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Let me protect you (Chapter 13)

“Hyung, I need to take Sora somewhere. Does she has any other schedule for today or tomorrow?” Leeteuk went to Yeunggi, Sora’s Manager asking on her schedule.

“Why? She just told me a few hours ago to clear her schedule for 2 days for her to get some rest.” Yeunggi looked at Leeteuk.

“That’s great then. I’m going off somewhere with her but I hope you can keep this from the others especially the media. Can I believe in you hyung?”

“Where are you going? Is it because of WGM?” Yeunggi feeling a bit weird. As far as he knows, there's no schedule on filming for WGM in his diary. In fact, its been almost 2 months that they don't get any schedule from MBC with regards to WGM.

“No, its is not for filming. I just wanted to take her somewhere… alone.” Tell Leeteuk honest.

“Okay then. Please keep her safe and if there’s anything, just call me immediately. Okay?” He can see Leeteuk is really cares about Sora, not just as his virtual wife, but more than that.

“Will do hyung. Kamsahamnida~~” He bowed.

While he's on the way heading towards his car, he's calling his manager to tell about the situation and fortunately his manager doesn’t have any violent objection with the arrangement.

He enters the car and look at Sora who’s closing her eyes. “She must be really hurt”, thought Leeteuk to himself.

“Are you okay?” He touch Sora’s hands softly. Sora opened her eyes when she felt the warm touch.

“Just a bit dizzy. Where did you go?” She's curious.

"I'm looking for your manager"

"What did you say to him? Did you tell him about my condition?" She panicked. If Yeunggi knows about her condition, her parents will know about it too.

“Anieya. I'm telling him that I’m taking you somewhere. Let’s rejuvenate shall we? You need to rest”

“Rejuvenate? Where are we going? My schedule?” Sora seems a bit worried.

“Don’t worry. Didn't you've asked Yeunggi-hyung to clear your schedule for 2 days? He's already handle that for you. For now don’t think about work. Just follow me” He’s smiling sweetly to Sora. Her heart flutters. 

“What about your schedule then?”

“Don’t worry. I’ve told my manager to handle mine.” He attentively explains to avoid Sora from feeling sorry for it.

"But your team members?"

"They're big enough to take care of themselves"  Again he smiles. “Just rest. We’ll stop at pharmacy somewhere to treat your wounds.” He’s touching Sora’s cheek softly. That girl in front of him really gives him lots of worries today but seeing her now in front of him making his heart feels at ease.

"Can we just go back to my home? I'm afraid if people see us together" Sora's trying to get Leeteuk to buy her idea.

"Just trust me.. I know what to do" Again, he's trying to give Sora some assurance.

After a few hours of driving, they arrived at a resort. A private resort where they don't really have to worry about their news going public, however, for preventive measure, they are disguising their faces when entering the resort to avoid from being recognized by people surround them.

“Are we going to stay in the same room?” Suddenly Sora becomes nervous when Leeteuk only book for one room.

“Why not? We’re married right?” Leeteuk giggles. He can’t stop looking at her beautiful pale face. The wound is already treated and it’s not obvious anymore. Thanks to his emergency treatment skills for that. Being with 13 members really teach him a lot of things.

“Chakamman..” She frowned.

“Don’t worry Sora-yaa. It’s a suite with 2 separate rooms inside. I cannot leave you inside the other room where it’s hard for me to go in and see your condition. I need to be with you. Okay?” Leeteuk giggles again. Funny thoughts came to his mind. Sora gives him a deep look trying to read what’s on his head.

They entered the exclusive Suite room and it’s really spacious. Luckily what Leeteuk said is right, there's 2 separate rooms inside together with a kitchen and a living room.

"This must be really expensive" Sora worried if Leeteuk have to spend a lot because of her.

"Don't worry about this" Leeteuk avoid from answering Sora's question. “Let’s go to your room. You need to have some rest”

“Thank you oppa, for doing this to me” Suddenly Sora’s eyes get teary. If its not because of her stupid feelings, she wouldn't have to burdened Leeteuk for her.

“This is the least that I can do” Leeteuk replied. "To a woman that I love" he added, in a soft voice. Sora look at Leeteuk. Trying to figure out his second statement.


“Anieya.. You’re my virtual wife right? So i need to take care of you" Leeteuk trying to hide the fact that he just confessed to her just now.

“Kamsahamnida…” Sora's a bit frustrated. She thought she will hear something that she's been waiting for, but turned out that Leeteuk is just giving her some courtesy as they’ve promised to take care of each other while they're in WGM.

“Take your rest okay.” Leeteuk putting up the blanket on Sora. He looked at her beautiful soft face again. If only he got the courage to really confessed to her tonight.

Leeteuk went to another room to take his rest. Its been a tiring day for him too, physically and mentally. He's been worrying about Sora since the afternoon and luckily she's okay now. Suddenly his phone rings.

“Hyung, where are you? We have a photoshot this evening right? Manager hyung told me that you can’t make it. Are you okay?” Eunhyuk called. Feeling weird when his leader suddenly withdrawn himself from a schedule. That's not a normal behavior from Leeteuk.

“I'm okay. I need to go somewhere for a day or two. Just tell the members that I’ll be off for awhile but if anything just contact hyung anytime, okay?” Somehow, he never forget his duty as a leader towards his Super Junior member.

"The session got postponed because of you. Well, at least we can have a time off as well” Eunhyuk laugh loudly. Its a rare opportunity for them to have few days of time off.

“You always find ways to have time off right?! Just take care and have a good rest okay” Tease Leeteuk. He understands his members' feelings with their tight overseas concert schedule nowadays.

“Dae hyung.. Please take care of Sora-sshi too” Eunhyuk suddenly giggles from the other end.

“How did you know that?” Leeteuk suddenly burst his laugh but then he looked out to Sora’s room afraid that he will wake up his baby princess.

“From Hyun Jung hyung of course! Ah hyung, please be careful on this will you. The rumors will spread if you don’t take care of it well”

“I don't think much about it that time. I just wanted to take her away from the filming site. She’s not in a good condition” He knows he's at fault. His act this afternoon might bring him and his team into trouble.

“Oh yes.. I heard she's involved in an accident. Is she okay?”

“She’s taking her rest now. It’s not that serious so she should be okay soon.” Leeteuk try to reassure Sora’s condition to Eunhyuk. He knows a few of the Super junior members are close with Sora and care about her condition.

“Hyung, can I ask this?”


“You start to fall for her is it?” Eunhyuk is a bit curious. Leeteuk is not behaving himself. Leeteuk is a man who adores his jobs more than anything else. But what’s happening now is really contrast to his normal behavior.

“I’m not sure either Eunhyuk-ah. Whenever I see her, I feel complete. Whenever she’s with me, my melody changed”

“I can see that. Lately your composed music seems a bit brighter and different from the one you’ve composed before. She brings energy to your life.. Is it?...” Eunhyuk trying to tease his beloved hyung again. Sora is someone with lots of charm. He himself would have fallen to her if he is in Leeteuk's shoes.

“Well, i'm not sure if she feels the same though..” Leeteuk is being totally honest with Eunhyuk.

“If you think she’s the one, just try your best hyung. As your dongseang, I will always be by your side!” Eunhyuk is giving his hyung a motivation factor for him to proceed. Leeteuk smile. He felt satisfied since he had somebody to talk to about his feeling.

“Eunhyuk-ah, I need to go now. Make sure you tell the members not to worry about me okay. Chalka..” Leeteuk hang up his phone. He headed to Sora’s room. Looking at Sora who’s sleeps prettily besides him. Somehow he felt like they are a real married couple now.


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