Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We're not fated? (Chapter 2 - Final)

WARNING: This fanfic might get some people frustrated, but its just a version of fanfic that i'm working on. There will be more coming :)

It’s a beautiful evening in fall. The amber colored skies make the evening looks more wonderful than usual. Kang Sora who just arrived to Busan International Film Award elegantly walk on the red carpet wearing turquoise one shouldered long dress, suited with natural look makeup and beautifully done hazelnut colored wavy long hair being set loosely passed her shoulder. Her appearance in an award ceremony is like a must with the popularity that she gained lately with her new movie and drama project.

As she enters the welcoming party hall, all eyes are looking at her amazed by her appearance. Realizing the attention, she slightly bow to show gratitude to the people surrounds her.

Without her knowing, Leeteuk and his member who are joining the ceremony are also looking at her from a far. Leeteuk’s eyes keep looking at Sora who’s gotten prettier by days that passed by.

“Just go greet her hyung” His member urged him to go and say hi to Sora who once become their virtual Sister in Law. While smiling shyly to his members, he is making his steps to go closer towards Sora who’s currently having a conversation with one of her movie/drama director who’s attending the award as well. It’s been a while now since they last get in touch with each other and the last time Sora message him, he ignores it.

“Anneyaseyo..” Leeteuk greeted Sora consciously trying not to disturb if they are having a serious discussion.

Sora shocked seeing him at the ceremony “Ah.. anneyaseyo oppa.. It’s a surprise to see you here”

“We’re here for the performance. The members are here also” He pointing at the members who are enjoying their cocktail at the moment. Realizing both Leeteuk and Sora is looking at them, SuJu members giving them a wave while smiling. Sora’s waving her hands gracefully and showing a toast using her champagne glass.

“It’s been a while oppa” Sora looked at Leeteuk.

“Dae.. Both of us busy with our schedules after the show being canceled”

“Dae.. I thought you’ve gone for your enlistment already.” Sora trying to stay in the conversation

“Anieya, I’m pretty much still here. I’ll be going towards the end of the year” Leeteuk trying to correct Sora’s assumption

SR: “Oh, ic..” Their conversation’s getting cold. Both are looking at each other without any specific topics to be discussed. Sora’s trying to contain her feelings towards Leeteuk not to show any affection towards him anymore. She’s been telling herself to let go of her feeling towards Leeteuk and open her heart for a new love. The love that she’s been confessed too not long time ago.

“Sora-ya, here you are” Suddenly out of nowhere Jang Geun Suk appears in front of them. He kissed Sora’s cheek lightly. Leeteuk surprised looking at Geun Suk’s action and its more surprise to see Sora’s slight smile after the kiss.

“Oppa, why are you here only now? Anyway, this is Leeteuk. I bet both of you already know each other?” Sora is introducing Leeteuk to Geun suk even though she knows both of them should be long enough in the industry to know each other well.

“Biyant, my schedule a bit tight today and I need to rush to be here.” He’s trying to explain the reason why he’s a bit late to Sora. “Anyway, Leeteuk-sshi, long time didn’t see you. You must be busy with your concerts now?” He looked at Leeteuk who’s smiling bitterly not expecting him to show up.

“Not as busy as both of you currently” Leeteuk trying hard to swallow his saliva. From his eyes, both Sora and Geun Suk’s relationship is not just a movie filming partner, it’s more than that.

“Is my girlfriend behaving well until now?” Geun Suk is trying to joke while slightly hugging Sora from the side.

“Oppa.. Who is your girlfriend” She hits Geun Suk’s shoulder. The fact that Geun Suk is considering her as a girlfriend is real, but as Sora not yet ready to accept his proposal last time and suggest for them to know each other further first, Geun Suk is going along with Sora’s flow in relationship.

“Both of you dating?” Looking at their action, Leeteuk couldn’t help but to ask what’s in his heart.

“We’re in stage of knowing each other still” Geun Suk smiles while looking at Sora who’s facing the floor. It’s not that she’s shy with Geun Suk’s words, but she’s not being able to see Leeteuk face who’s obviously frustrated with the current situation.

Hearing Geun Suk statement, Leeteuk feels like the world in front of him is spinning crazily. The love that he ignored once already finding a new nest and it makes his heart broken leaving the pieces shattered on the shameful floor.

“Hyung, we need to get ready” Eunhyuk who’s watching the conversation between the three of them at the side trying to save Leeteuk being hurt further. He dragged the mindless Leeteuk to the dressing room. As a member who’s being with Leeteuk for quite sometimes, he knows that Leeteuk’s is in pain.

