Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Suprise Visit (Chapter 5)

Leeteuk is heading somewhere with the WGM crew. On his hand, there’s Sora schedule for the day. “It’s a really packed schedule” He thought to himself. Feeling guilty for having to disturb her now, but due to their clashed schedules, this is the only time available for them to meet and filming for the show.

“Is it really okay to do this?” Leeteuk asked the staff. His concerned about Sora schedule is one, but to add another overlapped schedule is another one. He muted the idea to visit Sora at the filming site yesterday to WGM PD. If he knew that Sora schedule would be this packed, he would just cancel the plan. But since the staff has been deployed for the filming and he cannot just waste the staff’s time.

“The PD said its okay. He’s in contact with Sora’s Manager” The staff answered making Leeteuk’s feeling a bit at ease. At least he won’t feel so burdened by it.

As they arrived at Sora’s filming site, from afar Leeteuk can see Sora who’s currently busy filming her scene with a kid and a guy. She looks different. It’s the committed actress Kang Sora.

Leeteuk approaching Sora and the crew member once the kieu for change site is up. It’s the opportunity for him to show his appearance to Sora.

“Anneyaseyo Sora-shhii” His smile widened seeing Sora in front of him.

“Ahh!! Anneyaseyo” She surprised by her husband's appearance at the filming location. “When did you come here?”

“Just now.. I’ve been watching you film from the side” while handing over the energy drink that he bought.

“Really? Omo, it’s embarrassing” Trying to hide her face. Not expecting this kind of treatment from Leeteuk.

“No it’s not. You’re really a good actress. Did you finish filming?" He's complimenting his wife sincerely. That wife of his, she just so cute in every move that she make.

“Anieya.. We’re moving to another scene”

“Can I come with you?” He asked. Sora nodded, still not believing that Leeteuk will come to her filming site despite of his busy schedule.

Super Junior fans are surrounded Sora’s filming area after they realized the appearance of Leeteuk. With the screaming and shouting their names, Sora started to feel awkward. 

“Kwenchana?” Leeteuk looked at her reaction to the situation as she might feel uncomfortable with the sudden attention.

Sora smiles, not to make him awkward in front of his fans. She knows she had to adapt to this attention as she now known as a ‘wife’ to a global idol, Leeteuk.

As they were heading to Sora’s another filming site in different car, Leeteuk start researching about Sora’s filming partner who seems to capture his attention.

“Who is this guy?” He looked at the name in the paper that he’s holding and typed it on the search portal. A picture of a mascular body build man appears.

“Kang Sora, what is this?” He said to himself, unexpectedly jealous with it. He knows he’s not supposed to be jealous, but somehow or rather, his heart is developing by saying that this girl is his.

As he reached the location, Sora is already there waiting for him. She feels sorry for not being able to accompany Leeteuk while he’s visiting her at the workplace.

“Did you plan this earlier?” She asked Leeteuk as they walking together heading to the exact filming site.

“Dae.. I hope I didn’t bring trouble to you though”

“Anieya, but I feel sorry for making you wait.”

“Kwenchana, just do your work. I’ll be waiting for you at the side” He smiles at Sora who seems to concern about having him waiting for her there. “But, who is this guy?” Leeteuk trying to ease a bit the mood by showing the name in the schedule that he’s holding.

“Dae? Ahh.. He’s my partner in the drama. We just started our love line not long ago” Sora giggles; it feels funny when suddenly she had to explain that kind of situation to a man.

“Can you not do it?” He jokes. Sora giggles again.

“It’s just an acting though” She said to Leeteuk try to make him feels a bit comfortable with the situation even though she knows that Leeteuk is just joking with it.

“They are starting, you should go” Leeteuk pushing Sora towards the scene setup.

“But, you’re here…” Feeling a bit hard to let Leeteuk wait for her by himself.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be looking at your acting from the side” He smiles, showing the attentive side of him.

“Kamsahamnida.” She’s thankful for having him here now.

After 2 hours of filming, the staffs start to wrap up the scenes. Sora went to Leeteuk who patiently waiting besides the filming location.

“Leeteuk-shhi, I need to change now. Wait for me a bit” She said while smiling. She knows Leeteuk must be feeling restless for waiting. Leeteuk nodded while smiling back to his wife.

As Sora went to change her outfit, he saw the male lead came out. Leeteuk went closer to him.

“Anneyaseyo.. I’m Sora’s husband, Leeteuk” He extends his hand towards Choi min, Sora’s co-star in the current drama that she’s having.

“Ahh.. Anneyaseyo Leeteuk-shhi.. I’m Choi Min, Sora’s co-star” He smiles, honestly.

“Dae.. I heard you just started a love line with Sora-shhi.” Sudden attack from Leeteuk.

“Ahh? Dae.. A few episodes ago” He looked at the camera who’s filming them. It must be for the show, he thought to himself. A bit not comfortable with the situation.

“Can you not proceed with it?” Leeteuk nervous laugh breaks. Somehow he knows that his joke might go overboard this time.

 “I know her first though.” Choi Min is trying to be funny by making a joke back to Leeteuk.

“It’s not about who knows her first, but who married to her first” Leeteuk surprised with Choi Min’s reply.

“But I kissed her first” Choi Min replied back with a stronger words.

“Chicharu?” Leeteuk shocked. Didn’t expect this to come.

“It’s in the script Leeteuk-shhi” Choi Min laugh awkwardly listened to Leeteuk’s question. Somehow the expression from Leeteuk showing that he really surprised with what he heard just now even though Leeteuk is trying to smile over it. “Hope you have a beautiful marriage” He extends his hand towards Leeteuk trying not to tense the situation further.

“Dae, kamsahamnida” Leeteuk smiled back. Need to control his expression, his telling himself.

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