Friday, June 22, 2012

First Meeting (Chapter 3)

Leeteuk arrived at the theater. A big empty theater that makes his heart more nervous. He looked around the gloomy lighted hall. Sighed hardly. Unexpectedly overwhelm with the situation.

In video room, 4 SuJu members are looking at every steps of their leader's behavior from a small window. Anxious feelings covering them. It’s not the confident-looking leader that they've always bragged about.

“Look at how he keeps on sighing hardly...” Kyuhyun, the evil maknae. They giggle.

“He’s not behaving himself, really” All of them noticing the difference in his behavior than Leeteuk whom they’ve known all this while. It's a surprise seeing this side of Leeteuk. But Leeteuk will be more surprised if he knows that they are still here after the preview shooting. Leeteuk never know the plan that all four of them will be accompanying the couple towards the first half of their shooting.

After a few minutes of waiting, the appearance of a woman from the stairs make Leeteuk’s heart race. The dark blue mini dress that she's wearing shows her long and beautiful pairs of leg. Her shining-wet eyes captured Leeteuk's attention the moment she entered the hall. Everything about her seems to capture every heartbeat of his.

His face turned red. As red as the theater seat. She looks stunningly beautiful. She is Kang Sora. A totally different image of Kang Sora from what he saw in the movie or the one that he met during the variety show. This is Kang Sora, his wife… his attractively beautiful wife.

“He looks pathetic!” the members are giggling and laughing over their leader’s behaviors. They are amazed over Kang Sora’s beauty and their leader’s awkwardness at the same time. As a person who good at MCing events and programs, Leeteuk current behaviors is not a norm.

“Anneyaseyo, I’m Kang Sora” Sora trying to keep all her nervousness and introduce herself in front of Leeteuk.

“Dae.. Anneyaseyo” His nervous laugh breaks. Not able to hold up his awkwardness and nervous feelings in front of Sora. “So you are my wife?”

“Dae” she giggles. Found it cute to hear that kind of question from him.

“Kamsahamnidaa…” He slightly bowed. Politely.

Their awkward conversation continues until Eunhyuk, Donghae, Sungmin and Kyuhyun appears to Leeteuk surprise.

"What are you guys doing here?" Leeteuk surprised with their sudden appearance followed by Sora's nervous laugh. They are not supposed to be here. It’s not in his plan. It’s never in his plan.

"We've been listening to you conversation for a while now." Kyuhyun answered. His evil-heartless face trying to knocked down his hyung.

"Hyung, your nervousness is too much. Can't you get over it?" Eunhyuk added. He is so much in awe with Leeteuk's reactions tonight.

"To release a bit of tense, we'll do the staring game!" Sungmin sudden suggestion makes both Leeteuk and Sora surprised hearing it. They still couldn't get over the awkwardness and now the staring game? What are they trying to do? He’s still couldn’t believe that his member going to put him into this more awkward situation.

"Brilliant!!" The brother-in-laws are excited listening to that idea. They have planned the situation before the came in just now.

Slowly, Leeteuk stand-up following his members’ lead. This is not happening. He needs to get over his timid reaction soonest possible. He thought to himself.

Leeteuk look at Sora giving a sign to her. She’s following his lead to stand up. She smiles shyly towards Leeteuk. It’s the first time she looked at his face this close. Face to face. It’s flawless. It doesn’t shows the age of this guy that is almost 30. Such a beautiful baby face. She thought to herself.

"Now hold each other hands and look at each others eyes for 5 second." The boys couldn't wait to see Leeteuk and Sora's expression. Their excitement is filling the place make both Leeteuk and Sora feels burdened.

"Wait.."Leeteuk is stopping the progress, not ready.

"Oh come on, you're a guy" Eunhyuk giggles looking at his hyung continuous nervous expression.

Leeteuk is trying harder to get over his nervousness and extend his hands towards Sora. Hesitantly Sora moving her hands to Leeteuk's. Her face blushed.

Leeteuk looked at the cute-baby-faced-woman in front of him. The moment his eyes meet hers, his heart stopped. That beautiful glance from Sora giving an electric struck to his chest. Beyond words, her beautiful eyes capturing his heart in just 5 seconds. A very long 5 seconds of their life.

Their first meeting went well except for a few unplanned situations due to the appearance from Suju members who also call themselves as Fighting Juniors. However, he’s thankful for them to show up, helping to elevate the situation and make him less awkward with Sora. They’ve been a bit of help in ensuring things went smoothly tonight. At least for the introduction.

From now on, he needs to do everything else that he planned by himself. Leeteuk thought to himself as he looked at Fighting Junior leaving the hall. He need to do well.

“Sora-sshi.. I’ve planned to bring you somewhere actually. Should we start our first date then?” He can talk at ease now.

“Yes..” She shyly nodded agreeing to Leeteuk's lead. The unexpected appearance of the Brother in Laws makes the situation more awkward for her. Sometimes she felt that she don't belong there, in this theater tonight.

"Are you cold?" He asked after tighten his car seat-belt before departing for the next dating place. He’s preparing a lot for Sora tonight.

"Yes, a bit" She smiles while rubbing her hands to keep it warm. Immediately Leeteuk taking off his jacket and give it to Sora. 

"Cover your leg." Understanding the uncomfortableness that Sora could feels wearing a mini skirt.

"You must be cold also."Sora is hesitant to accept the jacket.

"No, it’s okay. It’s going to be warm soon." He’s referring to the heater that he turned on just now.

"Kamsahamnida" Sora looked at that gentleman besides her. After almost 2 hours of spending time together, she finds him to be more and more attractive. His romantic side is so charming but it make her feel more burden as she's only been showing her awkwardness since the filming started.

She need to pull herself together and get rid of her awkwardness soonest possible. This is a filming Sora-ya, don't forget that. Sora trying to calm down her racing heart-beat when their eyes caught each other. Her heart is not behaving well tonight.

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