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A 'Good' Bye (Chapter 30)

"Hyung, what's wrong with you? You’re not like always" Asked Donghae, Leeteuk's face doesn't look good. He seems distracted. His face expression shows that he is not in a good mood.

Leeteuk continue with his dance practice, ignoring Donghae's question. The team is having a final rehearsal before the actual concert in the evening but his energy is not keeping up with him.

"Why you look so stressed? Where is Sora?" Shindong came near them. Just yesterday he's so full of energy when Sora is following him here, but today it’s a different story. Leeteuk lifted his shoulder. Again, he’s not interested to answer the question. He just doesn’t feel like talking to others right now.

Shindong looked at Donghae, trying to found out what's happening. Their leader is acting weird.

Hyung, Sora is here. She's waiting for you in the dressing room" Sungmin who appears from the backstage came near them. Leeteuk nodded. Still continue with his practice.

He’s not behaving like he always does when he hears Sora’s name. Normally he would be jumping over to see her, but now he seems couldn’t be bothered by it.

"Are they having a fight again?" Whispered Eunhyuk to Donghae while slowly walking away heading to Leeteuk’s dressing room where Sora is waiting. Try to find out more details from their hyung-su-nim.


"Sora-shhi, what wrong with both of you today?" As both of them entered the room, they can clearly see that Sora is not in a good state either. Her gloomy face shows.

"Both of you were fighting again?" Donghae is trying to guess the situation.

Both of them looked at Sora. They can see sadness in her eyes even though she's trying to cover it with her bright make up. It’s been a while since they last seen their sister in law in full make-up like today.

"You have followed him here but you got into a fight? He got jealous over yesterday's picture is it?" Donghae moved near to Sora. He’s not feeling good looking at her expression.

“Anie.. It’s not like that" Sora denying it, but she couldn't the best way to better explain their situation now to them.

"Do you need our help? Hyung can't give a good performance if he continue being like this" They are worried about their relationship that might affect Leeteuk's mood on stage. Eunhyuk then saw Sora's luggage besides her. He looks at her with big question in his head. What is this couple getting into really? The situation looks more serious than they think.

"It’s okay. We need to settle this on our own this time."

"Are you leaving??" His eyes are still on Sora's luggage. Sora nodded unwillingly.

“I’m not sure what happened between both of you, but sort it out will you? You cannot just run away from the problem like this.” Eunhyuk looked at her. Donghae nodded agreeing to what he says.

“Please take care of Leeteuk-oppa, will you? I know I can count on you with this.” She said while looking at both of them. Full of hope.

“What’s wrong with you Sora-ya? Are you breaking up already? This is nonsense!” Donghae hyped. He might be jealous with their relationship at times, but his hyung happiness really shows when he's with Sora. Both of them really complement each other.

“It’s not like that you guys. We’re not breaking up.” Leeteuk is entering the room without any of them realized. He overheard their conversation just now.

“Oppa..” She looked at him. His face seems a bit pale. Must be because of their late night conversation.

“Have you done packing? What time is your flight?” Leeteuk’s trying to avoid the glance from Sora’s eyes. He needs to stay strong. Strong enough to let her go.

“Is she really leaving? Before the concert? What’s happening here???” Donghae looked at both Leeteuk and Sora, waiting for an answer.

“Donghae-ah, Eunhyuk-ah.. Can you give us a moment? We need to discuss something in private.” He looks at his two brothers. Not giving any answer to their questions.

"Dae..." Understanding the request. Even though they are dying to know what's happening to them, they know both of them need their time alone to settle it. Donghae and Eunhyuk started to walk out of the room, leaving Leeteuk and Sora inside.

“Your face looks so pale. Did you have your breakfast this morning?” She touched her boyfriend's face. Worried. He doesn't look good.

“Uhmm.. Has everything been settled? What time is your flight?” He said while looking at the luggage besides her.


“You’re going to the airport from here?” Again, he asked. Sora nodded.

“Oppa.. Can you look at me for a moment?” She looked at Leeteuk who still can’t face her directly.

Hardly, he turned his head towards Sora. Looking at her eye-to-eye.

“Please do well. My heart will always be with you even though I’m far.” She reached for Leeteuk’s hand. That warm hands that always keep her heart at ease. “Are you regretted for letting me go now?”

“No, I’m not..” Leeteuk lies.

“You’re always bad at telling lies dear.” She pinched Leeteuk's cheek. She knows it’s hard for him. It’s hard for her too. If tomorrow cast going well, then it will be a new challenge for their relationship.

“I will miss you..” He looked at her. Sad.

“Oppa.. When you came back to Korea, we will meet again for sure. Don’t be like this okay?” Sora is trying to give some courage to him. She then hugged Leeteuk from the back. “Remember this?” She’s referring to the first back hug she gave to Leeteuk after his concert not so long ago. Her arms are around Leeteuk's waist comfortably this time around.

"I remember.." Slowly, he started to smile. It’s the same concert when he serenades her in front of thousands of his fans.

"I won't be able to give you a back hug after your performance this time, so I'll give you one in advance. Before your performance" She's genuine.

“I was so happy that time” It’s reminding Leeteuk of their good memories when they first getting to know each other.

“So now you’re not happy anymore is it?” Sora's letting off her hands from his waist.

"Of course I am!" Leeteuk's grab Sora's hand to his waist again. Don't want her to let go. She hugged him tightly while tugging her chin on Leeteuk's shoulder. Storing the feeling of that moment in her heart. She's going to miss this moment later on when both of them being apart.

Leeteuk’s enjoying the moment. Somehow his worries went away with her hug.

“I’m grateful that you started to smile again oppa. Just never forget this smile” She kissed Leeteuk's dimpled cheek. He looked at her, thankful. That is a woman who can make his mood change within a split second.

