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You... The one that i can't forget (Chapter 6 - Final)

[Going for the award]
Sora walked out from the door with her peach colored dress compliment by the natural peach looking makeup which makes her face glows radiantly. She didn’t know that Leeteuk is already waiting for her outside the room. The moment she stepped out of the room she saw Leeteuk waiting for her in a cool and handsome silky-white tuxedo showing his handsome broad shoulder and manly body. He looks extraordinarily perfect that evening.

LT: “You look so beautiful Sora-ya” amazed by the woman in front of her. His eyes are glued to Sora. The long peach dress flowing down her body showing her beautiful body shape and the color really makes her skin glows.
SR: “Kamsahamnida.. You look charming too” she smiles at Leeteuk beautifully, glad that he finds it beautiful.
LT: “Our dress really matched each other. Did we promise to wear this yesterday?” Leeteuk’s bragging about how they suited each other. Sora just smiles beautifully at Leeteuk’s joke. “Shall we go now?”
SR: “Dae.. We’ll be late…”
LT: “Let’s go then” Leeteuk extended his arms guiding Sora towards his company car. Sora holds Leeteuk’s arm and walking with him side by side. Their beauty complements each other makes them looks like a newlywed couple walking down the aisle for their wedding bow. Leeteuk smiled when that thought came to his mind. His imagination just went overboard.
SR: “Why you’re smiling? Is something on me that look funny?” She looked at Leeteuk curiously
LT: “Anieya anieya.. You look great Sora-ya. I’m honored to be standing beside your beauty. You look stunning in this dress”
SR: “But why you’re smiling?” Sora still didn’t satisfy with Leeteuk’s answer.
LT: “We... Walking like this. It’s like we’re walking down the aisle. It reminds me of our time filming WGM” Hearing that, Sora started to smile remembering the memories during that time.
LT: “Those are among the sweetest moment in my life” He’s being honest. Sora slightly nodded agreeing with Leeteuk. Leeteuk slowly looked at Sora, enjoying the beautifulness of the girl besides her. For every second that passed by, he keeps falling for her deeper and deeper.
Realizing Leeteuk’s glance, Sora started to feel awkward again and she’s not being to reply to what he said just now. She does feel the same as Leeteuk, but she just don’t have the guts to say it openly to Leeteuk yet…
Suddenly Sora got startled when she sees an exclusive limo in front of her.
SR: “A LIMO???!!!”
LT: “We’re going for red carpet right. So there’s nothing wrong with this..”
SR: “Aren’t you overdoing it oppa? I’m not comfortable riding this”
LT: “It’s fine. The members are coming by Limo as well”
SR: “It’s fine for you and your members. But not for me..”
LT: “No it’s fine for you too, just follow me okay?” Leeteuk insisting.
SR: “I don’t have a good feeling with this.” She hesitantly enters the limo. She tries to sit comfortably but her heart and mind just couldn’t accept it.
LT: “Are you okay?” Leeteuk realize Sora’s uncomfortableness with the situation.
SR: “Maybe I should just go with my car instead? I really don’t feel comfortable in this”
LT: “Don’t.. Just ride this with me. Be my partner for tonight?” Leeteuk holds Sora’s hand preventing her from getting out of the car.
SR: “But…”
LT: “Please?” Sora looked at Leeteuk, his eyes seems like begging her to stay.
SR: “Dae..” She finally agreed to stay. That look from Leeteuk always makes her heart weak.
As the car hitting the road heading to the ceremony, Leeteuk is still holding Sora’s hand not letting it go. Realizing her hand is in Leeteuk’s clutch, she slowly pulls her hand from Leeteuk’s. Leeteuk tentatively look at Sora who is staring outside the car windows enjoying Seoul’s night scene. He wanted to start off a conversation with Sora after the awkward holding hands a while ago, but he afraid if the topic that he’s going to bring up will destroy their mood for the night.
LT: “These 2 years, have you ever miss me?” after gathering his courage for a while, finally Leeteuk able to overcome his nervousness and ask Sora the question that he’s been wanting to ask from the first moment he sees her today. Sora looked at Leeteuk with curiosity since that topic being brought up suddenly.
SR: “Sometimes, when I get lonely with nothing to do. I thought of you..” Sora being honest
LT: “Do you..” He looked at Sora but he couldn’t find the right words to ask her
SR: “Dae?”
LT: “Perhaps.. Having some sort of feelings towards me?” with all his might, he’s asking the question which makes Sora’s face got blushed instantly hearing it. Her body language started shows that she’s not comfortable as she hesitant whether to answer or not to answer the question asked by Leeteuk just now.
SR: “Previously.. yes” Sora short. She couldn’t even look at Leeteuk directly to his eyes.
LT: “What about now then?” Leeteuk still not satisfied with Sora’s answer.
SR: “Why you keep asking like this? Do you have feelings for me?” Sora trying to avoid further question from Leeteuk and turn the question to Leeteuk back.
