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Can't you feel my love? (Chapter 12)

After a while, she suddenly gets up from her seating and approaching the filming director. 

“PD-nim, can I do the stunt myself? I think that way it will make it look more real” a crazy idea came out of nowhere and without realizing she’s already voicing it out to the drama director.

“Are you sure you can do it? The scene is quite dangerous” a bit of hesitation came from the director

“I can drive surely, but for the stunt I can learn from Gil Ra Im shhi. It won’t take long right?” She’s looking at Gil Ra Im, the stunt woman.

“Sure.. The scene is not that difficult. You just need to drive fast and hit props at the correct time to create the impact. To minimize the risk, we can create the accident effect for you” Gil Ra Im explaining the scene in detail. It’s an accident situation where Sora will lost control of her car and started to hit everything in front of her.

“That’s pretty easy. I should have volunteered earlier!” Sora smiled. There’s lot of things in her mind currently and she wanted to do the stunt just so she can forget Leeteuk for awhile. At least until they finish their filming for today.

“Sora-sshi, what are you trying to do? You’re doing the action?!” Yeunggi, Sora’s manager suddenly appears. His face shows lots of worries. Sora is a valuable asset to the company and surely he doesn’t want to lose that talent.

“Oppa, its okay. It’s not difficult. Its not that risky even. I wanted to do this. Let me try it, please?" Sora pleaded her manager. She looks at the director asking for some support. The director looks a bit reluctant, not really allowing it but looking at how Sora wanted to do it and even begging on it, he couldn’t say no.

He nods with hesitation. Sora is in joy. She wanted to do it. She wanted to let out what’s in her heart and her mind. She wanted to let herself go from the situation that burdens her for these past months. She headed to Gil Ra Im and asking for further guidance and instruction on how to do the stunt. Making sure it won’t be a mistake.

After half an hour getting ready for her first ever stunt action, she started to take her place near the car. Waiting for the que to begin filming. She’s trying to give her 100% focus on the role that she will be playing in the next 5-10 minutes.

“Get hold of yourself Sora! This is totally not you! And that’s not even your real husband” Sora trying to keep herself focus on the filming. Keep sighing for a few times. Suddenly she shouts loudly towards the director “PD-nim! Whatever happens, just keep the cameras rolling ne! We can’t miss any moment of it!” Sora started to get into the car and started the engine. Getting ready for the scene.

At the other end, Leeteuk just finish filming his commercial and they are wrapping up the filming site. Suddenly his manager came to him. “Leeteuk, I heard Sora is going to do the stunt herself! How cool is that!” His manager hyung breaking the news. 

“Why suddenly she’s doing it? I thought they’re having a double?” His face doesn’t look good. He is worried about Sora.

“I’m not sure either. But I heard the suggestion came from her. To make the scene makes more real maybe?” He told Leeteuk in an exciting tone. Thought that's a amazing news to be told to her virtual husband.

"Why the hell is she doing this?" He thought to himself while walking to Sora's filming site. He is dead worried.

“Oppa wait! I wanna go with you!” Taeyeon wouldn't leave him alone as she tag along  heading to where Leeteuk's going while holding Leeteuk’s arm.

Leeteuk is looking at Sora who’s already sitting in the car getting ready for the shooting to starts. There’s no way he can stop the filming now and there’s no way he can pull Sora out from that car. He can only pray for it to be okay. He’s paying his full attention towards Sora ignoring things besides him, totally.

“Why are you showing your intimacy here?” Sora hissed when she saw Leeteuk and Taeyeon who came to view the filming. She lost her focus. She couldn't think straight. She looked at the steering wheel, trying to collect back her focus before the filming started. She need to stay professional.

“Sora-shii get ready!” The PD giving of signal for Sora to get ready. She put up her thumb showing she's ready.

"Okay, on 3! one, two, three, go!" 

At the word "go", Sora started to hit the accelerator moving the car as fast as it can before hitting the brake on the point marked as per taught by Gil-Ra Im earlier. She's trying to maintain her composure when the car started to lose it balance, spinning and hitting the props in front of her.  She needs to survive this, she thought to herself.

Everybody began to panicked as situation becoming uncontrollable. The camera still keep on running as the director still wanted it to run.

“Sora-sshi!!” Leeteuk immediately run towards the scene but the crew stopped Leeteuk from entering. His heart beating harder than the train when he saw what happened in front of him. The memory from 2007 is in front of his eyes now.

After a few while, the door open and Sora slowly coming out from the car with straight look as if nothing happened to her before and slowly heading towards the close-up camera and continue with her lines.

“Cut!” the director shouts while all the staff started to run towards Sora.

“Sora-sshi, are you okay?" The director when near her trying to make sure she's okay.

"Dae.. i'm okay. I've never be in so much fun" She smiles. Hardly.

