Monday, July 16, 2012

Uncontrolled Jealousy (Chapter 11)

It was noon in the middle spring and Sora is currently filming the car stunt for her latest film. The scene looks great and Sora really eager with the shooting environment near the Han River despite of the weather that is rather hot today. It's her first time for involving in this kind of film genre. Even though her face looks pale due to not enough rest, She didn't complain for the shooting to be deferred to another day. She's always committed to her commitment and that’s the charisma that Sora has which makes people loves to work with her.

She’s taking a bit rest while the stunt-woman who’s going to be her double is trying and testing the scene props before the real shoot. Since it’s a stunt with a car, they cannot mess it with more than one shot.

Not far away from their shooting scene, there’s a couple who’s doing a CF shoot nearby. Not sure why they are picking the same place for shooting, but looks like they’re having a lot of fun with it.

Sora's taking a glance at them but later she just couldn't bother anymore. Her head starts to hurt and the lack of rest is starting to give her some effect.

“I’m still okay. I’m still young” Sora tells herself, pushing her body to do more.

“Unnie, can you please bring me some Iced Americano? Feels like having some” Sora looked at Jiyeon, her cordi to bring some Americano for her to stay fresh and awake for the filming. "And painkiller too" she added.

"Wae? You got migraine again is it?" Jiyeon went near her.

"Dae.. just a bit" She smiles, try to give some assurance for her not to worry much.

After awhile, Jiyeon came back with a glass of iced Americano, painkiller and some cookies understanding that Sora is not having her meals yet. “Kamsahamnida unnie” Say Sora softly to Jiyeon which she treated like her own unnie.

“They’ve been saying that Leeteuk is filming a CF over there. Did you know anything about it?” Asked Jiyeon. Sora seems to be puzzled. Leeteuk didn’t tell her anything about it and for the matter of fact, for the past few week, she’s been a bit quiet and try to slow down in contacting Leeteuk after their incident that night. Not that she don’t miss him, but she feels that she need to put some distance in this unknown ‘relationship’ status. 

“Really? I didn’t know that. Probably I was too busy to look at my phone these days” Sora’s putting her excuses.

"Dae.." Jiyeon heading to continue her work again while Sora started to look for her handphone checking if there's any message from Leeteuk. Just in case. But then again, there's no message from Leeteuk. It’s been a while since he last contacted her either.

“Kenchana. He’s not even my real husband so why should I be bothered” Sora thought to herself. Trying to calm down her heart, containing her feelings. “But he himself always told me to make it like a real dating even though its just a filming." Sora sighing. Frustrated to see that Leeteuk is also ignoring her. This is not supposed to be the way that she thought it would be when she decides to ignore him. Feeling like she's at the losing side.

After a while, Sora saw a man walking towards her side, and she knows from the body built that he is Leeteuk. And he’s with somebody. “That’s must be his CF partner” again Sora’s whispering to herself. Trying not to be bothered so much with what she's looking at.

But suddenly her heart feels burdened. The world seems like spinning. The image of the girl with Leeteuk's becoming clearer as they're getting closer to where she's sitting.  “It’s …” Her small voice started to crack. She’s trying to pull her eyes from looking at them. But her head doesn't seems to work according to what her brain tells it to do. She knows that girl well. A woman that has been mentioned as Leeteuk's scandal and even strongly rumored as his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend. Whichever is true.

“Anneaseyo Sora-ya” Greet the man in front of her with wide smile. Long time didn't see her baby princess.

“Anneyaseyo” She replies unwillingly. Somehow the appearance of the girl besides him makes her a bit annoyed.

“It’s been a while. How have you been? You’re here for a shooting is it?” Leeteuk trying to start the conversation. Its been awkward for them.

“Yee. I’m fine. How are you? You’re shooting also?” Sora’s hiding her feeling as best that she can and try to go with the situation. She looks at the girl besides Leeteuk and smile at her too, forcefully.

“Yea. For a commercial… Anyway, deabak Sora-sshi. I heard you got lots of drama and film offers nowadays. Oh, by the way, this is Taeyeon SNSD. You know her right?” Leeteuk starts to introduce the person besides him, but he still cannot take off his eyes from that classy-sexy look of Sora. It must be her new image for her film, he thought to himself. Still amazed with the beauty of the woman in from of him. She can carry lots of look with her unique beauty.

He silently tries to take a glance at Sora. She’s wearing a low-cut tight jeans and dark-brown leather jacket. The makeup is well suited with the shoulder-long hazelnut colored hair that makes her looks sexy and charismatic. 

“Yess.. who don’t know SNSD. Anneyaseyo, nice to meet you Taeyeon sshi” Sora’s trying to act cool in front of them and even shakes her hand. Taeyeon smiles. She's a nice girl, she thought to herself.

“I’m gonna be ok. I've told you not to take this feeling seriously right” she's trying to calm down her heart. Sora look at Leeteuk with a bitter-sweet smile. Trying to forget what's her heart feeling at the moment. 

Leeteuk looked at the woman that flutters him. He snap himself back from being dragged into his own imagination again. “What time will you finish your schedule today?” ask Leeteuk.  

“After this scene.. wae?"

"Maybe we can catch a bite or two?" He's planning to ask Sora out. It’s been a while since the last time they meet each other and even that is actually during WGM shooting when they are looking for the pets for the new house.

"Biyant, I’m planning to go back home for some rest after this. It’s been a while since I get enough rest nowadays.” Tell Sora honestly. That is really her plan. She wanted to have enough rest and try to rejuvenate her body so that she can give better performance for her later schedule.

“Dae.. if that’s the case, have a good rest Sora-sshi. Hope you’ll have a good shooting. We need to go back to our shooting too” Leeteuk a bit frustrated. He understand her tiredness from the schedule that she had lately. “Maybe next time” His thought to himself again, hoping that they will meet again.

Sora nodded while sending him away with another bitter-sweet smile. She looks at how tight Taeyeon is holding Leeteuk’s arm. Her heart is at the verge of exploding from jealousy. Her hand shivers, her head started to spin. She bumped on her seat unconsciously.

“Sora, gwenchana?” Jiyeon came to her when she saw Sora's unstable situation. Leeteuk and Taeyeon already leaving them quite far.

Sora just couldn't control her body anymore, its been acted the way her heart told it to do making it hard for her brain to rationalize. "I'm not supposed to be jealous over something that is not even mine" She tells her heart to behave properly. She needs to keep her rationale mind at least until she finished today's filming.

"I'm okay unnie. I think I really need some rest after this. My body cannot cope with this tiredness anymore” She’s trying to find reasons to best explain the situation just now and smiled back to Jiyeon. 

Jiyeon smiles understanding what she said. “After this filming, we’ll be resting at home for a while. You take your proper rest during that time okay. Let’s ask Yeunggi oppa to not do this kind of schedule for you again. It’s bad for your health”

Sora nodded agreeing but again her mind is somewhere else. She really can’t think of it any longer. She still can see Leeteuk and Taeyeon from afar. It just irritates her to the max. She never knows that she can have this much of jealousy until it makes it hard for her to maintain her composure and rationale anymore.

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