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Love at 10,000 feet above the air (Chapter 6)

Sora just finish changing her outfit. She went nearer to Leeteuk. As she looked around, seems that the drama production crew has already cleared the area leaving Leeteuk alone with WGM crew waiting for her.

"Sorry for letting you wait for long" Sora apologizing. She must go to the changing room for too long.

"Don't worry. You must be tired right?" He looked at Sora's red eyes. By looking at her schedule that the WGM production staff gave him, seems like she's not having a proper rest.

"I haven't slept much lately" She smiles, but her face obviously showed that she's tired. Leeteuk looked at her understands that feeling. Being a celebrity does have its up and down.

"You're going straight to the airport right?" He asked. Sora nodded as they both walking heading to their car. Additional to her packed schedule, she will be attending an award ceremony in Busan this evening.

"Can I send you there?" He offered. Trying to be more gentlemen towards his wife.

"Really?" That shining eyes of his is waiting for her to say yes. "If its not bothering you then" Sora replying the smiles. She knows she can used that time to talk with him more.

As their relationship is still in an awkward stage, first half of their journey heading to the airport is a bit quiet while shyly exchanging glances.

"Just now.. I met your drama partner" Leeteuk looked at his baby-princess trying to start the conversation even though kind of hard.

"You mean Choi Min-shhi?" She's trying to clarify.

"Dae..." Suddenly he giggles. Find it funny to say out loud the things that he wanted to ask but he knows what he's going to ask will make the show more attractive. "Why didn't you tell me first?" He asked it slowly.

"Dae? Didn't tell you what?" Sora didn't get what Leeteuk is trying to say.

"He told me that both of you kissed.." His clearing his throats. Awkward to discuss about it after only 2 times meeting her.

"Ahh..." Sora couldn't help to giggles over it.

"Who initiate it?" Even though its not necessary for him to ask, but he's dying to know.

"Me.. He confessed to me and then i replied it with a kiss" Sora laugh awkwardly. Don't know how to react or feel over the question that's being thrown unexpectedly.

"Really?" Leeteuk looked at her surprised with what she just said.

"It's in the script..." She looked at Leeteuk funny surprised face. That face that he shows, she didn't know for sure whether it is his pure jealousy or is it purely for the entertainment.

"Since its for the job.." He giggles awkwardly not sure what to say next when he heard what Sora just said. He should have not brought that up just now, he thought to himself.

"Dae.. its for the job" She smiles, again. A cold and awkward situation covering them.

"If it was me, will you do the same?" Another sudden killer question came from Leeteuk.

"Dae??!!" She surprised. Not able to answer.

"Anieya.. just ignore it." Leeteuk trying to take back what he just said. Sometimes his loose mouth just cannot be controlled. "What is the dress code for your appearance today?" He's trying to change the topic. He knows he just went overboard just now.

"Pure white dress" She answered. Trying not to discuss further on the earlier topic either.

"You'll look like an angel then.." He's trying to imagine Sora in white dress, his favorite color. Sora nodded shyly.

As they arrived at the Airport. Sora looked at the airport building with a heavy heart, feeling a bit sad for having to leave him soon after what he's done by coming to her filming area and sending her off to the airport today.

"We're already here.. it's so fast" Cannot believe that they need to bid farewell soon until their next meeting.

"It's cold out here.. so i prepare something for you" Leeteuk take out his Super Junior jumper with his name embroided on it and hand it to his wife.

"Dae? But isn't this supposed to be your group jumper? You couldn't get it somewhere else right?" Sora's feeling a bit hesitant to accept that gift. It must have certain meaning for him.

"Dae.. but its okay since its for you" He honestly throws his smile towards Sora.

"Kamsahamnida.. I will treasure this" Sora softly touch the jumper on her shoulder. Grateful for having it. She feels that she's being treated like his real wife by sharing his treasured item with her.

"Your flight is at 1.30pm right?" He looked at the flight info display. There's still 30 minutes left before boarding. Sora nodded confirming what he said.

"Should we go grab some coffee then?" He suggested.

"So that we won't sleep?"

"Dae.. What do you normally like to drink?" He's trying to get know Sora preference better.

"Americano.. What about you?"

"Oh.. I cannot go with bitter drinks well" He laugh. Quite embarrassed with his taste preferences.

"So do you normally drink machiatto then?" Sora trying to guess Leeteuk's preferred coffee drink.

"Anieya.. Anieya.." Leeteuk just giggles awkwardly.

"Can I help you sir?" The Starbucks waiter looked at Leeteuk as he read through the coffee menu overhead him.

"Two americano please. One iced, one hot" He ordered confidently.

"Oh?? I thought you said you cannot drink bitter coffee well?" Sora surprised with what Leeteuk just ordered.

"Anieya, it's okay." Leeteuk tries to go with Sora's taste.

As they get their order, they went to find a sit outside in the open area since the the airport surrounding seems a bit chaotic when people realized that Leeteuk is there today. It’s an expected effect of the public appearance from a hallyu star.

"Should have bought something else for you.." Sora looked at Leeteuk who's having hard time drinking the drink that she enjoys.

"No its okay.. I'm trying to adapt to your taste. Why do you like americano by the way?"

"For the bitterness.. What kind of coffee do you like?" Sora looked at Leeteuk who's trying to sip more of the drink on his hand.

"I'm not a fan of coffee.. I normally drink ice chocolate" He laughed. He knows it sounds funny.

