Sunday, May 20, 2012

You... The one that i can't forget (Chapter 4)

While waiting for Sora to finish her makeup, Leeteuk is practicing his line for the scene. Silently he’s stealing a glance at Sora. She looks more beautiful and more feminine now with her long wavy hair. It’s only 2 years since he last seeing her, but she have transformed so much. He realized that Sora now is on the top of her career, gaining lots of popularity and attention from public not just domestically, but also internationally. She really works hard achieving it. His heart is beating faster when their eyes met accidentally. Realizing Leeteuk’s glance at her, Sora feels a bit uncomfortable.
PD: “We’ll start filming in half an hour!” The music video director is shouting to the crew to start finishing the preparation of the set.
As the crew is finishing the set, Sora and Leeteuk started to rehearse the scene together. Leeteuk is trying hard to memorize all the line given since it’s the first music video where he need to involved entirely. It’s different from the music video where he shoots with his team member. The pressure is great.
SR: “Are you okay oppa?”
LT: “I’m okay. I’m trying hard to memorize the acting scenes and all this scripts.” There’s not really much of a talking script but Leeteuk’s face clearly shows that he’s still trembling with the new experience that he’s having today.
SR: “Shall I give you some tips?” Sora looked at Leeteuk whose eyes still glued at the script. “Don’t read and memorize all this. Just remember the key words.. You’ll act the rest based on your own instinct. It won’t be hard” Sora taking the script from Leeteuk and started to highlights the keywords for him to remember. As Sora flipped through the script to help highlighting the keywords for Leeteuk, she found something.
SR: “We’re going to have a kissing scene??!” Sora looked at her script to double check the scene that she just saw in Leeteuk’s script. It is definitely there in both of their script.
LT: “Kissing??” Leeteuk also surprised.
PD: “We had adjusted a bit of the script from original” The PD over heard their conversation and approaching them trying to explain the situation.
SR: “How come you’re amending it without telling us first? And the kissing scene.. Isn’t it too much?” She seems hesitant since the request came last minute and it’s not even in the earlier agreement. Her manager must be furious if he’s here now.
LT: “If Sora is not comfortable doing it, I won’t do it either” He doesn’t want to put Sora in a weird spot. Sora then looked at him.
SR: “No, it’s not that, but this caught me by surprise. How can you do this to us PD-nim. It’s not even in the earlier agreement” She talks professionally now, Leeteuk realize it. She’s being careful in everything that she does as an actress.
PD: “Biyanae, my mistakes for not discussing this with both of you first. I’ll be calling the script writer to come and change the script again” the PD trying to collaborate with the situation, he knows he’s at wrong.
SR: “Nevermind... I’ll just do it. I don’t want to drag this any longer. I have another schedule after this. But make sure you’ll talk with my manager after this. Don’t do this again PD-nim..” Hesitantly she’s trying to agree with the situation as she knows it’s going to take a few more time for them to re-write the script. “Are you okay with it oppa?” She looked at Leeteuk trying to wonder whether Leeteuk will be okay with the scene.
LT: “Anieya, I’m okay as long as you are” He looked at Sora softly. Sora’s face doesn’t seem to be pleased with the situation, but as a professional she feels that she doesn’t need to complicate things.
LT: “Are you sure you’re okay with it?” Leeteuk’s pulling Sora to talk on private. Sora’s hesitant to answer the question.
LT: “No, just tell me honestly. Are you really okay with it?” He’s trying to take care Sora’s feeling as always.
SR: “Well, I do have a bit of concern. You’re a Hallyu star oppa, you have your after enlistment image to take care of. The last time when you prepared the event for me at the concert, your fans were out bashing us strongly. And now this…” She’s being honest with Leeteuk on her worries. The memories during WGM were still fresh in their mind.
LT: “You’re a star too Sora... Hmmm..” Leeteuk started to concern about Sora’s image too. Even though he is dying to kiss Sora and happy with the scene that being setup even without his knowledge, but he knows what Sora concerns about is valid. It will be harder now since both of them are famous and the antis will try to ruin their image most of the time.
SR: “Look, let’s not worry about it. People talks, media need stories.. But they should have understood that this is for professional reason” Sora trying to untie things not to drag it any longer. Trying to ignore all the worries from before and go with the flow.
SR: “You’ve never done any kissing scene before right?” She looked at Leeteuk curiously.
LT: “Yup.. I’ve never done it..” Straight away his eyes were looking at Sora’s luscious lips. “But I wouldn’t mind doing it..” Leeteuk smiles at Sora, the scenes started to develop in his mind. Sora feels a bit awkward seeing that kind of smile from him. Her face blushed instantly.
SR: “No, it’s not that,..” Sora is trying hard to control her face from getting blush in front of Leeteuk. She cannot show her feelings, definitely cannot.
LT: “Okay, let’s not do it if you’re uncomfortable.. I understand your concern.” He looked at Sora understanding her feelings. The situation surfaced last 2 years ago is not an easy situation to be forgotten. He knows that she felt burdened by it even though he’s been trying his level best to protect her.
Sora is taking her time to think before making the decision. A decision that she need to made without hesitation.
SR: “Let’s just do it shall we?” After sometime, she came to her decision.
LT: “You sure?”
SR: “Dae.. Let’s do it fast before I change my decision again”
LT: “But if you’re uncomfortable with it, tell me okay?” Leeteuk holds Sora’s cold hand while looking deeply into Sora’s eyes. Her heart beats faster again. The feeling that she once felt when they hold hands for the first time in front of the KBS building is back!
SR: “Let’s go” Sora turns her eyes away from Leeteuk’s deep glance, trying to ignore the feeling, again.

To be continued...

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