LT: “Yes, I do..”
SR: “What???” Sora’s eyes got widened listening to Leeteuk’s confession.
LT: “Being in the army is quite lonely for me and you are one of the sweetest memories that I bring together when I enter the army. I thought of you a lot Sora-ya”
SR: “But you never contact me..”
LT: “It would be awkward for me to contact you suddenly when I never know your real feelings towards me”
SR: “At least you should just keep in touch for you to know right?”
LT: “Are you saying that…” Leeteuk trying to read in between Sora’s line.
SR: “I’ve been keeping myself busy these 2 years to prove to the world that I can be successful even without your name. To prove to them that I deserve your love and so that I can proudly say that I love you when you’re out from the army”
SR: “But within these 2 years I never heard anything from you except from the news and the internet, so I thought I’m the only one that has this feeling” She looked at Leeteuk who seems to be surprised with her confession over her feelings towards him from 2 years ago.
LT: “So you’re forgetting it?”
SR: “I need to move on somehow right?” Sora trying to show that she’s moving on pleasingly with her life now
LT: “Are you seeing someone now?”
SR: “Anieya, not yet..”
LT: “If I says that I’m still in love with you and wanted to resume the feelings from what we have left before, what will you say?” Leeteuk look at Sora anticipating
SR: “Why not..” After thinking about it for a while, Sora’s answering the question with a smile.
LT: “Really????”
SR: “I’ve been holding this today.. But I think those feelings aren’t gone at all. They’re just hiding and lingering somewhere in between my busy schedules” She’s looking at Leeteuk again throwing her honest feelings to him.
Leeteuk hugged Sora feeling grateful to the woman in front of him because of her willingness to accept him ‘back’. Sora smiles happily in Leeteuk’s arm. The hug from someone that she’s been missing this 2 whole years.
Leeteuk is holding Sora’s face, grateful with the situation. “Sora-ya, even though we have known each other before, I wanted to start over our relationship from the beginning.. I want to know you from entirely. Will it be okay for you?”
SR: “A fresh start for both of us..” Sora nodded agreeing to it. A kiss landed on her lips sealing the starting of their relationship. A relationship that has been dormant for 2 years now has been given a jumpstart.
As they engrossed in their talk catching up things that happened to both of them within these 2 years, the limo has arrived at the award ceremony.
SR: “Ottoke, we’re here.. Oppa, did your member arrive yet?” not realizing the time, Sora seems a bit upset when they are approaching near the red carpet ceremony for the award show.
LT: “I’m not sure either. I totally forgot about them..” Leeteuk started to dial his member’s number to confirm on their whereabouts.
LT: “They’re still on the road. It’s impossible for them to arrive here within this short time”
SR: “Then how? If we go out together now, all sorts of rumors will start” Sora worried.
LT: “Do you trust me?” Leeteuk is throwing his confident smile.
SR: “What are you planning to do?”She’s curious.
LT: “Just follow my lead. I’ll be responsible for everything” He smiled charmingly.
As he finishes his words, Leeteuk started to get off the Limo, capturing all the people and media’s attention towards him. It is his first appearance in the formal events after his comeback from the army. After a few while, Leeteuk is extending his hand guiding Sora to come out from the Limo.
The situation started to become berserk when they see Leeteuk and Kang Sora coming out together at the red carpet event. Camera flashes from all angle started to capture their moments together and the media even started to ask question whether they are dating in real life. Both of them started to walk down the red carpet together while beautifully holding arms ignoring the flashes and the questions’ thrown.
They really looked like a matched from heaven. The red carpet is becoming the stage where they are telling peoples that their feeling towards each other are real even though they’re not literally admitting it to the public. It’s the starting of the new chapter of their relationship. A fresh starts of everything.

It's the way she fills my senses
It's the perfume that she wears
I feel I'm losing my defenses to the color of her hair

And every little piece of her is right
Just thinking about her takes me through the night

Every time we meet, the picture is complete
Every time we touch, the feeling is too much
She's all I ever need, to fall in love again
I knew it from the very start
She's the puzzle of my heart

It's the way she's always smiling, that makes me think she never cries
I feel I'm losing my defenses, to the color of her eyes
And every little piece of her is right

Like a miracle she's meant to be, she became the light inside of me
And I can feel her like a memory, from long ago



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