Monday, May 7, 2012

Introduction to Leeteuk & Kang Sora Couple Fanfiction

I create this blog because I just wanna share my creativity (Not much of it) and my love towards Leeteuk and Kang Sora couple. Both of them seems to be real to me and they have my 100% support should they really decide to date.

How did i know them?

I really love Dream High drama and with the announcement of new dream high (dream high), i am anticipating the drama to be more better than the first one. From the first episode, i'm started to fall to Sora's acting charm. She is just gifted, but maybe because of the plots and lots of other rookie actor/actress, it makes the drama less interesting than the first one. But i really like Kang Sora. So i started to search about her in the internet and that's how i saw one video (proposal video during SS4) of Leeteuk and Kang Sora. At first seeing that video (since there's no indication that it is from a show), so i thought they're really dating. 

I know some of Super Junior's song long time ago from my sister but i never know their members name. But from that proposal video, i started to fall for them. I search all over the internet about them (still not knowing they are for a show), and then later only i found out that it is actually for a variety show called We Got Married. I started to find all the episodes of that variety shows and started to fall in love in their beautiful relationship. They maybe in a variety shows, but for me their feelings towards each other is real.

In this blog, i will show you all my imagination towards this couple and their lovely relationship. I'm trying to show the creative side of me even though i'm not creative and please bare with me as my english wasn't that good. I still wanted to do this in english as an initiatives to improve my english better :)

Here are the link to the video which makes me fall in love with them.

The smiles are real, the shyness are real and the trembled hands are real! All of the feelings that they gave to the viewers are real! Therefore i really wish they are real in real life too ;)

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