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Unstoppable Dream - Chapter 10 [Epilogue]


The fans are screaming as they were waiting for the appearance of main lead actress for drama series 'Agent' at the airport as Sora was scheduled for a flight to Shanghai for their drama promotions and commercials after the drama has finished filming.

Sora got out of her car as she looked at those people swarmed into the airport lobby. She never realized that the drama got so much attention from the public.   A group of bodyguards swiftly cleared a path for Sora to move towards passport and immigration check point.

"Don't be worried and just continue walking.. The bodyguards will take care of everything. I’ll join you later." Mary told her.

Sora nodded as she walks towards the counter for immigration clearance with bodyguards on their left and right.

[She's so beautiful!!] People are screaming seeing how beautiful Sora is in real life.

Suddenly the situation becoming berserk with noise and screams.

[Hyunbin is here!!!] They shouted.

Sora stopped and look at where the people's attention got diverted. She's surprised.

"Yeobo.." Hyunbin grabs her hand and smiled.

"What are you doing here?" She squints. 

He move towards her ears and whispered. "Let’s not hide anymore.." He said as he pulled her to walk with him towards the counter.

Sora looked at his hand that's tightly holding hers as she observed at the fans that are screaming excitedly.  

"How dare you're doing a stunt here.." Park Haejin teased while giving a fake glares at Hyunbin as they arrive at the checkpoint.

Hyunbin laughed. "Thanks to your internal information.. She would not tell me her schedule.." He looked at Sora.

Sora squint her eyes looking at both gentlemen. "Seriously what's with both of you..?”

They laughed. "He's a good friends that has helped me a lot.." Hyunbin grab Haejin's shoulders.

"So that means..."

"That’s your own potential which the director sees.." Haejin knows what she's going to ask. He does help in getting her for the audition at first, but the rest are her own talent that's doing the job.

She glares at him.

"I swear.. It’s the truth.."

Hyunbin holds her hand. "I know how egoistic my wife is. I wouldn't go that far.." He smiled.


They laughed.

"We need to go.. Our flight is boarding soon.." Haejin said to Sora.

Sora nodded as she looked at Hyunbin. Now that he's here at the airport she feels a bit reluctant to leave her husband behind. But she also knows Hyunbin is busy with his own schedule. Making time to come to the airport today must not be easy. Let alone the explanation that he needs to do to his company later on.

"I need to go.." she extended both her hands towards him.

Hyunbin holds her hands. "Come back safely.."

She nodded. "What are we going to do with the media coverage later?" Whatever happened today will cause hype in the media for sure. It will be hard to contained.

Hyunbin pulls her to his embrace. "We'll tell the truth.."

Unstoppable Dream - Chapter 9

"Where are we going?" Sora has been asking for a few times but Hyunbin keep on silent without muting anything. Sora looked at the road and signboards that are available but nothing rings a bell. After a while, she started to get sleepy due silence accompanied with the strong sunset lights.

"We are here.." Hyunbin pull his car over at one place after 3 hours of driving. He took a glance at Sora as he realized she was sound asleep. "No wonder you've been silent.."

[Tap Tap]

Hyunbin turn to the window as a glimpse of a man in black robes welcoming their arrival. He opened the door and hug that well-known figure. "How are you *father*?" The person that has been taking after him since he was born until the moment he decided to move to Seoul to chase for his dream.

"I'm fine." He caresses Hyunbin's face, the child that he missed the most. "Where is Sora?" He asked.


He looked into the car seeing Sora innocently asleep on the passenger seat. He smiled. "I've prepared a room. Bring Sora in, both of you must be tired."

Hyunbin nodded before heading towards the passenger side and hold Sora up on his arms to the room.

"Dinner is in the kitchen if you're hungry.. Other child already gone for bed." He smiled. "Goodnight Hyunbin.." He taps his shoulder before leaving the room.

Hyunbin slightly bowed. "See you tomorrow morning *Father*.." his eyes are following the old man's step that is not as strong as how it used to be. It’s almost 5 years since he moved to Seoul but only now he's able to visit Hampyeong, where the orphanage that was once their home located. The place that brings a lot of memory between him and Sora. The place that they grew up together.

Hyunbin turned to his wife who's been sleeping. He stares at the face at that used to be his lullaby before going to bed. Now her face occupied lots of billboard and commercial advertisement in respond to the latest trend and phenomenon in the television through her drama acting with Park Haejin. He sighed as he went to wash his body before going to bed.

