Friday, July 27, 2012

Continuation of WGM (Chapter 20)

"You sure you wanted to send me off oppa?" Sora looked at Leeteuk who's helping her to put things that she'll bring for her trip to New York in his car. He's been wanting to send her off even though Sora's trying to stop him. "What if the people recognize them together?" She thought to herself. She's been worried about it.

"Of course" He's short. He knows he's going to miss her much. The pain of being away from each other will be apparent this time. "Get in, before people might noticed us" Leeteuk opening the door for Sora. It's really early in the morning as she's taking the first flight to New York.

"Oppa.." Sora trying to talk to Leeteuk after a few minutes the car hitting the road. 

"Dae.." Again, he's short. Leeteuk doesn't seem in a good mood this morning.

"Waegurae? Why suddenly you're like this?" Sora's grabbing Leeteuk's hand. Trying to make him happy.

"Anieya.. Just thinking about works" He lies. Leeteuk looked at Sora. Trying to put a fake smile on his face.

"You're not good at lying dear" Sora's pinched his cheek. She knows that Leeteuk is worried about her, but with his busy schedule now, she knows that he won't have much time thinking about her either. "I won't go for long. Just 1-2 weeks. I'll be back to Seoul before you do" Sora smiles. Leeteuk will be travelling to USA too for concerts but its in a different region.

"Just take care of yourself well and contact me frequently so that i'll be less worry about you" Request Leeteuk to his baby princess. Even though Sora seems independent enough to be there alone, but he can't help to think of every danger that might effect his baby princess while she's away from him.

"I will.. don't worry. I have my friends there that i'll be in contact with and bring me to places" Sora smiles while fixing a bit of Leeteuk's front hair. All of her plan and activities that she will be doing in New York, Leeteuk knows it all. Its not easy to make him agree for her to go there alone at the first place.

"Emm.. Okay. But still, you have to contact me frequently" He insist. He don't care about the bills or anything as long as he got to know her baby princess's condition and news. Sora smiled at him understanding his worries. The overprotective boyfriend that she had will always behave that way.

"Oh, right. Have you heard the news?" Said Sora while checking her handbag for her lip balm.

"About what?"

"WGM. They're going to continue shooting in June" 

"Really? My manager didn't tell me anything yet" Leeteuk looked at Sora who's fixing her nude color lipstick. It looks good on her.

"Dae.. But I've been thinking on how to do this though. We cannot show that we're dating." She's telling off her worries.

"Because we're supposed to be on 4 months strike.. right.." Leeteuk agreeing to Sora's worries. She looked at Leeteuk who seems to be in a deep thought.

"Let's just go with the flow shall we? There's no used to crack our head now" Sora voicing her opinion. Don't want to think much about it.

"Hmm.. It's okay. I'll think about something.." He needs to be careful as the company still didn't know about this. Nobody knows except for his member and his manager who always helping him and Sora.

Sora nodded. Trusting her namja's word. She will think of something too.

"So, what are you doing after this?" Sora's trying to divert the topic. Not to think much about WGM.. yet.

"I'm a bit free this morning. So probably i'm going to omma's cafe" He's referring to his mom's Kona Bean which opened not long ago.

"Oh! I wish I can go visit your mom sometimes" Sora looked at Leeteuk while clasping her hands as if she's making a wish. "But.. no.. perhaps not" Sora sighed. Its almost impossible for her to do so, not while they're making their relationship secret.

"Why not?" Leeteuk asked while Sora just shaking her head not answering it. She don't want to brought up that topic.

"Oh, we're here!" Without realizing they've arrived at the airport. Leeteuk smiled looking at the excited Sora. Like a little kid. She's been wanting to go for a trip to New York for a while now. It all began after he showed her the video that he took after SMTown last time.

"Oppa.." She's holding Leeteuk's hand before he get off the car. "Just until here.. I'm afraid people might recognize us" She looked at Leeteuk trying to make him understand her concern.

"But the bag?"

"Its not that heavy.. I can carry it on my own" She smiles. 

"Why can we just date in public.." Leeteuk sighed. At time like this, he really feel burdened by his idol image. 

Sora's tighten her grip on Leeteuk's hand. Trying to hold herself from being sad with the situation. She knows she will cry at any time now if she don't hold it in.

"The day will come for us oppa.." She's trying hard to smile. Showing the tough side of her. 

"You will miss me right?" Asked Leeteuk.

"Of course not!" Sora giggles. She's trying to hype up the environment. Leeteuk's looking at her with a surprised expression. "Arasso arasso, I'm going to miss you" Sora kissed Leeteuk's hand. He smiled. Satisfied with the answer.

"What about here?" while pouting his lips signalling for wanting a kiss.

"What are you doing?" Sora shy. They are not there yet. Still far from there.

"Arasso.." Leeteuk sad. He's been wanting to kiss her but maybe she's not ready yet. "Make sure you take care of yourself okay?" Sora nodded. Its time for her to get off the car before her heart making it harder for her to do so.

She's waving to the car while it drives away from her. Looking at it with a heavy heart. This is her personal trip that she planned, but Leeteuk didn't know that this trip is for her to make up her mind on her career moving on. Something that she's been hiding from him not to make him worried about her personal things. Maybe not yet...


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