“Eunhyuk-ah.. You’ve heard what he said right..” Leeteuk looked at Eunhyuk with teary eyes not being able to hold up his feeling anymore.

“Hyung, her feelings is made known to you even before her herself realizing it but you chooses to ignore it. She needs to move on with her life, and either do you..” Eunhyuk hold his hyung shoulder trying to ease his feeling.

“I need to talk to her..” Leeteuk is eager to hear the real feelings from Sora.

“You’ll hurt both of your feelings more hyung” Eunhyuk trying to stop Leeteuk from moving further.

“My heart.. It won’t be at ease until I hear it from her directly” Leeteuk insist. He knows he will be hurt more, but he still wanted to hear the answer from Sora. “I need your help to see and give her my message.” Leeteuk looked at Eunhyuk with hope. Eunhyuk nodded. There’s nothing more that he can do to stop Leeteuk. He knows Leeteuk is a very determined person.

“Sora-shhi, can I have a talk with you for a while?” Eunhyuk came near to Sora and asking for a few minutes of private time with her to pass her Leeteuk’s notes. Sora nodded and follows Eunhyuk to one corner. Geun Suk looked at Sora who’s following Eunhyuk curiously.

“There’s a note from hyung for you..” Eunhyuk handover the note to Sora who seems to be puzzled by Eunhyuk request to see her privately.

“Oppa?” She looked at Eunhyuk who didn’t answer anything. She then opened the letter..


I need to see you privately after the ceremony. I’ll be at the East Gate thirty minutes before the ceremony ended. I’ll be waiting for you.

Park Jungsu

“After the ceremony?” Sora looked at Eunhyuk again.

“Dae..” Eunhyuk look at Sora before proceed more with his word. “Please don’t go, Sora-shhi. Please don’t see him. This is my honest request to you. I’m afraid he will hurt even more. We need him…” Eunhyuk is being honest with Sora. He doesn’t want Leeteuk to fall deeper being hurt with the situation and turning him away from the team again as what’s happened last 3 years.

“Thank you Eunhyuk-shhi, I’ll think about it” Sora folded the letter and put it in her wristlet, leaving Eunhyuk at the corner. Almost all of the time she’s at the ceremony, she keeps on thinking whether to go or not. During SuJu’s performance, she can see Leeteuk is being distracted by her appearance. His eyes totally glued to her even though his trying to stay professional on stage.

“Oppa, I need to go to the bathroom. It’s stuffy in here” Sora trying to make an excuse to Geun Suk who is sitting beside her to leave the hall early. She finally made the decision to see him. Both she and Leeteuk needs to talked over this at least for the last time.

“Do you want me to accompany you? We can go back early if you want” Geun Suk attentive to Sora’s condition.

“No it’s okay. The fans are looking and the media are everywhere. We can’t create scandals here. I’ll be fine on my own” Sora trying to find another concrete excuse to sneak away from Geun Suk.

“Hmm.. okay. Be careful then” Geun Suk did not suspect anything fishy from Sora’s actions. As they finish talking, Sora walked out the ceremony slowly. She looked at her wristwatch. It’s already 5 minutes passed the time promised, but she still go out with hope that Leeteuk will be waiting for her.

From a far, Eunhyuk looked at her “Maybe it won’t be that bad” He’s trying to cool down himself for not to acting up.

“Thank you for coming” As Sora came out from the East Gate, Leeteuk and his car is readily there waiting for her. Sora quickly enters the car afraid that the people might see them.

As the car starts moving, the radio is playing the songs from “Yuri Sangja – Can I Love You?” accompanying the silence between them.

“Oppa, where are we?” Sora looked at Leeteuk. He’s been silence from the moment the car started to hit the road until now, at the place where she can’t identify.

“Sora ya.. I need an honest answer from you” Leeteuk not answering Sora’s question but yet proceed with his intention.

“Honest answer to what?”

“Your feelings.. Have you ever feels how I feels towards you?” Leeteuk holds Sora’s soft hand slowly.

“Oppa…” Sora looked at Leeteuk, leaving her hands on Leeteuk’s. “You know my heart well, more than myself. You know why you ignored me before.”

“I thought you would understands why I did it”

“I do understand. I know why you did that. Because of that I can moved on with my daily life and not to put more hope on it. Your concern, my concern are the same. Thousand people might support our relationship, but there are a million more who against it” Sora trying to be realistic with the situation for dating a global star as big as Leeteuk. He’s at the spotlight of his career now and she doesn’t want to be the reason for his career to be destroyed.