"Where are we?" Sora woke up from her sleep as her stomach growls. She looked around the room that she's in and then she suddenly heard the sound of running water from the bathroom. "What happened?!" She's surprised as she looked at her clothes that's still on her. Perfectly untouched. She's relieved.


Sora immediately lie down and closed her eyes as the bathroom door is opened. The smells of Bvlgari Homme shower gel is filling in the room-- she sniffed. "Hyunbin?" Sora discreetly opened her eyes trying to see the glimpse of tall man coming out of the bathroom only with a towel covering from waist until his knee. For a while Sora looked at that body -- Hyunbin seems to be building up his body a lot this past few months.

Hyunbin turned to Sora after he realized that she was wide awake looking from the mirror's reflection but she's fast to close her eyes and faking her sleep again.

Hyunbin sneered as he slowly climbed the bed. "Open your eyes.. I know you're awake.." He softly talk near to her ears.

Sora surprised-- Hyunbin's face is just a few inch away when she opened her eyes. Their eyes met.

Hyunbin looked straight to those eyes as he was drawn closer to her lips and eventually they kissed. The lips that he's been longing to kiss.

She closes her eyes as their lips met. It has been awhile, lips. 

[Growl Growl] 

Suddenly her stomach started to growl, trying to give a signal to its owner. She push him off her.

Hyunbin smiled looking at his wife. "Wake up.. Join me to the kitchen.." He said.

"Kitchen?" Sora squint her eyes trying to recall this place.

Hyunbin stares at her reaction. "Don't you recognize where we are now?"

Sora bit her lips before shaking her head. 

Hyunbin softly flick her head. "It’s the orphanage you dory memory head.." referring to her short term memory loss.

"Really???" She's surprised as she immediately jump off the bed to open the window-- looking directly to the small lake that she's familiar with. "We must be in the back room right?" She asked him trying to remember the layout to the 18 rooms’ cottage belongs to Preist Kim Da Myeong that was converted into an orphanage. 

This very room was used to be her room with some other girls before. Now the layout of the room has been changed into a guest room. Sora smiled looking at those surroundings that she's been missing.

"Wash up.. I'll wait for you in the kitchen.." Hyunbin said again before heading to the kitchen to warm up some dinner.

After a while, Sora came down to the kitchen wearing the same dress she wears earlier--a soft pink knee length one piece dress. "I don't have other outfit.. Thanks to you.." she sharply glares.

Hyunbin scratches his head. "Let’s figure that out later." He took out 2 bowl of warm rice to accompany the dishes that's already on the table.

"You cook?" She asked though it seems illogically for him to prepare the clam soup, grilled mackerel and egg rolls within a small amount of time.

"Of course.. Not.." He smiled. "*Father* prepared this. Let’s eat before its cold." His stomach also been growling a while ago asking to be feed.

Hyunbin stares at Sora as she slowly digs into the food. Their relationship seems normal now that they are back to where they are started. They have spoken a lot today than the total spoken words with each other for the last 6 months. He's hoping that their relationship can be fixed. Soon.


Step by step she went down the trails near the lake enjoying the memory that she had at this very place. It makes her feel refreshed and healed.

"It’s cold out here.." Hyunbin covers her shoulder with a long black coat that he wears earlier today, before changing into a normal jeans and warm t-shirt.

Sora looked at him. "Where did you get those shirts?" She asked--has been feeling uncomfortable to be wearing the dress from her filming for the whole day.

"In the storage room. *Father* still kept some of our clothes.."

"I've pick up yours too.. I leave it in the room.." He said without being asked.

"Oh.. Thank you. Was thinking of going to look for it in a while.." she awkwardly laughed.

She throws her eyes looking towards the church that's located besides the orphanage home. "Our simple yet beautiful marriage was held there.." She said.

She remembers that day when everybody is busy with the housekeeping after a wedding ceremony--Hyunbin proposed to her and they got married in front of *Father*. It was the most beautiful wedding for her. It was the wedding that moves her heart. 

That's right, those are the actual feeling that she felt that then. Those happiness that cannot be described using any words. It’s the feelings that has been lost while they are busy making a living and today those feelings came back. 

She looks at the face of her husband that she's been ignoring for the last few months. Her tears fell down unknowingly.

Hyunbin pulls her into his embrace and hugs her tightly.

"I'm sorry.." She said.

Hyunbin shakes his head. "It was all my fault.. I failed to see your feelings. I was too blinded chasing my own dream while it’s supposed to be our dream.." He looked at his wife's face. "I'm sorry.."

Sora smiled before she hugs him back to feel Hyunbin's built chest. She looked to him. "You've been working out?" She asked.

