Sunday, May 20, 2012

You... The one that i can't forget (Chapter 2)

Its 12 midnight, Kang Sora just finished her schedule for the day and wrapping the shooting for drama that she’s currently working on. With the reputation as a current big hit actress in Korea, she’s been getting a lot of offers for Drama and Movie filming lately.
“You’re not planning to sleep tonight is it?” Hyun Joong, Sora’s current drama partner approaching her
Sora just smile listening to Hyun Joong question while continue sipping her Americano. Coffee has been her meals to keep her stomach full while she’s on schedule. It’s very seldom that she got her real meal nowadays.
Hyun Joong: “You’re going home straight away Sora?”
Sora: “I think so. Why?” She looked at Hyun Joong who’s taking a seat besides her.
Hyun Joong: “Nothing. Thinking of sending you home” He’s sincere..
SR: “Biyant oppa, I need to refuse your invitation again today. I’m going back with my manager. Need his explanation for tomorrow’s schedule” She politely refusing the offer. She knows her schedule for tomorrow is a bit packed and she really need at least 2-3 hours of her resting time for tonight.
Hyun Joong: “It’s okay.. I know how busy you are lately” Hyun Joong smiled at her understanding the situation. He’s been nice to her since the drama started and he always wanted to develop the chemistry between them for the drama sake, but due to Sora’s daily packed schedules, the only time that they can meet is during the filming.
Hyun Joong: “You’ve been working too hard Sora. Don’t push it too much, your body need rest too” he’s tapping Sora’s shoulder. As a partner in filming and as her sunbae, his caring feeling towards Sora is genuine. He knows Sora can go further in the industry. Her outstanding performance, commitment and her personality really makes people loves to work with her.
Sora: “I will oppa.. Please take care on your way home” Sora smiled back at him while bowing at him as he leaves her. On the other side of the filming area, she can see her manager is ready with the car for them to go back. She then making her step heading to her car while waiting for her dresser to wrap up things that she used for the drama.
Sora: “Sorry to keep you waiting oppa..”
Dong Sun: “It’s okay.. How’s your filming today?” Sora’s manager always keeps track of the progression in her schedule.
Sora: “Okay.. it’s just the starting episodes. Next week’s episodes will be more challenging though” She explains while yawning. She’s tired.
Sora: “What is my schedule for tomorrow oppa?” She looked at her manager, who can’t let his eyes off his phone. Probably he is contacting his girlfriend.
Dong Sun: “You have back to back schedules again tomorrow” He’s looking at Sora at the back seat, currently laying her head on the head-rest while vaguely close her eyes. He can see the tiredness from her face. “Sora, how long you’re going to keep up with this hectic schedule? It’s been a while since you’ve got your proper rest”
Sora:”I’m okay oppa.. I just need to have my proper meals and vitamin supplements” She smiled at her manager. “What am I having tomorrow?” Sora is trying to divert the conversation. She knows it’s been a while that her manager trying to persuade her not to push herself too much and ask her to drop a few of her schedules. But for her, this fame that she’s enjoying won’t stay long. That’s always been the reality for a female actress. That’s why she’s been working at her level best while she’s at it.
Dong Sun: “You have a music video shooting for Super Junior tomorrow morning.” Dong Sun doesn’t want to haggle with Sora anymore. He knows Sora will just ignore what he said. “Have you read the script?”
Sora: “I think I have it somewhere” She started to opened her ipad and look for the script. She’s been so busy lately, that’s why she only able to view the script for next shooting on the night before. Sometimes she can’t even remember the next schedule of the day and her manager has helped her a lot in that.
She looked at the script titled “Comeback video of Leeteuk Super Junior”.
Sora: “Leeteuk oppa already been released from the army?” She looked at her manager.
Dong Sun: “It’s been few months since he’s back”
Sora: “Really? It’s been a while. I really don’t keep myself updated with the outside world nowadays” she sighs. She’s taking a glance at the script again.
Sora: “I wonder why I’m being casted as his partner in the music video” she asked her manager.
Dong Sun: “Maybe as a way to grabbed people’s attention? Remember the attention that people gave to both of you before he goes for his enlistment?”