"That's great. The scene looks amazing! It's better than the original plot" The director complimenting. Its not easy to find an actress who wanted to do the stunt themselves nowadays and the quality that Sora is giving is above expectation.

“Kamsahamnida” Suddenly Sora’s voice started to shaken.

“Are you really okay? Is that your real blood?!” The director referring to some red stain on her head.

“Ani, this apart of the props. Don’t worry I’m okay” She lies. Jiyeon went near her and give her a blanket to cover her from the goosebumps after the scene while walking together heading towards their chair.

“Why you keep appearing in front of me when I don’t want to?” Hiss Sora when she saw Leeteuk who's coming towards her. She really doesn’t want to see that face now.

“What are you trying to do Sora? Are you trying to kill yourself?” Leeteuk sounded harsh. He's shocked with what just happened to her.

“I just wanted to try out the real stunt. It’s really fun!” She giggles. Trying to show that she's okay with it and keep Leeteuk from questioning further.

“Is that a real blood???!!” Leeteuk half shouting when he sees a red stain on her head.

“What??!!! Sora? You’re bleeding???!!” Suddenly Sora’s manager who’s overheard the conversation interfered.

“Ani.. I’m okay. This is just a prop.” Again she lies. She’s taking tissues from Jiyeon and wipes the blood on her head. “See? I’m okay” She claims. She wanted to get away from there before more blood coming off her head.

"Sora, can you come with me?” She’s pulling Sora from one side of the corner “That’s your real blood right? I don’t even put the fake blood on you before. Why are you doing this? ” She whispered. 

“Don’t tell this to anybody please? Just between you and me" Sora looks at her cordi unnie begging for some understanding.

“Why? Are you okay now? Do you want to go back?” Jiyeon curious.

“Nothing.. Yes, I really wanted to go back now. I needed some rest” Sora slowly heading to her car, leaving the filming site without telling anybody. She really wants to go away from what’s happening just now. She wanted to get away from seeing Leeteuk mostly. Her heart hurts more than her head and she can’t really explain why she's been feeling that way when she sees Leeteuk intimate connection with Taeyeon.

“Are you okay Sora? Why you're trying to running away from me?” Suddenly out of nowhere the man that she wanted to avoid most appears in front of her again.

“I'm okay. Just wanted to have a bit of rest while they’re wrapping up the scene” Sora’s trying to give excuses while fakely putting a smile on her face. She really don’t know how to answer and the fact that she wanted to avoid Leeteuk is true.

“Can I send you home?” Leeteuk trying to buy some private time with his virtual wife. 

Sora looked at Leeteuk, puzzled. "What is he trying to do now" She thought to herself.

"Oppa, they've finished filming. Can you send me home? I need a lift.” Taeyeon suddenly appears in front of them. Sora become restless upon seeing her. She don’t want to handle her heart in this situation again.

“Oppa, I’m okay. I can go back with my manager, they are wrapping up. Please send Taeyeon-shhi instead.” She slowly walks away from those two people. Leeteuk tries to follow Sora however Taeyeon is holding on his arm tightly.

“Taeyeon-ah, I need some private time with Sora. Can you call your manager to pick you up?” He's still with his manner.

“Manager oppa is with the other members... Are you two dating for real?”

“I’m really sorry” Leeteuk take away Taeyeon hand from his arms forcefully, ignoring Teayeon’s question and chasing after Sora.

“Sora..” He grabs Sora’s hand. It’s cold. Really cold.

Sora turned to Leeteuk but suddenly her body just went really weak. She almost passed out in front of Leeteuk.

“Sora! What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Leeteuk is holding tight Sora’s hand and hugging her shoulder trying to prevent her from falling. Obviously she's not well.

“I.. I..’m okay” She stuttered. Leeteuk looked at Sora’s head, its started to bleed again. He's certain its not makeup.

“Are you trying to kill yourself? These are real blood! Why did you lie just now?”

Sora is too weak to answer him. He lifted her up and bring her towards his car. "Stay with me, don't pass out" He's grabbing Sora's hand tightly, afraid that she's might having some concussion effect from the accident just now.

“Let me take you to the hospital” He told her.

“No, please... don’t. If I go to the hospital this might go big. Chaebal…” Eventhough she’s half awake, she still think of others. How she don’t want to disturb the filming and the film image if her injury goes public. She realizes that this is her own mistakes and she’s the one that volunteered to do the stunt herself. She has to be accountable with the consequences.

“Are you crazy? what if this get worst?”

“It won’t. It’s just a small injury. I'll get better in a day or two.” She’s trying to smile.. hardly.

“Why are you doing this?" He’s asking helplessly towards Sora whose’s trying hard to keep her eyes open. "This won't do.." Leeteuk suddenly close the door and leave Sora  in his car. He’s heading somewhere.

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