Hyunbin squint his eyes. "Why do you ask such question?"

Sora laughed looking at his reaction. "Your chest feels different.." Before her expression suddenly changed. "Did you went to gym looking for other girls??" She sharply glares at him.

"Aigoo.." He hold her face facing him. "My eyes are only on you my dear.."

Sora playfully shakes her head. "I don't believe in you.."

Hyunbin sneered. "Do you want me to mention what happened this evening?" He said in reference to the hugging scene practice outside of filming time with Park Haejin earlier today.

"Eyy.. That’s obviously for filming purpose.."

"How can I assure that?"

"Just ask Haejin tomorrow then.." Sora sulking.

Hyunbin smiled. "Let’s ask now.." He said before taking out his phone and dialling Haejin's phone.

"You know his number?" Sora asked. Weird.

[Ring ring]

Hyunbin winked while waiting for the Haejin to pick up his call.

"Hello Hyunbin-ah?" Haejin's voice is on the other side.

"Did both of you knows each other?" Asked Sora hearing the drop in honorific from Haejin's words.

"Kang Sora?" That voice guesses. "Both of you already make up?"

"Eo.. Thanks to you.."

Sora squint her eyes. "Wait.." She took the phone from Hyunbin's hand. "What do you mean by thanking to Haejin?" She asked.

Haejin laughed hearing their cute bickering. "Whatever it is, you need to return to the filming set tomorrow Kang Sora.. There's a few more scenes pending to be shot for Tuesday's episode." He said before hang up the phone.

Sora turn to Hyunbin. "I think you owe me a lots of explanation.."

"Let’s go to sleep.. I'm tired.." Hyunbin suspiciously smiled.

Sora crossed her arms. "Not until I get the answer.."

Hyunbin ignores her sulking and walk straight to the room.

"Ya Kim Tae Pyung!" Sora hissed as she follows him to the room. "Kim Tae Pyung?" Sora enters the room to see Hyunbin already laying on the bed with his eyes close.

Sora sighed. "Fine.. Let’s separate for real.." She said.

"Ya Kang Sora!" In a split of second Hyunbin got off the bed standing in front of Sora, looking directly to her eyes. "Don't play those kind of jokes.."

"I'm not joking.." Sora's stern. Not showing any feelings.

"Seriously it’s not funny.. Cut it out.." Hyunbin said.

Sora turn her body walking towards the door.

"Kang Sora!" He pulls her from the door. "Seriously don't.."


Sora steals a kiss on his lips. She smiled.

Hyunbin looked at her. Mad. "I can't believe you make a joke out of that.."

"Are you angry?" Sora asked but he ignores. 

She looked at his face. Serious. "I'm truly sorry.." She kiss his lips again this time but Hyunbin was not responding to it either. Sora look at him for a few second before she turn her gaze to the floor.

Hyunbin pulls her body to his arms and bring her to bed before kissing her. "Don't you ever do that again.. Never say those words again." he said.

Sora nodded as she continue to kiss him. The feeling that she's been missing.

The feeling that he's been missing.

Unstoppable Dream - Chapter 8

Hyunbin enters the house after finished with his schedule. It's already 3am but the light in the living room is still on. "She's still awake?" He thought to himself before looking at Sora on sofa--sleeping with a script on her hand. His wife has been working hard lately building her own fame. 

He approached her looking at her tired face. It’s been a while since he looked at her face this close after their fight. It's been 6 months since the cold war broke. It’s him who agreed with giving her time to think. "I miss you.." He carefully caresses her hair, didn't want to wake her up.

Hyunbin sighed before heading to his room. He need to have a little nap before heading for his next schedule.

Sora opened her eyes once the door to Hyunbin's room is closed. Biting her lips. She was awake a while ago but pretending to fall asleep because she want to avoid to have any conversation or awkward moment with him. "Until when are you going to carry this on Kang Sora..?” She thought to herself as she looked at the door to Hyunbin's room.

Out of a sudden, the door opened. She stunned looking at him. Surprised.

Hyunbin caught her eyes. He never thought that Sora is faking her sleep just now. He sneered with her behaviour. 

She glares at him as she saw his cynical smile before rushing to her room. "Aaaaaaaaa..." she screams on her pillow. Shy with what had happened.

Hyunbin shakes his head before walking to the kitchen looking for some drinks. He was thirsty. Gulping down some beer while watching Sora's door. "You stupid head.." he smiles.

It’s obvious that they are missing each other. But one side is trying to be gentleman by giving his partner space and another side is being stupid not knowing whether it was still an anger or just her own ego.


