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I love you too.. (Chapter 16)

Sora just finished her crazily tiring schedule for the day. She's been trying to make her daily schedules filled with works and activities so that she won't have time to remember a thing about a guy that she's been trying to forget.

On the way back to her condo, she tune in to SUKIRA. It plays "Memories" by Super Junior. Its the radio that Leeteuk happened to be the DJ once but now with Sungmin and Ryeowook. The brother in laws. If the title still relevant for her. 

She looked at her phone sadly. Listening to the songs makes her remembered him. After the last incident at the resort, both of them didn't contacted each other ever since. 

She opened her twitter account and the news about MBC is canceling their show due to strike is everywhere over the internet. She looked at the news shockingly. At that time she also saw a retweet from her fans on Leeteuk's tweet a while ago. She's not sure what is the message that Leeteuk is trying to conveyed, but still wonders whether she should call Leeteuk to found out what's happening as he seems to know something.

"Oppa, is the rumours true? Did you get any news from MBC?" Sora's asking her manager trying to get some confirmation.

"I'm not sure either. They didn't told us anything about it. Probably it’s just a rumors"

Sora nodded. There's a mixed feelings in her heart. If the show is really cancelled, maybe its a good things for her heart to really settle down and forget about what had happened. But on the other hands, she's hoping for the rumours not to be true so that they will have time patch things up and at least remain as friend.

Without realising, her fingers are calling Leeteuk, however he not answering making her empty heart drenched again.

That night really become one of the longest night for her. She keeps on looking at the phone with hopes that Leeteuk will call her back.


It was 2am in the morning. Leeteuk just finished his practice for their coming overseas concert. He looked at his phone and there's few missed call but still no message from Sora that he's been waiting for. Maybe she still need time to calm her heart down, he told himself.

But then he's shocked after realizing that one of the missed call is from his baby princess. He's overjoyed but a bit regret for not being able to pick it up when she's calling. He tried to call her back but the call didn't get through.

"Yesung-ah, hyung need to go off first. You all go back safely okay. Please take care of the others" Leeteuk trusting Yesung to take care of the members.

"Where are you going hyung? It's late.." He's worried. They have a plane to catch tomorrow afternoon.

"I have something to settle. Don't wait for me" He took up his own car heading to Sora's condo while trying to contact her for a few times.

He rang the house bell with hope that it will be opened.

"Who's there?" Sora's soft voice heard from the intercomm. She looked at the clock, its almost 3am.

"It’s me" His heart blossomed hearing Sora’s voice. She still awake.

Her body just got frozen listening to that voice. She opened the door.

"Oppa..." She couldn't say much. Her tears started to flow out.

“Sora-yaa.. I'm sorry...” Leeteuk hugged the girl in front of her tightly. “Saranghae..”

“Don’t lie. It takes you a while before you come to me. Stop lying and stop doing this” Sora trying to untie her body from Leeteuk’s hug but he pulled her waist and back-hugging her, tightly.

“I’m not going to let you go anymore. I’m sorry for taking time to reply to your confession. I have lots of things to think about” Leeteuk trying to calm Sora’s down. He knows that Sora is still sulky and sad with the situation. It’s his fault. For a woman to admit that she’s falling for a guy, it does require lots of courage.

“I'm really sorry Sora. Saranghae… I love you even before you told me. But I’m too coward to admit the fact that I’m falling for you” Leeteuk whisper to Sora’s ears and give a kiss to her cheek. Sora stop struggling with Leeteuk and just letting him continue to hug her. Her heart started to melt by his deep voice.

Leeteuk turn Sora to face him. Her wet eyes really makes him fall for her even more. He wipes off the tears on her beautiful baby cheeks and he hugged her tightly.

“Don’t cry anymore. You’re making my heart hurt” There's a lot of tears she's been shedding because of him lately. Sora couldn’t say anything. She just thankful that Leeteuk is accepting her love. She burst her tears again. This time tears of happiness.

“Kamsahamnida Sora-ya” Leeteuk kiss Sora’s forehead and hug her again to calm her down. He feels really happy. It’s been a while since he’s this happy and he's glad that he didn't let go of the wonderful woman in front of him now.

Sora leads Leeteuk to the living room. The spacious condominium is being lighted dimly with the television opened in low volume. A few scripts are located on the couch explaining why Sora is still awake at this time.

“Are you okay to be here this late Oppa? You’re going to Shanghai tomorrow right?” She's been monitoring his schedule.

"I miss you.. Its been a while since we've been seeing each other." He looked at Sora. He understands Sora's concern. But he just feels that its not the right time for him to leave her. Not tonight.

"I miss you too. I've seen the rumors today and that's why i called you. But you didn't pick it up earlier"

"Sorry. I finished my training for the concert quite late. Once i saw your missed call, i rushed here" He holds Sora's hand tightly this time. He's determine to make it official. Official to the company, to the members, to the public. He's going to say that this girl is his.

“It’s going to be a lot of obstacles in the future, but we’re going to overcome it together” Leeteuk looked at his baby princess while taking out his pinky promises to seal a promise. Sora nodded.  "Just follow my lead and we’ll be fine.” Leeteuk’s planning something as always. Again, she nodded. She knows what's coming for dating a big star like him.

“Maybe we should just act like how we are now, the WGM couple Leeteuk-Sora. With that they won’t smell anything fishy”

"You mean to hide this?" Leeteuk not really agree with it. He's been thinking of making their relationship open to the public and date openly. "Until when?” He added.

“Until we're ready to make it public and when they accept us together" Sora looks at Leeteuk’s eyes with hope that he will agree.

“I wish I can just show our relationship to the public openly right now” Leeteuk's sad. He's determine to work on this relationship with the intention to make it public. His going to make this as his last date towards marriage sake.

“It’s not that we can’t, but we need to be mindful of people’s perception. I don’t want to be in the middle of people’s attention…” Sora trying to explain her thoughts on it calmly. 

“But sooner or later we will still have to face it”

“By that time I’ll make my heart and mind strong enough to face it. I promise..” She’s not ready to go public. Not just yet.. Leeteuk look at her bitterly, not agreeing to what she said but he got no choice until she’s really ready to face the public. There’s no point to force it if Sora not really ready, he thinks.

The situation become a bit cold, she knows Leeteuk is not happy with her answer just now and the fact that he wanted their relationship to go public is really apparent.

“Do you want to sleep here?” Sora’s trying to break the silence between them. Diverting the topics.

“Can I?” Leeteuk look at Sora with shining eyes.

“That look. Don’t tell me you have something in your mind~!” Sora giggles. Being together with him for 6 months during the show makes her know him enough.

“Anieya, anieya.. I'm surprised that you offered me to stay here.."

“Well, it’s already late and you must be tired. You can leave at dawn to avoid from people to see you. What time you’re going to the airport?”

“12.. Wae? Do you want to send me over” As much as possible Leeteuk is finding a reason to make their relationship known to public and yes, Sora is good in finding that kind of intention from Leeteuk.

“Probably not.. I’m having a schedule tomorrow morning at 9” Sora knows what she’s into if she agrees to send Leeteuk to the Airport. Leeteuk is pouting when his plan didn’t get through.

Sora smile looking at Leeteuk’s cute pouting face. The man in front of her really has lots of charming and cute side.

Suddenly a quick kiss landed on his cheek which makes him surprised. He looks at Sora shyly.

“Just cheek?” Leeteuk’s making his naughty statement and which makes Sora laugh nervously.. The night went well for both of them despite of their earlier circumstances. It's the starting of their real relationship together. No more for the sake of filming or the variety shows, but its going to be real for these 2 sets of heart from now on.

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