Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Foreword - Love Fate Destiny -

My heart beat quickens
with every thought of you
thinking of you
is all I seem to ever do
I feel the air
has simply all left the room
I find it so hard to breath
as my life has taken on an air of gloom

I just don't seem to be me anymore
somehow I have lost my way without you
I can't find the me I was before you came
and I am not even sure I want to

I loved who I was with you
you made everything about me great
the world was brighter as I charged into my day
knowing you where there I just could not wait

I yearned for your touch
cherished every single kiss
now my skin is crying from loneliness
my lips are useless without your lips that they so miss

everything was absolutely perfect
so totally blessed, truly heaven sent
I know you came into my life for a reason
but I know it was to be with me, that is what God meant

I feel I have always loved you
you are a part of me that was just always gone
then when we met and it was so clear
it made perfect sense as natural as the rising sun

we belong together no matter what
our hearts know it, our souls know it
it is our mind that confuses this
we were designed to be together, we are a set

you belong with me
and I belong to you
it was destined that is why we met
and why instantly we fell in a love so true

everything around us screams
that this is so meant to be
why should we fight fate
we were finally brought together it is destiny

don't let one mans selfish desires
to change the past
keep us from what God has brought us
A love, a connection, a desire, a wholeness, a completeness that will forever last

it is so true that you can't revisit the past
everything does happen for a reason
I pray that you will realize his time is over
he had enough second chances and it is now my season

give me a chance
and I know you will see
that life doesn't have to be so crazy
and that you where meant to be with me

It is our love, our fate and our destiny

- Love Fate Destiny -

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