Sora is practicing her lines together with Park Haejin while waiting for the production team to setup their props. The filming of the drama has been taking longer time than expected in view of both Sora and Haejin's busy schedule.

"Would it be better if I say it this way?" Haejin asked practicing his line as well.

Sora nodded. "The 2nd one is better.."

"Arasso.." Haejin jot down some notes on his script before looking at Sora. "Your face look tired. You should rest a little bit more. It won't look good on camera.."

"Really?" She took out a mirror from the makeup artist looking at her face. Her eye bag shows. "Soo Young, can you touch up my eyes a little bit more?" Sora asked her makeup artist.

Soo young looked at her eyes and nodded. "Sure.." she said.

Haejin shakes his head. "Is the schedule starts troubling you?" He asked.

"Eo.. All those commercials and signing events.." she looked around for Mary. "Mary is getting greedy.. Now she even want me to take up other movies!" Sora whispered to Haejin.

Haejin laughed with her jokes. "That's the price to pay for being famous.. I'm proud with how you do. Not many people can achieve where you are now within short period of time.."

"I can't discount you in that.. You thought me a lot sunbaenim!" She truthfully thankful to Haejin. He has contributed a lot to her success today.

"Sora.." Mary is approaching her. 

"Speaking of the devil.." Sora giggles. "What's wrong?" She asked looking at Mary's serious face.

Haejin smirked with Sora's reaction.

"I heard Hyunbin is here but I haven't see him yet." Mary whispered close to her ears.

Sora looked at her-- surprised.

"Did both of you talking behind my back?" Haejin asked.

Mary stares at him. "Do you think I would do that? Like what you and Sora has done?"

Haejin grinned and scratches his head. "Of course not." Before looking at Sora's eyes who seems searching for something. "Is something bothering you?" Haejin asked before he suddenly caught a face that he is familiar with.

Immediately he pulled her facing him. "You husband is here isn't it?"

Sora squints her eyes. Nobody knows her relationship status other that Mary and Hyunbin. Weird hearing Haejin's statement. "What are you saying?"

Haejin smiled. It was a secret that he had long known. "I've heard your conversation with Yuno-- your husband's manager that night.."

Sora looked at him surprised. Seems like Haejin have known her status way before he knows her. "Why didn't you say anything when you greet me that time?"

"What can I say? I don't want you to get embarrassed knowing that." Haejin explains.

Sora looked at him. It does makes some sense. She might run away out of embarrassment from there if she knows Haejin's has listened to it.

"Is that why you're supporting me for this role?" Sora asked.

"You did this yourself. I have no say on this.." Haejin smiled. "Shall we play a bit?" Haejin pulls her to his arms.

"What are you doing?" Sora asked.

"What going on?" Mary surprised looking at Haejin's arms are now wrap around Sora's waist with their faces just few inch from each other.

Haejin winked. "Let’s practice scene 187?" He whispered.

Mary panicked looking at them as she saw Hyunbin is on the other side. "You're so dead Kang Sora.." she thought to herself.

Hyunbin rushes to her and grabs her hand. "Kang Sora, follow me.." he said.

Sora looked at her husband surprised before being dragged to the car. "What are you doing? People are watching!" Sora trying to let go of her hands but Hyunbin is holding onto it strongly.

"Get into the car.." Hyunbin opened the door to a black Bentley Bentayga. His newly bought car that he was supposed to show it to Sora today.

"Everybody is watching.." Sora said looking at people who are watching the drama they created in a bright day light.

"Get into the car!" He's firm.

Sora shocked with his tone and immediately got into the car as instructed. "Satisfied?" She said to him.

Hyunbin pulls the safety belt and wrap it on her body.

Sora bit her lips as her husband's face is just a few cm away from her face. The smells from Bvglary Homme that he normally wears is making her heart to beat harder.

"Stay.." Hyunbin said before closing the door heading to the driver seat.

"Where are we going?" Sora asked.

Hyunbin stares at her. "Where you should be.." He ignite the car and starts driving.

Sora looked at him with his aggressiveness again. She feels like kissing him now with that attitude he shown.

"Why did you do that just now?" Mary asked looking at Haejin who's been smiling since the moment Hyunbin grabs Sora's hand off him.

"They need some motivation.." Haejin grinned. His plan seems working.

Mary looked at him. "You know about them?"

Haejin nodded. "A little bit.." He looked at Mary. "Let’s have dinner together. We have something to celebrate.." He winked.

"What about filming?" She asked.

Haejin shrugged his shoulders. "The VIP has been kidnapped." He grinned while heading towards his car.