Sunday, June 24, 2012

First Date (Chapter 4)

They’ve arrived to their dating place which located at Nam San. Leeteuk seems to be spending quite a lot of time and money just to make their first date memorable. Well, at least for the show viewer.

“Thank you for becoming my wife, Sora-shhi” Leeteuk said to Sora as he finishes his last bite. He didn't eat much. Probably because he drank too much water just now. He looked at Sora. Her beauty is unique. Not like typical Korean style.

“Thank you also for becoming my husband, Leeteuk-shhi” She smiled at him. Her one sided dimple showed.

“I’ve actually prepared some performance for you” Shyly Leeteuk started to get up from his place to get his instrument that he hid.

Sora surprised with Leeteuk's hard work in preparing all this. Her heart flutters.

“You don’t have to do this, really”

“It’s okay.. This is as much that I can do for our first date.” Leeteuk smiles while trying hard to finish with his keyboard setup. It’s harder than he thought it will.

"There's nothing special to this but I hope you enjoy it" Leeteuk humble as he started to play the pieces of melody that he prepared for Sora.

Attentively Sora’s listening to the pieces played by Leeteuk especially his self-composed song. She felt touched by the event prepared even though it maybe just for the show but the fact that he’s starting to become someone that captured her heart is real.

They finished filming at midnight and both of them seems tired since they’re lots of schedule today.

“Are you going home straight after this?” Leeteuk asking his newly “bride”.

“Dae.. I have schedule early in the morning tomorrow” Sora looked at him after bowing to the staff after they finished the filming.

“Shall I send you home then?” Offers Leeteuk

“No it’s okay. You’re already tired by preparing all this events..” She knows they’re still in an awkward relationship and getting into the same car with him sending her back is not really a good idea.

“I’m okay. I really wanted to send you home. At least we can know each other more?” Leeteuk hesitant. As a genius in variety shows, Leeteuk need to give his best in making this work for both of them

On the way to Sora’s home, they’re talking about their personal life and things related to it. Even though the awkwardness is still appears, they’re trying to get over it.

“Are you okay with me having your phone number?” Politely Leeteuk tries to ask for Sora’s phone number as they arrived at Sora’s condo.

“Anieya, I’m okay with it.” She looked at Leeteuk while taking out her business card. “I have both mine and my manager’s number there”

“We should contact frequently even though we’re off the screen. Update each other’s activities. Let’s not treat this as filming, but as we’re really dating”

“Real dating?” Sora’s frowned. Confuse with Leeteuk’s statement.

“Are you okay with it?” Leeteuk is trying not decide on behalf of Sora.

“Dae… Sorry, I didn’t know much about variety shows so there will be lot of things that I’m lacking off.” She look upon her senior in front of her.

“Don’t worry. We’re learning from each other.” Leeteuk smiles charmingly. “You should go up now, it’s getting late”

 “Thank you for sending me home. Goodnight and drive carefully” She slightly bows before leaving for her condo.

As Sora leaving him, he looked at the empty street in front of him. That’s the end of his schedule today. He’s taking a deep breath enjoying the night air. Feeling relieved after barely gets over today’s date with much hardship.

“Thanks a lot for today.. Sleep well^^” He sent the text message to Sora. 

That woman who’s 8 years apart seems like a baby to him. A woman that he’s determined to take care of from now on, even if its just for the show.

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