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Bumper Car vs. Ferrari Car (Chapter 21)

Super Junior just landed in Incheon Airport after finishing their concert in LA. Leeteuk seems to be busy with his phone as soon as they’re landed.

“Sora-sshi is coming to the airport?” Donghae overlooked his hyung text messages.

“Dae.. she is” He smiled while waving to the fans who's waiting for their return.

“Really? I thought you’re keeping it from public??” Donghae not believing it. Not long ago they were talking about keeping the relationship private but now showing up in public places doesn't mean private at all.

Leeteuk laughed. “She’s with our manager hyung, waiting in the car” while pulling Donghae by his neck. His blur and cute act always making him laugh.

“aahh.. Why are you’re so genius in this?” He never think of that.

“Its a skill that you have to acquire over the time” Leeteuk smug.

“Why don’t you just admit that you’re a player hyung..” tease Donghae. He must be experiencing a few to be expert at it like this. He thought to himself.

“Anieya.. I’m not.” He denied.

“I’ll tell Sora-shhi” Donghae continued on teasing Leeteuk as he please.

“She knows everything about me” Leeteuk laughed. Sora really knows a lot about him. Sometimes he wonders where did she get those information from. Maybe she had an insider within SuJu members. Her protector and informer? But he never sense who that was.

While the other Super Junior members are with the reporters and fan who’s waiting for them in the airport, Leeteuk quickly heading to the car which waiting for them in front of the Airport.

“Did you wait long?” He smiles when he look at the person who’s waiting for him inside the car. Its 7am now and she must be up earlier than that just to come and wait for him at the airport.

“It’s okay. You should always take care of your fans first” Sora incredibly understands the situation of her boyfriend as an Idol. Since both of them are celebrities, they really need to understand their career requirements.

“You don’t have enough rest don’t you? You look stressed” Sora’s slowly massage Leeteuk’s shoulder. 12 hours flight journey is really tiring. She's experienced that.

“Thank you. You don’t have enough rest too. And waiting for me this early in the morning, you must be tired” Leeteuk holds Sora’s hand caringly. It’s been a while since they’re seeing each other. He really miss holding that beautiful and soft hands of Sora. He lays his head firmly on Sora’s shoulder. A comfortable feeling like a kid meets his mom.

“Aaah hyung, what are you doing?” Surprised Donghae and Sungmin who just entered the car.

“Are you jealous?” Leeteuk giggles. He showed their relationship to the members a lot lately.

“Whatever. Just do whatever you wanted to do” Donghae couldn’t comment more. He is jealous with his hyung’s happiness, of course.

“Do you have any schedule after this? Wanna come to our dorm?” Leeteuk turn to Sora. Trying to have some personal time after his busy schedule in US. Lots of things to catch up. Her trip. His trip. Everything.

“Your dorm?” Her schedule is not really a problem now, but the dorm? Sora's looking at Leeteuk, uncomfortable.

“I wanna spend time with you” Leeteuk look at Sora with eyes full of hope.

“What about your schedule then?” Not to answer him directly. Trying to find loopholes to escape from it.

"Nothing.. not until tonight" He's waiting for the answer.

Sora looked at him.. Still wondering whether or not to accept his invitation "But I'm embarrassed with your team members if I always showed up in your dorm" She's half whisper, afraid that his team might overheard it.

“Why would you embarrassed with us?!” Donghae overheard to their conversation.

“Anieya. It’s not that actually. Since you all just came back from a trip, you need a proper rest. I don’t feel good to disturb all of you... again.” Sora trying to clarify her words just now. Not to offense them with what she just said. She just trying to be polite and considerate with the situation. She knows how tired they will be after the activities, long hours flights and the jet lag.

“You don’t have to disturb us. Just disturb Hyung. He has his room for himself.” Donghae giggles. Its been a while now that the leader is having the room for himself rather than sharing like the others. Him and Eunhyuk, both have a room for themselves.

“Ah right, we can just spend time in my room.” Leeteuk’s tired eyes suddenly became lively. Didn't think of that at first.

“You don’t think of doing something weird don’t you?” Sungmin catches the difference in Leeteuk’s glance. Their laugh burst out again. That old man really craved for love nowadays. He should just get married soonest possible, he thinks.


The boys are taking their rest and sleep due to the jet lag but the two love birds are spending time in Leeteuk’s room giggling and conversing while looking at the pictures that both of them took in USA.

"You should have rest rather than looking at this.." Sora looked at Leeteuk who's having fun looking at pictures of her taken in New York. All sort of actions and experiences can be told from her pictures. Thanks to her creative friends that accompany her while she's there. They're making it more fun.

"Your trip seems fun. Even though I've been there, but I've never go places like you do. The broadway, its really fun.. You really like musical is it?" Leeteuk flipping through the pictures in Sora's Ipad. She went to lots of interesting places and done so many interesting thing.

"Yerp.. I've been to a few here but i really wanted to go to Broadway. Luckily I got the tickets and see it with my own eyes!" She's excited. Her love towards musical is undeniable.

"Oh! Central Park. I've been here.." He smiled. At least something that he can relate to when he's there.

"Dae.. I'm enjoying lunch there. It's nice right?" Remembering the green scenery with high rise building background while having her fun lunch.

"Dae.. Maybe we should go travelling together one day.." Leeteuk looked at Sora. He really wanted to have a trip with Sora. Having a trip together with her seems fun.