“I’m afraid that I won’t do well today” He's pouting. Slowly getting back to his normal self.

“You will be okay.. Super Junior Leeteuk that I know has a very big determination in his heart..” She said while touching Leeteuk’s chest. “I know you can do it oppa... I believe in you. You won’t let your fans down. You won’t let me down..” Sora smiles proudly. In front of her is a man who can make every woman’s heart melt by just smiling. He is her man..

"I just hope you can stay by my side like this.." A warm kiss landed on her lips. A kiss of affection.

Sora’s heading to the airport with a heavy heart. She had to follow her heart and dreams.  The door to her future career is now opened; it’s time for her to make the move. To reach the sky like her boyfriend does.


“Hyung, I know I shouldn't be hesitant in asking this but both of us are really curious." Donghae looked at Leeteuk who's enjoying his meal. All of them are enjoying the celebration after another successful concert in Shanghai today.

"What?" His mood seems better now.

"What had happened between you and Sora? Why did she went back early? I thought she's going to stay with us” Asked Donghae who still curious on what happened to their leader earlier. 

“Hyung, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you see he’s happy now? He must be getting something from Sora before she left” Teased Kyuhyun. Leeteuk seems happier now compared to this afternoon. And the most important thing is that he seems to enjoy his meal. That's a positive indication that his in a good mood.

"Ya!" Leeteuk looked at Kyuhyun, blushed. This dongseang of his loves to make fun of him.

“I told you right!” Kyuhyun laughed. Spot on.

“But we’re still puzzled on what happened to him before that. Don’t you see hyung’s face before Sora came? We’ve seen him like that last 3-4 years when he’s breaking up with you-know-who. That’s why I’m becoming really suspicious. We as your dongsaengs always worried if you’re behaving that way hyung.” Busy body Donghae is trying to convince Leeteuk to tell the story that he’s been curious about. 

“Something been bothering me since last night, but we have cleared it up. We’re good now” Leeteuk trying to answer their questions. He knows all of them are more worried on Sora rather than him.

“You got jealous over her picture with Hankyung is it?” Eunhyuk still believes it’s because of that picture. Leeteuk’s jealousy is well known by all the members.

“Chinchaa? I’ve been suspecting that!” Said Donghae while hitting the table.

“Ya!... Why don’t you let hyung finish his story first?” Sungmin’s pissed with the early conclusion. He also wanted to know what the reason behind Sora’s early flight is even though he didn't show interest at first.

“She got a casting schedule for a film." Leeteuk is breaking the news. His members deserved to know it.

"Can't the casting be postponed to other date? What's so important about it?" Shindong didn't find the casting reason to be solid enough for her to go back early.

"It’s for Steven Spielberg’s movie. Of course it’s important" Answered Leeteuk. Smug.

“Steven Spielberg???!!!” All the members stand up couldn't believe what they just heard. The restaurant becomes silent surprised by their sudden group’s shouts.

“What’s wrong with you guys? Sit down!” Leeteuk’s surprised with the reaction.

“Yaahhhh hyung, daebak!! She'll become a Hollywood star!” Kangin, who is just listening at the side, went hype because of that news. All of them are.. "You're dating a Hollywood star!!" He continues. Excited. He knows it’s not easy for a Korean actress to grab the attention of Hollywood director. A famous Hollywood director.

“I know.. That’s why I'm worried.."

“So you’ve been feeling down today because you afraid that she will leave you after she became a star, right?” Out of the blue, Eunhyuk bring up another conclusion.

Leeteuk half nodded. That is a part of his worries too, besides his enlistment.

“Well, I would agree to certain extent that it’s not easy to control a world class star girlfriend’s feelings” Eunhyuk added. Adding fire to Leeteuk's worries.

“Maybe you should announce your relationship to the public then. Just like what Shindong does” Yesung is giving Leeteuk some ideas.

“I don't think it’s time yet since Sora is still not ready for it. She always thinking of my image as SuJu and ELF feelings should we decide to open our relationship to public.” Leeteuk’s voice sounded a bit frustrated. He knows how Sora is respecting his career and his fans all this while.

"Maybe she's still considering her option. That's why she wanted to keep the relationship a secret" Teased Ryeowook, making Leeteuk feels uncomfortable.

“And there’s always Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise around in Hollywood!” Added Kyuhyun. Leeteuk’s expression changed. Suddenly his worry that has gone with Sora's kiss this afternoon came back. Damn this dongseang of his. They know how to stir up his feelings all over again.

“We’re a world class star too baboya! If hyung feeling that way about Sora, wouldn’t she also been feeling that way too all this while? The insecurity.. The emptiness when her boyfriend always been away from her” Sungmin looked at Leeteuk. He understands both Leeteuk and Sora’s feeling towards each other. But sometimes Leeteuk needed some reminder of how genuine Sora’s feeling is for him.

"And looking at how she believes in you last time.. I believe she will stay loyal to you too hyung" Siwon added. He remembered how Sora handled her feelings during the meeting with Hana last time which impressed him. She is one tough girl to start with.

In a way Sungmin and Siwon’s words makes Leeteuk realized something. Something that he failed to see before. That is the trust portion that Sora always mentioned. If she can give the trust to him whenever he is performing on the world stage with thousands of fans, with thousands of choices.. He needs to do the same for her. Give her the same trust and believe that she had for him. Only that way, they can win the battle for their love to grow strong. Stronger than ever..

[Another chapter done, yeah! I'm happy to update 4 chapter during this weekend. Thanks to all who's supporting this fanfic and keep reading my blog. I appreciate it a lot. Few more chapter left. Hoping for MBC to air their new episode next weekend. Really hope for it. Until my next episode, Enjoice! And of course, keep being positive as always. -x0x0- ]


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