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From New York with Love (Chapter 7)

It’s the day Leeteuk went back to Korea from his trip to Saipan. It’s been a while since he gets his personal holiday with his family. He is supposed to stay in Saipan for another one more day but somehow his longing to meet Sora is more than anything else. As he reached his dorm, he makes a call to Sora.

“Anneyaseyo Sora-shhi.. Am I disturbing you?” They still greet each other formally.

“Anneyaseyo.. I’m having a filming for my drama now” Sora replied.

“Ahh.. biyant. I’m thinking of having a shooting for our episode today. I just arrive and I have a bit of free time today.”

“Dae.. I’ll finish my filming at around 6 o’clock. Maybe we can meet around that time?” Sora looks at her schedule.

“Dae.. I have a schedule for the radio at 10pm at KBS building, can we meet at the coffee shop near there?” Leeteuk trying to squeeze the time to meet Sora. He still wanted to meet her no matter what and of course he couldn't left Eunhyuk alone with his radio schedule tonight.

“Dae.. I will meet you there”

“I’ll inform the director accordingly” Leeteuk smiled on the other side of the phone. His longing will be cured by one phone call away and of course with hope that the director will agree with the plan.

Sora is waiting at the coffee shop as at the time promised. After a few while, Leeteuk appeared with his manager.

“Biyant, I’m a bit late. The traffic is quite heavy today” Leeteuk apologize for him to turn up a bit late than promised.

“It’s okay.. I didn’t wait that long.” She looked at him. At least he arrived safely after going on so many trips for his concert. 

“How was your concert? And your holiday?” She knows about the holiday because Leeteuk told her earlier before going. Just like how he told her, he will notify any move that he does to her for her knowledge.

“It was fun.. I took some self camera while I’m there for you to watch..” Immediately he took out his iPad with video of his trip to New York and watches it together with her.

“Seems like fun.. I’ve never been to New York. Seeing this makes me wanted to go there..” Sora excited. Leeteuk smiles, it’s the first time he sees the excited Sora.

“We’ll go together if there is time, shall we?” He suggested. Sora nodded agreeing to the suggestion. 

“Your schedule starts at 10.00pm right?” Sora looked at her wrist watch, concern about disturbing Leeteuk’s schedule after being with him for almost 2 hours at the coffee shop.

“Dae.. Shall we take a walk around here before I go for my schedule?” He wanted to spend until the last minute with Sora. He’s been missing her a lot while his away and meeting her now is an opportunity for them to spend time more together.

“We have known each other for more than a month right?” Asked Leeteuk while taking a stroll around the KBS building. The weather seems nice today.

“Yes..” Sora nodded shyly.

“Can’t we just talk freely?” He looked at Sora who continuously looking at the walkway.

“It might be a bit awkward for starting as I’m might talk in mixture, but if you could start first then I will follow” told Sora to Leeteuk, asking him to lead her as a man.

“Then we address each other, it shouldn’t be Sora-Shhi or Leeteuk-shhi, but instead I will call you Sora-ya and you replied me with Oppa, will it be okay with you?”

“Yes..” Sora agreeing shyly.

“Oh yes.. Remember we were talking about the concert at the school last time?” He’s referring to the piano performance that Sora gave to him. It’s blown him away for certain moment. That girl has a lot of hidden talent.


“I’ve discussed with the concert management and they’re okay with me and you to perform something during the concert” Listened to that, Sora surprised. She didn’t expect for him to be serious with his idea last time.

“But.. Thinking again about it, your fans is coming to the concert to see Super Junior’s performance and I don’t think they will be happy seeing me on stage” Sora’s being rationale. She knows it’s the dream of everybody to stand on world’s stage besides the world idol such as Super Junior but she knows the fans won’t be happy and she doesn’t want Leeteuk’s image to be at risk.

