Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We're not fated? (Chapter 1)

WARNING: This fanfic might get some people frustrated, but its just a version of fanfic that i'm working on. There will be more coming :)

It’s been 3 months since Leeteuk and Sora last meeting for the filming of WGM. Both of them are having a very busy schedule and due the strike launched by the MBC workers, its really making it harder for them to set the time to started filming again.

Sora just finished her schedule for that afternoon. She's thinking of having a break for a while before getting ready for Paeksang Award. She really wanted to get away from the spotlight lately, but since she's receiving an award tonight, she need to show up at least for her fans who probably waiting for her appearance.

She looked at her handphone which been on silence for a while now. No message or call from certain someone since the rumors about WGM filming going to stopped filming being talked over the internet. Her face look saddened. At time like this, Leeteuk always call her to congratulate her for receiving an award. "Maybe he's busy" she's trying to keep herself being positive with the situation. She can feel the distance between their relationships now after the rumors came out, especially when she's being a bit vocal about her feeling towards WGM and Leeteuk before this.

She just couldn't find a solid explanation why he’s suddenly staying silent from her. Her heart hurt especially when she realizes he's unfollowing her on twitter. It seems that all this while, the 'love' and feelings that Leeteuk showed during the show, is merely for the show.

"It’s unfair.." She thinking of how stupid is she to fall in love with an artist who has thousands or even millions of choices surrounds him. All the sweet memories that Leetuek has done to her flashed back one by one on her head. All those actions mislead the situation makes her falls deep and deeper.

From the very beginning of the show, Sora’s been trying to contain her feelings and not to fall in love with Leeteuk. But after a few times they met, after a few of Leeteuk’s events for her, Leeteuk seems to be sincere with his feelings and she started to forget the boundaries that she’s trying to set at the first place. There’s nothing more that she can do now except regretting on how weak her heart can be at times.

There's news on the internet saying that Super Junior is heading for Jakarta in the morning, on the same day Sora will be receiving her female popular award ceremony. Sora looking at Leeteuk's pictures posted. She missed that guy appearance by her side unknowingly and it started to grow on her even more now.

"Goodluck for your next concert" with all her might, she sends a message to Leeteuk even though she knows Leeteuk will probably not reply her message.

Sora headed to the ceremony award wearing a summer blue dress designed by Salvatore Ferragamo. She's walking down the red carpet elegantly without stopping at any of the media who is on standby for the red carpet interview with all the artist that passed by. She's been avoiding the media questions especially those which relates to WGM or Leeteuk.

On her left ring hand, sighted a yellow gold ring where people thinks it’s the ring given by Leeteuk. The truth whether it is the ring that they've been suspecting remains with Sora.

Leeteuk just arrived in Indonesia that afternoon after long hours of flight travel. He looked at his handphone and there a message from Sora.

He looked at it thinking whether to reply or not. Undeniably he missed that girl who always turn his days brighter, but lately with all the rumors and bashing that's been hitting her, he feels burdened and pressured.

That's not how he supposed to protect the person that he loved but he could not do anything. That's why the decision of unfollowing Sora on twitter is being made.

He knows he already started to fall for her. However, looking at the situations currently, the luck is not with them to proceed with their relationship. Probably not yet. Even with the MBC rumors of stopping filming WGM making it hard for them to see each other anymore.

He's browsing the Paeksang Award pictures looking for Sora. She looks stunning in sapphire blue dress but her face looked a bit pale. He knows Sora is not resting well lately due to her busy schedule but he knows she will always do well.

Looking at the picture, he feels a bit relieved. The sapphire blue dress that she wears and the message that she send to him giving him confirmation on his curiosity about Sora's feeling all this while. He looked at Sora's message again, but then he's making a decision to ignore it. Not to hurt her and giving her even more hope with the uncertainty of the situation now.

To be continued...


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