Sunday, May 20, 2012

You... The one that i can't forget (Chapter 1)

Note: This fanfic is not an extension from the previous chapter... Enjoy reading... :)

Super Junior members were busy with the training of their new dance move and as always, Leeteuk arrived late to the training room. They’ve been preparing for their comeback album with Leeteuk after he’s being released from the Army.
Kyuhyun: “Hyung! Why you’re late again..” The members are taking a break after they see Leeteuk who just entering the room with foods and drinks.
Leeteuk: “Biyant, I stopped at the mart to buy this for all of you” He smiled. Leeteuk has always been a good leader and responsible to their members, but his problem with time will never be solved.
He took a drink and bread heading to his manager hyung who seems to be busy arranging the schedule for them.
Leeteuk: “Hyung.. Regarding the music video that you mentioned earlier..” he is handing over the drink and the bread to his manager while starting the conversation.
Woo: “Have you looked at the script? How was it?” Leeteuk’s manager tentatively opening the bread on his hand. He’s been starving from the afternoon.
Leeteuk: “I kind of like it” he smiled with meaning. “But I have a request”
Woo: “Request on what?”
Leeteuk: “I want to choose the female model for the video. Can i?”
Woo: “You have anybody in mind?” He’s trying to read what’s in Leeteuk’s mind.
Leeteuk: “Kang Sora” he smiled again, this time it’s wider than before.
Woo: “You’re once virtual-wife Kang Sora??”
Leeteuk nodded shyly.
Woo: “You had a crush on her isn’t it?” Woo spot on.
Leeteuk: “No.. it’s not that” Leeteuk trying to deny. But Woo knows Leeteuk a little too much and he knows that it’s impossible for Leeteuk to contact a person again especially after 2 years of separating if he doesn’t have any special feeling towards that girl.
Woo: “It’s okay. You don’t have to deny it. Your face shows it all” Woo giggles looking at Leeteuk’s expression after he says that. The innocence part of Leeteuk is still there even though he’s already 32 years old this year.
Woo: “I think it will be a bit of problem though” Woo trying to tease with Leeteuk’s feeling again.
Leeteuk: “Wae?” Leeteuk’s face went panicked
Woo: “She’s someone with a big name now. It will be a bit hard to get her time for the filming”
Leeteuk: “I really wanted her to be in the video. Nobody else..” Leeteuk is firm with his request.
Woo: “I’ll do what I can..” Woo tapping Leeteuk’s shoulder assuring his feelings to be at ease.
Leeteuk: “I’m counting on you hyung..”
Woo: “Don’t worry. I’ll make it happened for you Leader-nim!” Woo giving Leeteuk an assurance in getting Sora’s agreement for her to be on Leeteuk’s music video. Leeteuk has been a good Leader all this while, this is a present that Woo can work on for him, at least.
He’s excited just by thinking that Sora will be together with him shooting the music video. When he got his new song and the script for the new video clip, he can’t think of anybody else except Sora, the person that he missed during the time he’s in the army. The song’s lyrics and the scripts are best explaining his feelings toward Sora.
Leeteuk smiled listening to Woo’s promise. Only today he got the courage tell his manager about his request to get Sora to be the model in his video. He knows he can count on that manager of him whom he knows from more than 10 years now.

To be continued...


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I can´t see this chapter, only shows black lines without letters. I suppose that explains the point of view of Leeteuk no??
But with the other chapters can understand the story.

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Hi dear, thanks for highlighting. There's an error when i transferring to this new template thats why it became like that. I've fixed it, hope you can see it :)