“Emm.. If that’s the case, I’ll take care of everything so just follow me and do what I tell you to.” Leeteuk is trying rethink of the situation for him to introduce his wife to the fan. He wanted to do the join performance with Sora but seems like Sora didn’t really like the idea. “Okay? You could do that right?”

Sora nodded understanding the instruction from Leeteuk. She needs to believe him.
As they walked through the streets, he looked at Sora’s hand. He wanted to hold that hand of Sora for a few times now but still not successful. After a few while, he’s determined to reach out for Sora’s hand.

Sora flustered seeing it but hesitant to hold it thinking that they are currently walking in public. “Wait.. my hands are very cold” She said to Leeteuk as she’s trying to buy the time by warm up her hands.

“Hand..” Leeteuk extending his hand for the second time and at that time slowly Sora is accepting his hand awkwardly.

“What’s wrong with you hands? You should bend your fingers..” After a few moments of holding hands, Leeteuk a bit frustrated seeing how Sora not ready to hold hand with him. “It’s like I’m holding your hand forcefully”

Sora laughs awkwardly not being able to said anything.

“I’m not going to hold your hands anymore. I’m hurt” Sulky Leeteuk.

“I’ll hold..” Sora feels guilty with her action just now. Things suddenly went to fast for her.

“What? I’ll hold?” Leeteuk surprised with Sora’s words as if she’s saying it because she has to.

“Anieya, it’s not that I don’t like it. But I felt awkward..” She’s trying to cool down Leeteuk’s feeling by making her little feeling being known to him.

As he listened to Sora’s explanation, he can’t help it but smile throughout and extending his hand again. As their hands properly holds this time, their hearts started to beat faster. Leeteuk looked at Sora’s cute blushed face. He sighs, relieved for being able to hold Sora’s hand properly at last. He wanted to do that for sometimes already but today he made it.

“We’re near to your office” Sora said to Leeteuk as they moved nearer to the KBS building with Leeteuk still holding tight to her hands. Leeteuk take a peek at the situation in front of them to see whether the fans are already there.

“Your studio is in the first floor right?” She asked. “Your fans must be here” Sora started to concern about the fans and their reaction. She’s well aware of her virtual husband’s popularity and she doesn’t want to cause any scene for them.

“I don’t think they’d be here by now. It’s okay..” Leeteuk is trying to ease a bit of Sora’s feeling by giving her the assurance. He knows she must be feeling uncomfortable with them holding hands in front of the fans.

After a few while, they’ve finally reached the gate of the building where Leeteuk is working for his night radio station.

“Do you want to come with me inside?” Offer Leeteuk.

“Anieya.. I’ll just send you off until here” She refuses politely.

“If that’s the case, go first. I’ll go in later..” He’s sad, not able to let go of Sora.

“No.. You go in first.”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to. You go first..”

“No.. I wanted to see you go inside.”

They started to argue on whom to leave first until Sora lost the argument. Seems like both of them finding it hard to let each other go.

“Since I lost..” Not being able to continue with her words, Leeteuk grabbed on Sora’s hand and lead her to the stairs to send her off with hard feelings. Such a beautiful picture between both of them, totally filled with lots of love.

“Go home and rest..” He told Sora.

“I will..” She nodded. Not being able to face Leeteuk directly as she feels a bit hard to let him go tonight. Her feelings started being too attached to the show even though she’s been trying to contain her feelings well.

“Go.. Bye~” He waved to Sora as she started to make her steps. “Promise me to talk easily like this next time” He added. Sora smiles beautifully starting to leave him.

“Let’s leave together..” She told Leeteuk as she find it difficult for her to do it on her own..

“Together.. okay” He started to move backward. Don’t want to lose sight of Sora. “I’m going to miss you!” He laughed as he shouted that message to Sora. Feeling a bit awkward to show his feeling out in the public.

As they waved goodbye to each other, the longing feelings and not being able to separate from each other, they both felt it. They realized that their feelings towards each other started to be real and it’s not merely for the show.

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