"Seriously? Then this is too much for you... Is this your first time drinking this?" Sora surprised. Didn't expect for Leeteuk to do this for her.

"It's okay.. It's not my first time either. Sometimes i drink with my member, they love this. But i couldn't really accept the taste.." He laughed again. Sora must thought that he's weird, he said to himself. He tried to sip some more.

"I’ll just get you another one.." Sora suddenly stands up to get Leeteuk a new drink not being able to see Leeteuk forcing himself to drink the americano.

"Anieya.. don't.. I'm trying to adapt to your taste here.." He holds Sora from proceed with her step.

"But you clearly cannot drink it..."

"After a few times I will.." He smiles, trying to ease Sora's feeling. He knows that she must not feel at ease looking at his expression whenever he drinks it.

"Don't ever spend your money in front of me" out of nowhere, Leeteuk's trying to show the gentleman side of him. "I'm might not have much money, but i don't like a girl to spend money on me" He added. Sora laughed listened to it. Its the first time she heard such a flustered words from a man.

"If that's the case, next time we'll plan a budget date?" Sora trying to be nice as she doesn't want Leeteuk to spend much money on her either.

"Ohh.. sounds nice. You've done it with your previous partner isn't it?" Leeteuk sudden question about the past relationship. Sora just smiles listened to that question not able to answer.

"What is the longest relationship that you have?" Again, he asked her out of curiousity.

"What about you?" She turned the question back to him.

"Emm... more than a year?" Leeteuk honest, not thinking much of the after effect.

"Longer than me..." Sora's expression changed.

"Anieya.. anieya" Leeteuk surprised looking at Sora's expression. Somehow he regretted for asking such question earlier which make his situation more at trouble.

"She must be beautiful then.." She looked at Leeteuk. Somehow she's the less experience one in this virtual marriage relationship that they are in.

"Anieya.. let’s not discuss further on this." Leeteuk trying to divert again before he get tangled into the situation that he created himself. "Its almost time for your departure" He looked at his handphone.

"Dae.." Sora nodded. Her expression stiffed even though she's trying to smile.

They headed to the departure gate. Sora looked at Leeteuk, find it hard to say goodbye. It would be better if he didn't send her off today.

"Go.. it’s already time. Take care.." Leeteuk sending her off at the departure gate.

"See you later..." She waved at him.

Leeteuk looked at Sora until she's out of his view. Feeling a bit hard to let her go after seeing her sad expression just now.

"I think I've done something wrong.." He looked at his manager who's waiting for him at the side. The filming crew already putting down their camera to wrap up.

"What wrong?" His manager not understanding.

"I wanted to get on the plane.. can I?" Sudden suggestion from Leeteuk make both his manager and the filming crew at shocked. "I need to get on the plane..." He added while looking at the flight info board.

"I'll try to see if we can make it.." His manager runs to the ticket counter. Trying to help with Leeteuk's request. Somehow he still not getting the reason behind the sudden change in Leeteuk's request.

"We can make it, but we need to run before they close the door" Leeteuk's manager came back to him after a few minutes. He's fast.

"What's wrong? Why do you want to board the plane suddenly?" His manager asking him while they are running to the departure door.

"I don't feel good seeing that expression from her.."

"What expression?" Leeteuk manager's face frowned not able to understand what he's trying to say.

"Anieya.." He smiled while catching his breath as he managed to board the plane before it takes off.

He slowly went to Sora who still didn't realize his appearance on the plane.

"Anneyaseyo.. can we change sit?" Leeteuk said to the staff who sit besides Sora.

Sora looked at him surprised. This can't be true, she said to herself. Not believing with what she saw in front of her.

Leeteuk giggles when he looked at Sora's surprised expression. He must have blown Sora's heart a minute ago.

"Did you plan for this earlier?" Asked sora, still not believe her eyes. Hesitantly Leeteuk nodded. He doesn't want to show that he's doing this because his not feeling good after seeing Sora's sad expression just now.

“I couldn’t believe this… really” Sora felt touched. Trying to control her tears from falling off. This virtual relationship that she’s having seems a bit complicated to her heart than it supposed to be. Leeteuk looked at Sora who’s trying to hide her expression.

"What’s wrong? Are you surprised?"

"Dae.. More surprised than this morning..." She laughed. Cannot believe that Leeteuk can do such thing. "You said you have schedule afterwards?"

"I have to be back as soon as we landed." Leeteuk smile. Sora's flustered with what he's done. He had such a busy schedule but yet still spend time to do this kind of thing for her.

“I’ve actually prepared this for you.,“ Leeteuk handed over a small box that he holds. She looked at the box not believe what just happened. She’s already flustered with his appearance on the flight and now a white gold bracelet.

“You’re doing too much things for me in one day Leeteuk-shhi” Sora looked at him, not believing. Leeteuk smiles. In Sora’s face, appears some concern that he can’t read but he knows she’s trying to go along with it.

Sora looked at the bracelet that Leeteuk just put on her wrist intensely. That item on her body now, makes she felt a bit burdened. Before she joined the show, she's already prepared her mental and heart but now everything went blank. The gesture that Leeteuk shows towards her is beyond her fantasy of a relationship. “He’s too nice for me to ignore.” Sora thought to herself.

“It’s going to get complicated afterwards if I can’t contain my feeling well.” Again, she’s telling herself. At 10000 feet above the air, her heart being moved by such a romantic gesture from a guy who is nothing to her before.

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