Friday, July 13, 2012

Life of a Celebrity (Chapter 9)

“Hello my wife, I heard you’ll be in Singapore for MAMA tomorrow. Am I right? ^^” Leeteuk send a message to Sora as he heard about the news that she’ll be in Singapore for the same event that he’ll be going. 

Lately, he loves to call Sora as his wife even in his personal life and trying to get any excuses as a basis to contact her. 

“Anneyaseyo” A girl voice.

“Ahh, anneyaseyo. Where are you?” A call from Sora that came in right after he sent the message makes him surprised.

“Sorry, I’m driving now and I couldn’t reply your message. So I’m calling instead”

“Ah.. Dae.. Sorry to disturb you”

“Anieya.. I’m on my way to my office now. I’ll be going to Singapore this afternoon” She said in an exciting tone. It’s been a while since the last time she’s going overseas for work related matters.

“Chincaru? This afternoon? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Leeteuk is a bit sad. It would be wonderful if he had known it earlier. He’s been thinking of going there together while using the award ceremony as an excuse.

“Sorry, I thought of calling you when I’m there. When will you be going by the way?” 

“It’s okay.. I’ll be going tomorrow morning. Will you be there for long?”

“About 2-3 days. I have another modeling schedule there aside from Mnet”

“If that's the case, take care okay. I’d love to see you there” He genuine. Normally they don’t have any excuse to meet except for WGM filming and he really hopes that they can meet there, even by chance.

“Dae.. Take care to you too” Silently she smiles. It feels like they are in a real relationship now. Thanks to his event last time at the concert, they’ve grown so much closer with each other even though she’s getting more attention and even haters. But Leeteuk is always being a gentleman by giving her assurance that he will protect her and stay by her side.


“That’s an awesome performance hyung!”Shindong came near Leeteuk right after they finished their highlight performance for the award ceremony. He’s proud of the members who are working hard for it.

“Hyung, I heard Sora is here..” Eunhyuk just came from the bathroom with Donghae while they heard the announcement of Sora will be the next MC for award giving.

“Dae.. I know. I called her yesterday”

“Really? Will you be meeting her later then?” Eunhyuk interested. It would be wonderful for him to meet her too.

“Anieya, her schedule's quite packed” while drinking his water. His eyes went to the stage trying to take a peek on his wife but unfortunately its hard to do so. He just wish he can be on stage with her right now.

“She’s off already?” Leeteuk asked Eunhyuk when the music of the next performance started to play.

“Sora..” Eunhyuk pointing his mouth towards Sora’s who’s heading to where Leeteuk is. Both Leeteuk and Eunhyuk's eyes were glued on her. She look stunning in an all black outfit which shows her beautiful body shape.

Immediately Leeteuk went closer to Sora, excited to see her. The brothers in laws are all looking at Sora, surprised with her appearance in Singapore.

“Anneyaseyo” Shyly Sora greeted Leeteuk and the brother in laws while shaking his hands.

“Anneyaseyo.. How come I didn’t saw you during the red carpet this evening?” He’s been looking for her appearance, to be honest.

Sora keeps looking at her red-face groom. “Are you hot?” Unknowingly, her hands started to fan to cool him down.

“Anieya, we just finish our performance” He flips his hair trying to wipe off the sweat on his forehead.

“I came a bit late so I missed the red carpet” She tries to answer the question that Leeteuk asked her before. 

“Congratulation for the awards by the way” She’s complementing her husband’s victory. Proud of him.

“Kamsahamnida.. You’re giving out award just now right? Your English is really good. I’m impressed” Leeteuk’s turn to complement after heard her MCing just now. Sora speaks in  a good american-english accent.

“Anieya..” Sora shy being complement by Leeteuk while suddenly she looked at Eunhyuk who’s also looking at her.

“Anneyaseyo” She bows to Eunhyuk, her brother in law number 2.

“Long time didn’t meet you..” He says

“Dae..” She nodded agreeing to Eunhyuk’s statement. Leeteuk looked at their conversation, feeling a bit of jealousy.

“I heard you saw our performance just now?” Leeteuk went in and continue his conversation with Sora again after Eunhyuk went back to his place.

“Ahh.. Dae.. I’m at the backstage waiting for my turn that time. Your performance just before my turn MCing” She smiles.

“Oh really.. so you saw all three?” while showing his hand gesture.

“Dae.. It’s really daebak!” Again she’s complementing.

"Anieya.. I’ve done lots of mistakes.. Will you stay for the after-party?”

“Anie, I need to go soon after this. I have another schedule later” While she looked at Leeteuk's make-up artist approaching to fix his makeup. Somehow, she forgot that she’s talking to a hallyu star right now.

“Dae.. take care then. See you later!” He is extending his hands towards Sora. He smiles genuinely. 

Sora walk-away slowly while facing Leeteuk, feels a bit hard to let go of the moment meeting him without camera surrounding them. She’s waving and giving her last bow towards Leeteuk and the brother in laws before being escorted away by her manager and her stylist.

Leeteuk sadly look at Sora who’s walking away from him heading for her next schedule with her staff. He realizes that's the life of a celebrity. That girl that he adores, he wanted to make things become real, but with current situation, its far from being able to make all of those to become true. His love towards Sora is getting deeper and deeper but their schedules is making it tougher for it to really happen.

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