Sora looked at her handphone thinking of giving a call to Leeteuk, but then she put the phone back into her handbag. “It’s late” She whispered to herself. Her eyes look at her ipad again, trying to understand the scene. As Sora continue looking at the script for tomorrow, her dresser approaching the car with bulk of things that Sora  used for the filming
Jin-ah: “Have you decided which dress you’re going to wear for tomorrow’s ceremony?” Her dresser putting the things at the back of the car and approaching her.
Sora: “Ceremony?” Suddenly her brain went blank
Jin-ah: “The Dragon award. Have you forgotten about it?”
Sora: “Its tomorrow?! Oh my god, I totally forgot!”
Dong Sun: “See.. I’ve told you right? Look at what the schedules have done to you again??” Sora just smiled not able to answer her manager’s words. She knows the packed schedule is her own choice and her manager been trying to advise her for so many times now.
Sora: “That’s why I need you oppa” she giggles. Not taking what her manager said seriously. She knows she’s been pushing herself to her limit most of the time. That’s the only way she can better appreciate the reputation that she have now since it came from her own hard work for these 2 years. She’s been trying hard to prove that she is an actress with capability which people should look into.
Sora: “What are the choices again? I don’t remember where I put the email that you’ve sent me” Sora turned to her dresser again while faking to look through her ipad. She knows she didn’t even read the email sent by her dresser before because of her time.
Jin-ah: “It’s okay, I bring the pictures with me” Her dresser’s taking out a few photos of the dresses that she had with her for Sora to choose. Sora looks at the picture one by one, considering her options.
Sora: “I think I’ll wear this one” After a while, she’s pointing at the soft peach colored dress picture. Jennifer Lopez image came into her mind as soon as he looked at that dress. It’s a color that she never tried before.
Jin-ah: “Good choice. I’ll pick the matched accessories for you tomorrow” Her dresser smiled. Sora’s been showing her feminine side a lot lately since she’s been casted for a few romantic drama and films. Maybe trying as much as possible to show the 25 years old woman side of her.
Dong Sun: “Let’s get back. You need to have a proper rest especially for your music video tomorrow. You must look your best” Sora’s manager started the car heading to Sora’s house. Luckily the filming site is just about half an hour journey to her home.
Sora is resting at her room after taking a warm shower. It’s been a long tiring day for her due to her full schedule. She opened her Ipad again, attentively reading the script to understand the scenes and memorizing her lines for tomorrow while lying down the bed, resting.
“It’s his solo song?” Sora does not believe what she read and started flipping the virtual script in her ipad back and forth. As far as she knows, Leeteuk never does a solo song. Normally it’s either a song with his Super Junior members or a duet with other singers.
She plays the song. Leeteuk’s voice is as sweet as before, the lyrics are good combined with the music which sounds really warm. It’s a beautiful ballad song which Leeteuk always refuse to sing solo before. While listening to Leeteuk’s song, Sora looked at the music video storyline which involving Leeteuk who act as someone who didn’t realize that he’s falling in love with Sora until the moment they are separating. Sora keeps on reading the script for a few times. She’s getting a feeling that the reason why she’s being casted for the music video and the scene is being designed like that is not a coincident.
She sigh deeply after finish reading the script in her hand.. She’s been thinking about these 2 years, where she’s been ignoring her longing and missing feeling towards Leeteuk. She’s been trying so hard to forget about those feelings that she felt towards Leeteuk and trying harder in excluding her image from being associated with Leeteuk. She knows lots of people were saying that she’s gaining her current reputation is because of her virtual husband stardom. However, she wanted to prove to people that the attention she gained is also came from her own hard work, not simply just relying to somebody’s popularity. 

She’s not being able to continue reading the script any longer, the day just become so exhaustive for her and thinking about Leeteuk making her body even more tired. Her eyes started to close taking her deeper into the dreamland.

To be continued.....

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