"Have I shown you the pictures we took while we're in Paris last time?" Leeteuk take out his bundles of album and among which is in the city of love, Paris.

“Ahh.. it’s so beautiful. I really wanted to go to Paris” Sora got jealous over the pictures that Leeteuk took.  He's travelled a lot. "Now I wanted to go to Paris next..." She said. Her eyes are glued to the pictures. Every angle, every scenery, it is perfectly taken.

“Where’s your most favorite spot for honeymoon?” Asked Leeteuk looking at the interested Sora. She's young. Definitely there will be lot more places she will go in the future.

“Europe! I really love Europe.. Paris, Italy, Rome.. Ahh I'd love to have an euro trip. Having a 2-3 weeks backpacking trip there seems fun” Sora tells Leeteuk confidently. She seems to loves backpacking. “What about you Oppa?” She looked at Leeteuk who’s comfortably lying on her lap while showing all those pictures.

“I love Europe too, especially Paris! I wish you were there with me.” Leeteuk pulls Sora’s hand to his chest. Suddenly he gets up.

“Sora-ya, your turn to lay on my lap!” He instructed. He knows Sora never acted cute with him but he wanted to see it.

Sora smiles to Leeteuk request but she gently shaking her head not agreeing to it. Still shy to do something like that. Leeteuk’s face impression suddenly changed. He got sulky over Sora’s disagreement leaving Sora to have mixed feeling over it.

“Don’t get sulky over this..” Sora's holding his hand trying to persuade Leeteuk however she's being ignored.

Leeteuk opened a magazine and started reading it, ignoring Sora who is besides him.

“If you’re busy then I’ll leave first.” Letting go of her hand. Sora does not admit defeat with Leeteuk but instead she's planted another sulky attack towards Leeteuk.

“Is this going to be the reason we're fighting again?” Leeteuk look at Sora. He's hoping for Sora to apologize to him while doing her aegyo. Sora’s ignoring Leeteuk’s question. He started it first.

Immediately he pulled Sora’s hand towards him making Sora to fall on his lap. Leeteuk’s giving her a satisfied smile.

“This is what you get when you're being stubborn” Leeteuk’s attacking Sora with tickles. Sora couldn’t stop laughing and cannot dodge the attack.

“Okay, okay! I’m wrong! I'm wrong!” Sora trying to escape from the attack.

“You’re forgiven if you stay like this” He wanted Sora to stay laying on his lap. Shyly, Sora nodded to the request. 

Leeteuk softly stroked Sora’s hair while continue reading the magazine since its already on his hand. 

A few minutes later he looked at Sora who's fallen asleep on his lap. The stroke is like a lullaby for her. Caressing her to sleep. Obviously with her busy schedule after she's coming back from New York and have to wait at the airport early in the morning makes her tired. "Saranghae" Slowly he whispered to her ears.

Out of sudden, Eunhyuk enters Leeteuk’s room. Leeteuk shocked. He's forgot that his room don't have locks.

“Syhh! Why? Don't you know how to knock?!” Leeteuk whispered, afraid that Sora might wake up due to the noise.

“Sorry. Manager-hyung is asking for you..” Eunhyuk then taking a glance at the peaceful sleeping Sora on Leeteuk’s lap. “Ahh, I'm so jealous of you" he's jealous, especially when they’re showing their intimacy openly like this.

“Arasso. Tell hyung I’ll be there in half an hour” Leeteuk ignoring Eunhyuk’s jealousy.

“You’re not fair” Out of nowhere, Eunhyuk's voicing out his dissatisfaction.

“Wae??” still whispering.

“Why can you date and I’m not? It’s not fair~~” Leeteuk trying to hold himself from laughing listening to Eunhyuk's comment.

“Yah! Nobody holds you from dating, just keep it from public babo-ya” Eunhyuk giggles and started to move out from Leeteuk’s room. He knows he just made a lame excuse for covering his jealousy towards the sweet looking couple.

“Half an hour okay!” Eunhyuk shouts. Purposely doing so to disturb Sora from her sleep. Childish guy over jealousy.

Sora's awake by the noise, but then she realizes that she just falls asleep on Leeteuk’s lap.

"Sorry, I must have fallen asleep without realizing" She woke up from his lap while fixing her hair.

She's taking a glance at Leeteuk but like a magnet force, both Leeteuk eyes and her met giving them a different-awkwardly feeling again. Shy with the situation, Sora’s trying to look somewhere else but Leeteuk is faster than her. He cupped Sora’s face facing him and slowly moving closer to her face.

"Oppa.." She's trying to hold him from proceeding. "Aren't we a bit fast on this?" Its not that she doesn't want it, but she likes phases in relationship.

"Isn't this the right phase then?" Leeteuk looked directly at her eyes. Then he remembered when Sora told him once during WGM filming. Her speed is like a bumper car, a bit slower than normal speed. Much more slower than his Ferrari car speed, of course.

"Arasso.." Leeteuk softly touch her face. Trying to understand her. It takes two to tango and he cannot force it. 

She's laying her head on Leeteuk's shoulder while clasping her hand with his, thanking him for respecting her decision. Leeteuk smiled and giving a kiss on her temple instead. Accepting her decision for their relationship. He's definite that this is the love that he's been searching for. The love that always makes his heart warm and alive with whatever decision she makes.


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