Sunday, May 20, 2012

You... The one that i can't forget (Chapter 5)

[Kissing scene film]
It’s already 3pm in t
he evening and the music video seems to be taking longer than it supposed to be. They are left with the last scene which is also the highlight of the music video. Sora’s been looking at her wristwatch as she needs to get ready for her appearance at the red carpet ceremony soon. She’s hoping for the scene to be finish soon so that she can get ready for the ceremony right after that.
PD: “If you’re not comfortable, you can just do a light kiss. We’ll edit it later” PD-nim who’s instructing the scene trying to ease the tense from the sudden kissing scene added to their script.
Both Sora and Leeteuk look deeply into each other until there’s a que for Leeteuk to move towards Sora and kiss her. His hands are touching Sora’s neck, and then slowly moving towards her chin. Sora’s feeling inescapably gets aroused by Leeteuk’s hand movement. He slowly approaches her to put a kiss on Sora’s lips. The warm feelings covering their whole body. The supposed light kiss turned into a passionate and deep kiss. The scene looks so intense for almost 30 second.
PD: “Cut!”
Sora immediately pulls her body away from Leeteuk who doesn’t seem to let go as soon as she hears the cut que from the PD. Her face feels hot suddenly.
After the kiss, Leeteuk intensely looking at Sora who’s trying to avoid any eye contact with him. He knows he’s not the only one who has that warm feeling when their lips touched. Sora’s reaction clearly tells her feeling towards Leeteuk.
PD: “Good job both of you! It looks so natural.” The PD shakes both of their hands. Leeteuk smiles with the compliment. Both of them thank all the shooting crew for their hard work as they are wrapping the shooting set.
As they are making a move together to their changing room, Leeteuk looked at Sora whose still not able face him directly.
Leeteuk: “Are you okay?” He’s trying to make the situation less awkward.
Sora: “Dae…” Sora’s answering it short. The kiss just now, makes her head went blank for a while. It’s not her first kiss scene, but this one really makes her speechless. Her heart still beats faster than normal.
SR: “Are you sure you’ve never done any kissing scene before?” Sora is trying to ease her feelings by making a joke. Leeteuk laughed hard listening to Sora’s comment.
LT: “Are you alarmed by it?” Leeteuk trying to act cool and not showing how his heart feels after the scene, but he can see clearly Sora’s pink blushed face.
SR: “Don’t joke oppa..” She’s trying to escape from that question “I need to go get ready for my other schedule now. Thank you oppa. See you later.” Sora wanted to avoid from being with Leeteuk longer as the situation might become more awkward than before.
LT: “You’re going for Dragon Award is it?” Leeteuk who’s been checking Sora’s schedule way before the shooting starts is trying to fishing the opportunity for them to start off their feelings.
SR: “Dae..”
LT: “You’re going with anyone?”
SR: “Anieya, just me alone..”
LT: “Can we go together then?”
Sora looked at Leeteuk not believing the request. This is the first time she got that request from Leeteuk whose image has always been seen in public with his Super Junior members.
LT: “If you feel burdened by it, then it’s okay” Leeteuk trying to understands Sora’s glance.
SR: “Anieya, it’s not that. Will you and your members be okay with this? You’re the leader of the group and it would be awkward if you’re entering the ceremony without them. Plus, the rumors will start if they see us together at the award” Sora always thinking of others before making any decision.
LT: “I wouldn’t really mind the rumors if it’s with you” Leeteuk answered it jokingly but he’s honest.
SR: “What did you say?”
LT: “Anieya.. We’re having a filming together and heading for the ceremony together since we’re from the same place. I need to be there also as we have a scheduled performance with our member. There’s nothing wrong with it right?”
SR: “Ahh.. You’re going there to perform with SuJu member?”
LT: “Yeah, it’s for the opening.” Leeteuk is trying to make Sora comfortable with his idea to walk on the red carpet together.
SR: “People will always find it weird though…” Sora is trying to be relevant with the situation even though her heart been screaming for her to accept the offer.
LT: “Well, we can always plan for the members to arrive at the same time” He smiled.
SR: “You surely know a lot of tricks don’t you?” Again Sora’s comment and her sharp looks made Leeteuk burst into laughter not being able to answer.
SR: “Okay, I need to get done first. I’ll see you later then?” Sora’s trying to give the hints in between her lines that she’s actually agree to go to the ceremony together with Leeteuk.
LT: “Dae.. I’ll need to get done also” Surprisingly Sora’s agreeing to Leeteuk’s request. Leeteuk still couldn’t believe what he just heard.
Both of them moved to their changing room with flowery heart. It’s the first time they will appear at the red carpet together. Even though both of them never confess their feelings towards each other, it seems that they can feel it without being told.

To be continued...

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