Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Butterfly in My Stomach (Chapter 2)

Leeteuk is entering his room leaving his team with their games. At time like this when the members have less schedule, they will gather in the living room for a game or sometimes to share stories with each other. These brothers that he had really make him feels like his home whenever he came back from his hectic schedule.

He laid his head on his bed. Tired over the non-stop schedule that he had yesterday which extended until today's morning. He looked at his wristwatch, its almost noon. Thinking of taking a bit of his nap before going for another schedule this evening. The first meeting with his virtual wife. 

He started to feel nervous thinking about it. His thought of taking a nap cancelled as he fastly woke up from his bed heading to his computer to do some research about Kang Sora, the person that strongly being mention will be his partner. At least he will meet her prepared. He thought to himself.

Eunhyuk and Sungmin came to Leeteuk’s room after finishing their game, trying to see how their hyung is doing. Feeling a bit guilty for not paying attention to him just now.

“Waegurae hyung. Are you trembling?” Teasing Eunhyuk seeing his uncomfortable leader-nim in front of him. His eyes looking through all sort of information about Kang Sora.

“Yah.. When did I? I'm preparing for the show.” Sungmin and Eunhyuk laugh at their leader. Obviously Leeteuk is trying to hide his real feelings. And as always, he's not good at lying.

“I know you enough hyung. You better get hold of it” Eunhyuk cynical. Knowing Leeteuk for more than 10 years now makes him understand Leeteuk well enough even though he’s trying to hide it from him.

"I thought you said you're going to have fun with it?" Tease Sungmin.

“Yah, why don't you just continue your game?” Leeteuk diverting. Not comfortable when his feelings get caught off-guard.

“They're taking over." Referring to Kyuhyun and Shindong who's head-over-heels with the game now. "Do you need any of our help tonight?" Sungmin purposely asking it. The member knows Leeteuk's attitude the best. He can be very awkward at times especially being left alone with a woman. He is the timid Leeteuk.

“No need, I'll be fine.” His voice slow down, they almost didn't hear it.

“Just relax will you!” Eunhyuk slightly massage Leeteuk's shoulder trying to release the tense. Leeteuk look at both of them. He is annoyed with their teasing but at the same time he's glad that they are here. Making him a bit more at leisure. Reducing the butterfly in his stomach feelings for tonight. The awaited night...

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