Monday, July 23, 2012

Always with me? (Chapter 18)

It’s been 2 days since SuJu finished their concert in Shanghai. Leeteuk is being occupying himself with lots of pre-scheduled activity while Sora also been busy with her modelling shoot and her other commitment including her decision to focus on her degree.

Sora a bit relieved with the schedule. At least she had some time to finish this semester of her study before she continue with her busy schedule after summer.

Both Leeteuk and Sora been contacting each other through text messages and calls but sometimes they really feel like meeting each other even though they can't do that. Lots of people were starting to watch their movement lately due to MBC strike issues and Leeteuk's former member coming back from military service soon. Therefore they're making decision to lay low until all of those things being settled.

It’s almost midnight. Sora phone's ring.

"Anneyong Sora.." He's happy to make the call but there's a bit of tiredness in his voice.

"Anneyong oppa.. You sound tired. Are you okay?" She's worry with Leeteuk schedule lately. He's been getting more and more offer on MCing and the overseas schedule, even by the look of it, its just tiresome.

"No, I'm okay.. Don't worry. How are you? You're at home?"

"I'm fine too. Just finished my schedule for today. Heading home now" Sora looked at her twitter account from her ipad. Lots of msgs from the fans with regards to Leeteuk's unfollow her in twitter. "Have you look at your twitter?"

"Yes, I’ve seen it.. I've done as what we agreed. Are you sure with this?" He's referring to Sora's decision for asking him to unfollow her. 

"You’re an idol oppa. Every move you’ve made your fan monitor it. That's why i'm asking you to remove me from your following list. There's even no sign that the show will be resuming soon" Its a conscious decision that she's asking from Leeteuk for his sake. 

"Why?" Leeteuk still didn't get the intention from Sora's request, but he's granting her wish as a gentleman even though its against his will.

"We're staying low remember?"


"We have agreed with this oppa.." Sora cutting Leeteuk's from proceeding with his words. Not to open the discussion again. She knows Leeteuk is following her before to protect her from the bashful anti comments but she doesn't need it anymore. She doesn't want Leeteuk to be bother with her things most of the time. Its time for her to face it on her own.

"Dae.." Leeteuk couldn't say more.. "But you're always with me right?" Trying to confirm Sora's feeling.

"Of course! Why would I let go of my prince..." She smiled. It would be wonderful if they can meet and embrace each other now.

"How's your casting then? Is your role in the movie confirmed?" He's referring to Sora's new movie project. She's been getting a few offer lately. Good for her.

"Yes, it is. But they haven't decided which role I'm taking. They'll come back to me later"

"Wahhh.. That news really daebak. I'm proud of my girlfriend! Really..!" Sora giggles with Leeteuk over expression.

"I'll be busy again soon, and so do you.. But I hope we still can spend time for each other" She's honest. They know what will be ahead of them. Not to forget, Leeteuk's ever busy schedule and his enlistment commitment which is coming soon.

"When will the filming schedule start?" Asked Leeteuk. He knows Sora has been understanding with his schedule a lot and never complain about it. She's not like a girlfriend that he ever had before who always seeking for attention and commitment. 

"It’s going to be in fall I think"

"I miss you… so much.. Tomorrow is our 200th day anniversary but yet I can't meet you" Leeteuk sad. Its the 200th day of them being a couple on screen. Starting of their unofficial relationships which later turn out to be official, off-screen.

"Your member, Kangin will be released tomorrow right?" She knows a bit of Leeteuk schedule.

"Yes.. We're going to the army centre tomorrow" Its been a while for his member being away from the group. A member that he missed the most.

"I'll be waiting for the news to come out to see pictures of you" She smiled. She's been doing it a lot lately. Monitoring her prince from a far and getting out lots of stories about him. She's getting good at it.

"That's not fair. What about me then?"

"I'll be in your heart.. Always" Sora also hope they can meet each other celebrating it, but due to the constraint and their decision to make the relationship private. They need to bear the consequences in doing so.

Leeteuk look at his computer's wallpaper. There’s Sora's face on it. His heart at eased. He always monitor Sora's news on the internet from time to time too. He's thankful to meet her. Really thankful.


The next day some of the SuJu members appears during the welcome back ceremony for Kangin. While they were having breakfast together, kangin breaking the silence..

"So hyung, did you n sora-shhi really date?" He looked at Leeteuk and all other members after that. Trying to get some answers.

"Why suddenly you're asking that question? You know?" Asked Eunhyuk. Weird for that topic to come out.

"Know what? It’s for real? They really date is it??" His eyes widened. Leeteuk laughed hilariously seeing kangin's reaction. Kangin is one of his favourite dongseang. Its been hard for him this few years to be away from the group.

"What do you think? Do you think we're compatible? She's not even in our league" Leeteuk trying to tease Kangin by making a deniable comment.

"Well.. Well.. At first I thought both of you're compatible. She got most the criteria of a girl that you like except for a few things. But she's perfect. You're complementing each other..." He looked at his hyung who still not saying anything. "But I guess falling in love through a show is just not the feeling you're looking for right?" Kangin trying to put both positive and negative feelings in his answer not knowing which is Leeteuk's preference.

"Depends on how you look at it." He smirk. Not giving an exact answer.

"The show being cancelled afterall right? So no need to put on act anymore"

"Act? I never act.. In fact I can't act.." The members started to laugh looking at them. Leeteuk still trying to tease Kangin as far as he can.

"Why don't you just tell him hyung. You're pulling his leg to the max." Kyuhyun interfering. Its funny seeing Kangin being on the other side of the coin.

"I already have a girlfriend now.." He said.

"Who? So that's the reason why the show being canceled? Because you have somebody else?" Kangin trying to ask more.

Leeteuk's giving his handphone to kangin to show him the wallpaper of his girlfriend. Kangin looks a bit puzzled looking at the picture.

"It's Kang Sora! Hyung, u really date her?? Yaaa! Daebak!!" Kangin get up from his seat and started to hug Leeteuk. Proud of his hyung. Leeteuk smiles. At least all his members accepting the news well and supporting them.

"The show never been cancelled. Its just goes on strike" He giggles. He is expecting for the show to resume most of the time.

"Can't you call her to come here. I want to see my sister-in-law!!" He's excited.

"No No No.. We're keeping our relationship secret. Outside we're just an on-screen couple, not more than that. Later a bit I'll give her a call for you okay? She finished her schedule quite late last night. I bet she needs her rest" Leeteuk smiled at Kangin while protecting his woman. Kangin nodded understanding the situation. 

They continue eating their breakfast and catching up things that Kangin missed while he's away. Its been a while for the members to gather like this. It’s a good news to start of their day. The lovely weather is accompanying them throughout the day... Afterall, it is really a nice day...


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