuhyun-ah.." Siwon is trying to hold him from proceeding. Things just went out of control.

"Kemanhae.." said Sora in a low tone, but yet firm. “This is not the intention of the gathering today”. Kyuhyun look at her surprised. Then he looked at Eunhyuk and Kangin who stands next to her. "Let’s respect the meals in front of us." she continued. She might be the youngest person there, but her maturity level suppresses all of them.

Slowly Kyuhyun and the others started to take their seat back and continue their meal. 

"Hana-shhi, sorry for this. Please have a drink" She said while pouring some wine on her glass. 

Hana looked at them, amazed how Sora being able to control the situation. She's not a normal pretty woman she's seen out there. She's different. Like how Leeteuk is being respected by the members and even being called as the President by the fans, she’s giving a vibe of the First Lady. Someone who is worth respected.

"Oppa, you want some?" Sora looked at Leeteuk.

"D..d..dae.." He stuttered. This is the first time he sees her being this firm. It’s the first time he feels inferior towards her credibility. He bet all his members is feeling it too by looking at how silence they went just by hearing Sora's short words.

"Lets cheers" She's trying to lift up the feeling again. She must have everybody shocked just now.

"Donghae-ah, why don't you say something?" Says Shindong while lifting up his wine glass.

"Thank you Hyung-su-nim for the meals! Wish you have more movies after this so that you could treat us more!" He giggles while making the joke. Sora smiled listening to it.

"Hope both you and hyung's relationship will become stronger despite of anything that will come your way.." Add kyuhyun while his eyes are looking at Hana. That woman's face makes him feels unhappy in many ways. She almost makes them to lose their credible leader few years back.

"Cheers!!" All of them started to drink, trying to forget whatever that happened just now. Leeteuk looked at Sora. His multi-image baby princess. Amazed on how she's being able to pull back the environment to normal. At least better then when he's first came in.

Leeteuk grabbed her hands while whispered to her ears.. "Saranghae". A kiss landed on her cheek. Thanking her for understanding the situation. Thanking her for believing him.

"Ah hyung! Did you forget we're here?" Eunhyuk protesting but at the same time he's glad looking at how they are now. He can stop worrying about them now.

Sora looked at him and smiled back. Whatever happened today, she's hurt. But she knows it must be hard for Leeteuk as well. She believes in him.


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