Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Congratulation! (Chapter 19)

The sunshine started to went through the window sheets. Birds are singing accompanying the lovely morning breeze. A couple is still sleeping on the living couch. They must have fallen asleep while talking to each other last night.

The ringing phone by his ears startle him, waking him up from his deep sleep. Instantly he gets up from the couch to answer the phone, afraid that he will wake up the woman besides him from her beauty sleep. Slowly he’s heading to the balcony.

“Donghae ya, waegurae? It’s early in the morning. Is something happened?” Leeteuk answering the phone while yawning. Still sleepy.

“Hyung, where are you? You're not coming back to dorm a lot lately. There’s an emergency in the dorm. You need to come immediately!!” Donghae sounds panicked.

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“Palli.. Just come back and then you'll know!” 

“I’m with Sora now.” He looked at her who's still sleeping, gorgeously.

“Just bring her together with you. Since when she’s becoming more important than your member??! Palli waa!!” The call ended. Leaving Leeteuk to think that there's really an emergency situation for Donghae, his ever polite dongseang to acted like this. Somebody must have fought in the dorm again. That's the first thing that came to his mind.

Leeteuk headed to the sofa where Sora is sleeping. Softly touches Sora’s face to wake her up. Not to startle her.

“It’s already morning..” She softly smiles at Leeteuk. Didn't realize what time they went to sleep last night after all of the talks about her plan for having personal trip to New York next week. She's been wanting to have that trip for a while now and fortunately, after all the persuasion, Leeteuk agreeing with her going there alone. She wish she can go there together with Leeteuk, having their first ever overseas trip together. But she knows, Leeteuk have a lot of schedule in May and she doesn't want to bother Leeteuk with her personal wants.

“Sora-ya, biyane. But I need to get back to Seoul immediately. Donghae just called and there’s an emergency in the dorm.” Leeteuk looks at Sora’s eyes with guilty feeling. They have planned for this short vacation away from seoul, but seems like it has to be shorten further due to his members problem at the dorm.

“We need to move now then” Sora's getting up from her sleep and started to pack up. She knows Leeteuk commitment towards his members is more important than anything else. Leeteuk smiled looking at her. Never once she complain about him concerned about others before her. 


It’s the first time ever Sora’s stepping into Super Junior Dorm. She didn’t want to follow at first and ask for Leeteuk to just drop her somewhere, wherever easy for her manager to pick her up, but then again, due to their constraint in keeping their relationship a secret, they need to be careful in every move that they’ve made.

They’ve been disguising themselves to ensure the surrounding people didn’t recognize them. Surprisingly Leeteuk really good in those and they managed to went through  the group of fans in front of Leeteuk's dorm without being noticed. Luckily.

“No wonder you're good at having underground relationship. You're good at hiding it” Whispered Sora trying to tease Leeteuk. Leeteuk nervous laugh breaks listening to Sora's comment.

As they arrived in front of their dorm door. Leeteuk trying to hear things from the outside. The situations looks quite calm and there's no sign of fights either. He frowned. Not sure what is the problem that Donghae was talking about earlier.

“Congratulations!!!!” All the members are gathering in Leeteuk's dorm on the 12th floor giving them a surprise as they are entering the door.

Leeteuk and Sora surprised. Still trying to figure out what's going on just now.

“Aahh.. I thought there’s a real emergency. You guys!!” Leeteuk heading towards Kangin and straggle him when he knows that its actually a trap. Sora’s feeling shy with the situation. This is really unexpected. She's not sure what is the celebration for but seems like both of them is the main guest for today.

“Biyane Sora-sshi. We just wanted to confirm that Hyung didn’t tell lies.. He's been staying out of dorm a lot lately” Sungmin trying to explain the situation towards Sora who seems to still confused. The members break their laugh again which makes Sora not able to lift up her face facing all suju members leaving her face beet red.

“You guys, don’t tease her like this. Respect your sister in law” Leeteuk went to Sora, protecting her.

“All of them know we’re together?” Sora curious. She looked at Leeteuk. The last event that she made for Leeteuk, nobody knows it except for Kyuhyun. She thinks.

“Sora-shhi, we all knows! There’s nothing that Hyung can hide from his member.” Eunhyuk explaining. 

“You guys are killing me” Leeteuk take a quick glance at Sora. Never thought his team member would do this to them.

“Are we disturbing your honeymoon?” The dorky side of Donghae appears and all the members burst to laugh again. They also know about their planned vacation today.  “We've been asking hyung to gather all of us together but nothing came from him. Thats why we're coming with this plan" He's explaining. He knows his sister in law must be really awkward in this situation with 10 guys surrounding her.

"How was your night hyung?” Eunhyuk continue teasing the couple.

“Buyaa!! Hahaha” Leeteuk’s laughing awkwardly. Again he's taking a glance at Sora who still couldn't lift up her head due to embarrassment. “We're just spending time to catch things” Leeteuk honest. He looks at Sora blushed faced again. She barely says a word due to the awkward situation she 's in.

The members are having fun teasing the couple. Even though they’ve started to know each other and acted like a couple since WGM, this seems like the born of a new relationship. Both of them look really fresh and their faces are glowing happily.

“Chukkahae hyung. We can see that you’re happy now. We will really protect our Sister-in-law, so you better not hurt her!” Sora laughed by Kyuhyun words. She officially have lots of brother in laws from now on.

“Why are you all changing sides already?” Leeteuk's pouting. Getting sulky when all the support goes to Sora.

“Of course!! Sister-in-law is way prettier than you. So we will take care of her more!” Ryeowook is happy looking at the couple. Leeteuk has been taking care of the group a lot, at least now he has somebody to look after him.

They seems to have a very good time together with all the story and laugh filling in their apartment. All members already promised to both Leeteuk and Sora to protect their relationship until they've made the decision to make it public. There’s nothing happier than looking at their leader to found the love of his life. Its the right time for him to settle down with a family now.


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