Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Announcement (Chapter 1)

Super Junior members is resting at their dorm playing games when their Leader, Leeteuk just entering the house, came back from his individual schedule.

“I’m going to get married you guys” Leeteuk is announcing to the members about his involvement in We Got Married show. It’s a reality variety show which pairing up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were get married.

“So they’ve confirmed with you?” Eunhyuk’s eyes still on the screen.

“Why you all don’t seem to be surprised?” Leeteuk pissed. His plan not working.

“What for? We all know the rumors hyung” Donghae looked at his hyung who still standing in front of them waiting for more reaction.

“When did you know you're joining this?" Eunhyuk rephrasing his question.

“They just confirmed with me..” Leeteuk is taking some plain water from the dispenser while stealing a glance at the game that they are playing. “All of you have so much free time today is it?”

“Who’s going to be your wife then?" Eunhyuk ignoring Leeteuk’s question. He knows their leader loves to mumble. He's more interested on 'Leeteuk's wife' topic.

“They didn’t tell me that but the netizen says that it will be Kang Sora.” 

Kang Sora, is among the names which being mentioned to be coupled with the global star Leeteuk who also a Leader to Hallyu Group - Super Junior. The rumor about one of Super Junior member will be joining the show seems to capture lots of reaction from the fans, but the broadcasting station still denying their appearance as a couple.

“Few names being mentioned so nothing’s confirmed yet.." He added. 

“‘Sunny’ Kang Sora?” Sungmin who become the silent listener at first got interested when he hears the name of his favorite actress. She's been gaining a lot of attention in the silver screen industry lately due to her successful character playing as Ha Chun Hwa in Sunny movie which attracted 7 Million viewers in Korea alone.

Leeteuk nodded.

“That is interesting. But you don’t seems to be happy with it, don’t you?” Leeteuk ignores Eunhyuk’s question but his face shows it all.

“She’s definitely not his type. Hyung is always looking at his first impression towards the girl” Kyuhyun adding up the argument supporting Eunhyuk point.

“It’s just a show guys. It’s not like I’m finding my real life partner” Leeteuk denying their argument.

“What if you fall for real then?” Sungmin added.

“Don’t take it seriously. I’m just going to have fun with it” He hesitant. It’s a filming after all.

"All of you will be coming with me tonight right?" He asked. Its for the preview shooting. The members nodded, eyes still glued to the screen. 

"If it’s really Kang Sora, she really has certain charm in her.” Eunhyuk suddenly remembers the moment when they filming Strong Heart together. Unexplainably, Sora got his eyes fixed to her for certain moment.

“You’ve met her?” Kyuhyun’s curious. Eunhyuk expression, there’s something wrong with it.

"Last time during the show.." Eunhyuk look at Leeteuk who ignoring the conversation. Not interested.

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