Sunday, July 22, 2012

I miss you.. (Chapter 17)

Sora looking at her wrist watch, It’s almost 12pm but she didn’t see any appearance of Super Junior members at the Airport.. yet. Suju will be departing for their overseas schedule in Shanghai today.

“Are you already at the airport? You’re departing soon?” A message arrived at Leeteuk's handphone. Its from Sora.

“Not yet, we’re on the way. The traffic’s quite bad today. How’s your schedule? Sorry I have to leave early in the morning without waking you up first” Leeteuk didn’t smell anything weird from Sora’s message.

“It’s okay. I had a good sleep last night ^^. Just message me when you’re at the airport” 

“kkk.. ^^” The last reply from Leeteuk before they've arrived at the airport.

Lots of SuJu fans at the airport today, not to make her appearance obvious, she is wearing a normal white shirt and jean with short hair wig and a sport cap as her disguise so that people won’t acknowledge her. While sipping her Americano waiting for Leeteuk at Starbuck Café inside the VIP departure area,.. A text message came in.

“I’ve arrived at the airport. I’ll go and come back safely ^^” His flowery heart still remains after their heart-to-heart conversation last night. He just wish he don't have any schedule now and spend time with his baby princess today nurturing their new confirmed feelings towards each other.

Sora secretly look around her and she can hear the fans are screaming. It’s a sign that SuJu’s entering the airport hall.

“I can see you ^^” She replied.

Leeteuk surprised with the message that he got.

“Are you at the airport now?” He curious.  He started to look around for Sora but unfortunately with lots of fans waiting and screaming, he couldn't see any gesture of his beloved woman.

“Come to the departure hall...” As the message from Sora came in, Leeteuk look towards the departure hall curiously. He wanted to move faster but with the fans, it’s hard for him to do so.

“What’s wrong hyung? Are you looking for somebody?" Kyuhyun is looking at Leeteuk who's behaving strangely after he received a message on his phone. Shindong and Yesung who hears Kyuhyun curiously looking at their leader as well.

“Sora.. She’s here. But I can’t see her”

“She's here? Really?” Shindong half shouting.

"Hyung, both of you really date now is it?" Asked Yesung. Now he knows where did Leeteuk went in hurry last night. Leeteuk smile proudly but his eyes keep on looking for Sora.

"She's brave. It's not easy to show up here without being noticed" Shindong added. Amazed by Sora's action. If only Nari, his girlfriend, ever did that to him.

"Hyung at Starbucks Café, short hair woman in dark jeans.” He noticed the hint given by Sora as they entered the departure hall.

Leeteuk look towards the café with a big smile. A text message arrived.

“Just go.. I’ll meet you inside. It’s too dangerous to meet here.” Message from Sora went in. Leeteuk smile again while secretly waving towards the side where Sora is, pretending as if he's waving to his fans.

“Where are you Sora?” He sends the message to Sora. The announcement for last call has already been made. After a few minutes waiting, Sora still didn’t come.

“We need to board now.” Suju manager came. He instructed the Super Junior members to start boarding the plane as they are closing the doors.

Leeteuk keep looking back waiting for Sora to appear. His sad face shows. 

“Maybe the situation wouldn’t allow her to enter the hall hyung. At least she made the effort to show up at the airport” Kyuhyun tapping Leeteuk's shoulder trying to coax him. 

A call came in.

"Where are you?" Asked Leeteuk.

"I'm behind you.." Immediately Leeteuk turned to search for Sora. "But i couldn't go closer. The situation is quite dangerous" She's trying to wave towards him a bit. Secretly.

He tried to look surrounds him, people is watching him and Suju members intensely and there's no way for him to go towards Sora now.

"I wish to see your face before departing" Said Leeteuk. As soon as he said that, Sora hang up the call and start sending something towards Leeteuk.

"I'll see you when you're back. Have a safe trip" A picture message with Sora's picture came in. Sora smiled while waving to him again. At least she's able to send him off today,  even from afar it's making her feel at ease.

Leeteuk replied the wave back and started to board the plane with heavy steps. “I miss her....” He said to kyuhyun who's accompanying the sad hyung while kept looking at her picture on his phoneThey are so close but yet they couldn't go towards each other. He sigh.


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