“That is my thought before.. But now, seeing you today with Geun Suk shhi, it makes my heart wanted to explode out of jealousy. You’re too precious for me to let go..” Leeteuk looked at Sora’s eyes deeper. He knows Sora is trying to hold her tears from the inside. She is one of the toughest girls that he knows all his life until now.


“Are you really dating him?” Leeteuk is finishing his question.

“We’re in the process of knowing each other…” She looked down, not being able to see Leeteuk’s face.

“Can we start over our relationship? We just forget what had happened and start all over again. Eventually things will be better in the future” Leeteuk started to hold Sora’s hand tighter.

“There’s a lot obstacles came in between us oppa.. Even though you said eventually things will be okay, I don’t have patience to wait until that time. I don’t have any patience to face the antis again. I’m restless” Sora’s pulling her hands from Leeteuk’s grip.

“Sora-ya.. Please, give me some of your faith”

“It’s not that I don’t have faith in you, Oppa. I know you’ll make me feel really good every time I’m with you. With you I feels like a princess and you’re the prince charming that everybody wanted to be with. It’s a fool of me to let you go. But I don’t have the confidence. I don’t have the confidence to be with you, together with your image, meeting you and your fans expectations. I don’t have that confidence. Even if you ask now, with Geun Suk oppa, the feeling is the same as being with you. Both of you are stars, born stars which far from my reach. I don’t belong to any of those stars” Sora started to looked outside the windows, trying to hold her tears for it not to blur out. She needs to stay strong to what she’s determined to do.

“Oppa, I wanted you to know this. I’ve loved you all this time. We loved each other. But the fate is not with us. You have your commitment, especially with your team members. Stay strong for them, stay strong as a leader. Those traits of yours are the reason why I’m falling in love with you. Even though this love is still here in my heart, I’ll be your fan and stay loving you from afar. I will cherish every moment of your happiness. Saranghae..” Sora’s putting a kiss on Leeteuk’s cheek, a parting kiss. A kiss to seal everything and mark it as the end.

“Sora ya…” Leeteuk looked at Sora, his eyes full of sadness but he wouldn’t be able to stop her. Leeteuk knows Sora is firm with her decision.

“Stay well and take care of yourself oppa.” Sora holds Leeteuk’s hand for the last time and started to leave the car, leaving Leeteuk who still trying to accept the situation. Her tears started to fall down as walked out the car. The pain is unbearable but she needs to stay strong.. Stay strong for both of them.

The night is becoming darker and darker leaving the day today, giving the opportunity for a new day tomorrow. The hurt, scars, and the memories of that night will stays leaving both Sora and Leeteuk’s feeling unrequited.


When you love someone so deeply, they become your life
It's easy to succumb to overwhelming fears inside
Blindly I imagined I could keep you under glass
Now I understand to hold you I must open up my hands and watch you rise

Spread your wings and prepare to fly
For you have become a butterfly
Fly abandonedly into the sun
If you should return to me, we truly were meant to be
So spread your wings and fly.. Butterfly

I have learned that beauty has to flourish in the light
Wild horses run unbridled or their spirit dies
You have given me the courage to be all that I can
And truly feel your heart will lead you back to me when you're ready to land

I can't pretend these tears aren't over flowing steadily
I can't prevent this hurt from almost overtaking me
But I will stand and say goodbye
For you'll never be mine
Until you know the way it feels to fly

So flutter through the sky.. Butterfly
Spread your wings and fly.. Butterfly



Hope you enjoy it xD


samael_1124 said...

I like this ff so much, is sad, but i love this, you write very well.
And the final wordsm is a song or poem???
I really enjoyed it.

samael_1124 said...

Also like the songs that you have, one song "Por amarte asi" is Cristian Castro a mexican singer, like, greetings from Mexico

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

Hi @samael_1124, are you from mexico? hehe.. I love that song.. Its my and my hubby's song ;)

Thanks for complimenting and its great tht you enjoyed it. The final words is from a song, mariah carey's song - butterfly. :D

samael_1124 said...

Yes I´m mexican, i began to read your other fics and they are really nice, and let me told you that you have very good taste in music. I´m feel happy because your song be from a mexican guy.
Now keep reading. Regards

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

Oh, thanks dear ^^. I just love whoever songs in whichever language as long as it sounds good and the lyrics compliment my feelings. hehe..