Sunday, May 20, 2012

You... The one that i can't forget (Chapter 3)

Its 7am in the morning, Sora just arrived at the filming location for Leeteuk’s music video. The studio setup looks stunning and expensive. Sora looking around the set and she saw Leeteuk who’s already there finishing his make up for the shooting.
It’s kind of weird for Leeteuk to arrive earlier than others, but since he couldn’t sleep last night thinking of today’s shooting, he decided to came to the shooting site very early in the morning. Leeteuk who still didn’t aware of Sora’s arrival continue rehearsing his line while his dresser finishing his hair for the filming.
Sora: “Anneyaseyeo oppa…” Sora’s approaching Leeteuk showing her respect towards her sunbae-nim.
Leeteuk: “Sora-ya! Long time didn’t meet you” The excited Leeteuk giving Sora a quick hug. He looked at Sora in pale-without make up face. It really shows how beautiful and how young the person in front of him is. This is the first time he looked at that pure innocence side of Sora.
Sora: “Dae.. Long time didn’t see you too. How are you?” she looked at Leeteuk. His figure is getting manlier after the army service. His body is building up with muscles.
Leeteuk: “I’m fine. You’re getting thinner isn’t it?” He realized she looks thinner than the last time he saw her. Sora’s giving him a smile but not answering his question. Mixed feeling after seeing Leeteuk couldn’t be helped. Their heart seems to beat faster than normal after seeing each other.
Leeteuk: “Thank you for accepting this offer despite your busy schedule. I really appreciate it” He knows Sora schedule is really tight. She’s an actress that everybody were looking-forward to in the industry now and lots of big producer been chasing to work with her. Her faces is everywhere in the drama, films and even commercials. The fact that Sora is agreeing to shoot the music video with him is really a shock. His manager must be working so hard to make the deal on.
Sora: “Anieya.. This is nothing. You’ve help me a lot before. This is the least that I can do to repay what you’ve done for me” She smiles at Leeteuk. It’s undeniable that she feels grateful towards Leeteuk. He’s been taking care of her a lot before this and she also knows that Leeteuk is among the kick-start factors of her acting career life. “It’s a nice set by the way” Sora looking around the filming set again. The set up is unbelievably stunning in her eyes.
LT: “Right.. I can’t believe my eyes too. It’s SME’s gift for my come back” Leeteuk smiling proudly. The set is been designed as an indoor forest with beautiful decorations and real props.
Sora: “Oh yes, congratulation for your release. Only yesterday I got to know that you’ve been released from the army.”
Leeteuk: “Thank you.. You must be really busy right?” Sora nodded agreeing that her schedule is undeniably busy now.
Sora: “I need to go do my makeup now. I’ll see you later oppa?”
LT: “Dae.. Fighting!” Leeteuk smiles back. He looked at the simple looking Sora in front of him. She’s different… She’s more beautiful and more confidence now even without makeup, but his feeling towards her has not changed at all. She’s a woman that standout among others, not as a dongseang or hoabae, but as a woman that he’s been falling in love with. She’s a woman who used to be his virtual wife.

To be continued.....

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